Lord of Allusions: The A4T “Canamar” Review



Gripes: It was, as I feared, a parallel track story, not a story of the two of them. Still, that’s not entirely true...


The captain’s shuttlepod adrift. No response. No biosigns.


ArcherLog: “We had a successful first contact with the Enolians. We also found time to squeeze in a little R&R.” Nice continuity to the aborted rafting excursion mentioned earlier. R&R, huh? Restraints and Ravishment? Reconstruction and Rededication? Revealment and Responsiveness? Rowdiness and Rough Trade? Rum and Rumba?


Hoshi and Reed also note the mention of a “Panzan” match, what Archer called “the closest thing to waterpolo he’d seen since we left Earth.” ! More Geskana? Trip and Archer in the water in swimsuits and WE DIDN”T GET TO SEE IT????


On board the Prison Transport:

Trip: “Cap’n” (=Cap’n, look sharp and pay attention, something is happening).

Trip: “Cap’n” (=Cap’n, are you okay? Did that electric shock hurt you?)

Those are his two lines in this scene. Who can do so much with one word?


Trip and the Chatty Alien (get your bats ready, you’ll need them later).


The Alien goes on about how they’re all criminals of sorts and doesn’t believe Trip’s story. Trip asks: “Is this how your just ice system works?” This comment seems very in line with his other comments about alien behavior. It makes sense here (I would have said the same thing) but it seems to show his inexperience with different cultures too.



Trip gets a bowl of prison slop. Trip doesn’t like bad food, as we can well imagine.

Trip: “Anything else on the menu?”

Nasty Nausicaan: “If you don’t like it, give it to me.”

Trip: “I like it just fine.

NN: “Give it to me.” <menacingly>

Trip: “Eat your own.”


Trip: “Then why don’t you save yourself the trouble and stop talking to me.”

NN: <lunges forward> [[ZZZZZAAP! from his manacles]]

Trip: (to guards) “Thanks.” [[ZZZZZAP! from *his* manacles]] Uuuuhh!!! <drops his food as he is shocked>


Chatty Alien continues his chatting, provoking the first of MANY W-T-F! looks from Trip. Zumas is his name. (Got something to smack him with? The time is coming soon.)


T’Pol and Reed make a great team. In fact, they reminded me of how they worked well together in Desert Crossing, in similar circumstances. Much of this was DC Redux, without the love. Lots of abuse, shifting alliances and twists, unpleasant food, just no touching. Well, not physically, anyhow...


Archer and Trip talk about “what if” Ent doesn’t get their distress call. Archer, with some nice eye contact, calms Trip a bit.


Zumas: “I’m sure that chatter chit chat chatter chit chat...

Trip: <does a slow burn, turning to glare at Zumas> hilarious


The ship needs a pilot, Archer volunteers, playing that he’s a smuggler.

Archer: “My partner’s an engineer. I could use his help.” (Uh, I mean, my “smuggling partner”! <sheepish grin> Note to self: Gotta work on these Freudian slips.)
Evil Kuroda: “Just you!”

*somebody* certainly looks forlorn after Archer leaves. My goodness but that’s adorable.

Chatty Alien Takes One Step Closer to the Edge/FOOD#2:

Zumas: “Have you ever tried tojo? You have to eat it before it cools, or it’ll congeal.”

Trip: <eyes straight ahead> “Sounds terrific.” <flat> (More bad food stories!)

Zumas: “Blah, blah blah where are we going?”

Trip: “Ask him.” <nods toward NN>

Zumas: “Blah, blah blah facial reconstruction for fugitives blah”


Zumas: “He could do your face too.”
Trip: “I’ll take my chances with my own face.”

Zumas: “Blah, blah, blah stranded when some colleagues decided to leave without me!”

Trip: “Imagine that.” VACANT STARE

Zumas: “Blah, blah blah”

Trip: <to NN> “Excuse me! Can I change seats?”
This was hilarious, and Trinneer’s face did as much work as his voice did. Brilliant!


Patrol ships attack. Archer has a plan to evade them. Evil Kuroda is still buying this act.

Archer: “I think I can get us out of this...but I’ll need Tucker’s help.” Awww!

Trip rigs up something plasma-related as a diversion. The Prison Ship escapes for now.


Afterward, Trip complains about how hard his little plasma stunt was.

(I’m still wondering about the purpose of this scene – it wasn’t for diversion, so is Trip whining, or is he trying to “make friends” and get out of the restraints, or what? Thoughts?)

Trip: <to NN> “Do you know how much power was going through those relays?
Zumas: <interrupting> How much?

Trip: <suppresses the urge to bite Zumas’ head off and continues> The least you could do is say ‘thanks’.” <sullen>

NN: “Thanks.” <menacingly>

Zumas: “That was nice!”

Trip: SHUT UP!!

You may start smacking Zumas any time you want. Feel free. The less aggressive may wish to employ duct tape over his mouth.


