Well, not nearly as fun as First Flight. Apparently Trip and Archer

took a little vacation to patch things up (and IT WORKED!) All

trace of Cogenitor tension is gone; that's a loss to the storytelling

but a win for seeing the two of them happy around each other.


Trip!Quote #1: Trip and Archer kid each other about how they

ended up sliding down a hillside. Trip blames Archer for

'loosening' a rock just before he stepped on it. Trip: "You *do*

weigh a few kilos more than I do." :-O Deleted line: "At least

that's what if feels like." >:-)


Sweaty!Dirty!Bashedup!Trip makes another appearance, as do

the very sexy and stylish tan uniforms. <swoon> How *does* he

make falling down a mountainside look SO GOOD?!??!


Tellarites: Picture the Cowardly Lion at about 155 years old.


Trip: I've got an old girlfriend... :-( Well, she's nowhere around



ZAP! Trip takes one in the chest, again. Another notch on evay's



Finally, a good teaser. YES, all the above came from the teaser.

Long, interesting, dramatic and tense. About time.


Phlox/T'Pol Decon. <8-( I didn't need to see that. Decon!Phlox

goes shirtless!! MY EYES!!


Still, he did say "Commander Tucker is quite capable." Gotta



Funniest line (T'Pol): "I wasn't aware a curtain was installed. "

Deleted line: "Because I sure could have used it about 10

decons ago."


InCommand!Trip- very very very very sexy. "Set a course!"

Nothing stops him when Archer is in danger. "Go to tactical

alert." (Reed's face lights up) The beacon is a decoy!

Trip: "Then get rid of it."

Reed: "With pleasure, sir!" Yes, I'm sure.


Just so-so Bounty Hunter scenes, funny, Archer looks a bit more

brave and mature.


Embarrassed!T'Pol gets horny. Horny from a microbial

sickness. Yeesh.

Funniest line (Phlox): "You're disturbing my serum!" Deleted

line: "*And* all these vials on the table, too."


Trip appears in sickbay *BEARING FOOD*. What a motif. What


He stares quizzically through the glass as she targets him.

Trip: "Is she all right?"

Phlox shoves her back in the chamber. "Fine."

Trip: "Call if you need anything..." + a great TRIP LOOK.


Polite!Trip and the alien - "Sorry to bother you..."

Tough!Trip and the alien - "LOOK, ..."


More Archer and the Bounty Hunter scenes. Boy, Archer really

knows how to lay on a guilt trip.


More embarrassing T'Pol scenes, some with Reed.

"Malcom, I need your assistance." She'll never live that one

down. "I've seen the way you look at me.. on the bridge." Stinky

will have to change his name to Spanky for a while.


Nagging questions: Why does Archer pick a fight with a Klingon,

and How does he win it?


The *GRAPPLER*? Good Grief, sell that piece of crap to some

cargo ship and get a real tractor beam. They would have been

peeling Archer off the walls with the whiplash that thing



Trip is just excellent in charge. Very focused, very calm, very



Archer returns to a VERY cheery greeting from Trip, and pats Trip

on the shoulder. <swoon>


Something for A*T shippers, for T*R shippers, for R*T'P

shippers, for T*T'P shippers and even Phl/T'P shippers



Not the best ever, but aside from T'Pol's 'condition' it felt like a

real Trek ep.


Expanse Promo!!!!!! "Find the people who did this!" OH MY OH

MY I'm gonna like SeasonThree!Trip. Yessiree.