AGAIN with the boring intros! Phlox gets a message. Wow.

Again it's Hoshi who delivers it. How sad for her.


Tribbles appear and then disappear. Very funny. As was

Hoshi's expression as the cage shook.


Trip, Mr. Nice Guy, Part 4283: As they head down to go caving for

a week, Archer expresses concern for their ability/safety. "I'm

sure Travis is an excellent teacher," says Trip. Awww.


The Return of the Tan Suits! NICE. So very form fitting and

stylish. But I thought they were for hot weather, all thin and pale.

Is this a hot cave?


The Return of the Poop! Once again, waste disposal lines fall to

Mr. Trinneer. How sad for him. Still, that expression on his face

was perfect. :D Leave nothing behind!


Trip!Quote and FOOD reference!

"Last cave I was in had handrailsÉa gift shopÉ (wait for it!)Éa

snack bar." !!!!!! The man has his priorities set and I like them.

That it comes last, I suppose, is for dramatic emphasis,

meaning "at least a snack bar." I laughed out loud. I'm glad they

got away from stereotyped foods but kept the interest in food a

part of his character.


Phlox is getting the really meaty moralistic stories. Actual conflict

with Archer (since Dear Doctor, it's been quiet). Preconceptions

again; that's come up a lot.


Archer as counselor to the universe. Hmmm. That's the part I'm

not buying.



Ouch! *ouch* OW! <thump>


OWWW!! Ahhhh! >crash< OUCH


Reed falls badly - it's just too goofy. Trip was just slipping and

sliding. Only AM seemed to really be falling, but then Travis has

practice with that. Travis breaks his leg **again** GOOD



So many bulging biceps I've never seen!


Phlox and T'Pol in the Mess, for another heart-to-heartofstone.

It's getting to be a regular thing. Billingsley excels at this role.

The sudden break in his voice when he got to his son was a real

pleasure to watch and hear.


Trip and Malcom - the disaster twins indeed. Still. WHO makes

sweaty, dirty, mussed, bruised, and bloody look THAT

GOOD????? Trip, that's who. <my, those climbing harnesses

*do* accentuate, don't they?>


Mouthin'Off! Trip returns. Finally. It's been a while since he shot

off his mouth at someone and he does it so well.

Denobulan: You can't force us to leave..

Trip: Wanna bet? <clipped>

"Because I *swear*, I'll tie you up and drag you out by your ankles

if that's how you want it. (<-note politeness at the end)


Nice Phlox continuity with the son he mentioned long ago, the

one he hasn't spoken to. (Can we give Phlox's stories to

Archer? It might help.)


TRIP QUOTE OF ALL TIME: (and winner of Best Swear of

Season Two award):

<crawling on their bellies back through the tunnel, Denobulan #1

just ahead of Trip, stops to pick up a rock sample he left on the


Trip: Are those rock samples? We can't carry any more!

Denobulan: I just need a second.

Trip: If you don't start moving, I'm gonna take my phase pistol

and shoot you in the ass!

Denobulan: These are pricelessÉ

Trip: OneÉ <reaching into pack for the pistol> TwoÉ


I burst out laughing at that one, something I haven't done for a

while. And yet somehow he pulls off lines like that. The man is



Lots of climbing. At *least* they didn't look like Batman and

Robin walking "up" the side of a building.


Apparently, Travis loses the ability to speak when he's hurt.

Maybe that's how they've kept him so quiet all these



Show ends. Tidy wrap up. Nice Phlox scene to close.


Phlox is really turning out to be interesting, and not at all human

in many ways. Billingsley is a great actor, and pulls off the

emotions as well as the alien=ness of the character with such



Trip Centric Summary:

* the ASS line. Beautiful. An instant classic.

* Trip the loudmouth. Welcome back.

* Trip the supporter. Very nice.

* Muscles. Tight tan uniforms (on all three).