Archer and Kuroda go on and on and on in their own little storyline. Is Archer’s description of the Enterprise and humans meant to be irony? I’m surprised he didn’t get caught in his own lies. Still, better speaking, fewer pauses, no back-turning.



More disgusting food stories from Zumas. Maybe that’s why Trip is so upset?

Zumas: Then they pop when you crunch down on them. Of course the trick is to keep them in your mouth, because they’re jumping around...

Trip: <whips head toward Zumas> ENOUGH! I love hearing about X, Y, Z but I’d like some peace and quiet.”

Zumas: <quite put out> Well, I’d listen to *your* stories..

Trip: I HAVEN’T TOLD YOU ANY! I can’t get a word in edgewise! I can’t even put my fingers in my ears. Ten minutes! That’s all I’m asking.” MAJOR EYEBROW ACTION, joined by MOUTH, HANDS, etc. HILARIOUS

Zumas: “I didn’t know I was such a bother.” SULK

Trip is instantly remorseful/guilty.

Trip: “Look.” <---oooh that gave me shivers. to hear that coming my way.....<swoon>

Trip: “Look. I’m... sorry I snapped at ya. <pause> This isn’t the best place to socialize.”

What a sweetie. Anyone wanna kiss and make up with him? Get in line.


Archer: “We should have Tucker take a look at it.” (He goes back to the prisoner’s section to release Trip.)

Trip: “Nice of you to visit.” (Here, here!) They move to the airlock mechanism to fix it.

Archer: “We’ve got to take control. Can you handle him? <gestures to NN>

Trip: <slow, resigned> “Yeah. Piece of cake.” <--food idiom :-)

Archer leaves.

Trip: <to NN> Now that we’re friends (HA HA HA), maybe you can help me...

He gets the Nausicaan to turn a stuck valve, while reaching for a heavy metal restraint. SNEAKY!TRIP makes an appearance, followed by WHACKEM!TRIP. He made that look very real. Again, strangely arousing. Better not delve into that.

As he lays a trap to shoot Kuroda, GUESS WHO BLOWS IT? (Take a stab, literally!)

Tucker gets shot (again – he’s got a bad record on this) when Zumas screams “Look out!” Stupid Zumas!

Later, as they sit together in restraints:

Zumas: “You should thank me.” W-T-F look #23 from Trip


Zumas: “Blah blah blah, saved your life, blah blah.

Trip is about to boil over

Zumas: (having *not* gotten the thank you, says cheerily) “You’re welcome.”
Trip’s face again – Trinneer does some amazing work. If Feezal brought out 28 kinds of embarrassed, then Zumas certainly brought out at least that many kinds of ‘yer pissin me off’.


Another surprise twist, and ENT shows up. Travis gets to do something! YEA!


Trip: “Cap’n? Would you mind? <gestures to the restraints he still has on> Malcom tries to free him, and then Archer tosses him a gun. Trip pops into the cockpit (giggle).

Trip: “Anything I can do? Archer: “Not unless you have a spare thruster.” (blush)

Everyone else rushes to get on the other shuttle before the main ship crashes.

Then Archer and Kuroda fight. A long fight. Never miss a chance to have the AOTW punch Archer in the face, I guess.


Reed literally drags Archer off the ship as he tries to rescue Kuroda. Very nice move.

Creepy Columbia echoes as Kuroda and the ship plunge down into the atmosphere.


Archer and Trip appear at the Enterprise docking port, looking battered, bruised, tired, and VERY ANGRY.

Archer: “The others on the shuttle are fine.”

Phlox: “And you?”

Archer: “I’ll be fine.”

Enolian leader who has been helping: “We will need a ...

Archer: “Trip!” <gestures to come along with him>

Enolian: ...full report. <as Archer and Trip head off down the hall> Captain! My government will demand a report on what happened.

Archer whips around and lets him have it – suggesting that he’ll have that man’s job and expose the whole Enolian justice system. Trip stands watching, tired, angry. Archer and Trip head off down the hall.

Final scene: Where are Archer and Trip going?

Theory One: Sickbay. Sure. It’s the most sensible thing to do.

Counterargument: With Phlox left at the docking port?

Countercounter: He’ll meet them there/ He’ll catch up.

Yeah, right.


Theory Three: To Archer’s Quarters or Trip’s Quarters, to have moment alone.

CounterArgument: Why was T’Pol going with them?

Countercounter: She was going after them, but elsewhere, not with them.




Allusion. All is allusion. From the R&R to the Hallway.


Not the A*T story we might have wanted. Great Archer role. Continues his “make up for ANIS” path. Great Trip role. Talented engineer, good friend, humor source without weakening the character. Story: a bit dull, but solid, a bit predictable, but with nice twists. Not Desert Crossing, but so many echoes of that. If only IF ONLY. Makes the A*T backstory that much sweeter when it gets here.