This episode just proves what we've known all

along. Soon the whole world will fall under the spell of Connor

Trinneer, men included. Heck, kitchen sinks included.


Gripes first, as always:

1. "Talking to his personal log" as a means of exposition is a

tired old horse. :-) They dropped that quickly. :-) Yay!

2. Alien bad guy looks like a guy in a mask and suit. It didn't work

for me. Eh.

3. NO Archer + Trip bonding or angsting or anything. Lots of

formality, and "Commander Tucker" this and "Captain" that, and

no Archer holding him ala Desert Crossing. Pooh!




Intro: Great. Funny. Trip disses Travis, then quickly takes it back

when his ship starts to nosedive. Actual tension and drama

*before* the titles. (Alien ship crashes right next to his,



Part One: Techie Trip! *someone* got our memo over there.

Finally, we have an engineer who can do all sorts of engineery

things. That's probably why Mr. T. R. X. is so upset. Trip tries to

fix the com. It won't fix.


Alien attacks. Trip flees to shuttlepod. Trip peers out of the

shuttle window (nice nose shot, Myst!) and yells, "SON OF A

BITCH!!! {{That's #4!}} He stole my transceiver!"


Trip watches alien from afar, discovers infrared perimeter alarm,

returns to shuttle. Trip sneaks into alien's camp, using the

Sneaky!Trip patented Mary Had a Little Lamb speech. Works

every time.

but Stupid!Trip sticks around too long and almost gets caught.

but Toughman!Trip tussles and gets control of the gun.

but Trip gets Tripped up and phasered.

Our poor boy. This is just the start of it. Should keep evay and in business for years.


<side note: Trip IS on UPN's Funky Flubs, a blooper show, next

Tuesday at 8 pm (here, anyway).>


Part Two: Alien kicks tied up Trip in the ribs. And again. And

again, twice. Ouch. Trip's response as he's hauled to his feet is

priceless --- "I'm no good til I've had my coffee."


Archer is angry and agitated. Very. But that's about it. He was in

Part One also. Also angry and agitated. But where's the love?



The alien Arkonian learns his first English word from Trip!

DAMMIT! He says it quite well, just after Trip says it. DAMMIT.

Trip then has to explain, "No, I'm <points at self> Trip."


Trip gets thirsty and tries the alien's canteen. It appears to be full

of motor oil mixed with chocolate Quik. Trip gags and spits it all

out. Yecchh. But seriously, who looks that cute spitting and

gagging? Huh? Huh??!?


*First Appearance of TankTop!Trip. Prepare to thudd.

Somebody *has* been working the arms.


Trip rips a long gash in his forearm. Blood everywhere. The

alien looks at it, grabs his arm and sprays a stream of

lordknowswhat on the wound. Alien SalivaGoo everywhere. The

cut vanishes before Trip's eyes.


More fumbling communication and gesturing like mad, on both

sides. TripQUOTE: "It's like talkin' to Porthos." :D :D :D


Part Three: Trip EATS! It's a habit of his, apparently.

ALIENS KNOW TRIP ALL TOO WELL. Trip learns the Arkonian

word for "Food" very quickly.


Trip almost electrocutes himself (2nd time). Alien laughs.


Serious comment: This is a different Trip. He is serious,

determined, and very willing to cooperate or fight, whichever is

necessary. It may be because Redcat and I have been emailing

about Trip's maturity level, but in this episode, he is not the

bumpkin or the captain's buddy. He is his own man, and he's a

man. Solid, honest, and mature. I haven't seen much of this

grownup Trip before, but I like it.


More fighting. Goo-in-the-eyes!Trip, and more fighting. TOS fight

music, I swear it was.


They run out of energy and collapse next to each other, unable to

fight any more.


+++S.O.'s interruption at this point in the show:

"Is he getting pudgier?"


Now we have Beaten-To-a-Pulp!Trip, followed quickly by

SHIRT OFF! TRIP. (Lady C, do not watch this with Precious


Now, *I'm* thinking, "So, is he?"


Part Four: Trip isn't complaining about the heat. Odd. Does he

only complain when he knows he can get a reaction/sympathy/a

hug from Jon? Hmm.


Chest. Sweat. Mmmm. *dizzy spell* Trip and the alien sit on a

sunny hot ledge and sweat/swoon as the transceiver starts to



+++S.O.'s interruption #2:

"He's definitely put on some weight around the middle."


The radio works, Hoshi says, "hi", Archer says, "We're getting you

out, screw the alien!" Trip says, "No way. I'm not leaving him

here!" <for those wanting defiance, that was it; notice the

immediate repercussion in Trip's mind.>


Engineering!Trip again, with the isotopes and the filters and the



Trip, slipping into heat delirium, worries about how the Capn will

be angry at him for defying orders. Thus begins the "My life is

passing in front of me" speech. It's hilarious.


"I spent the night with a Princess." Oh, is that what they're calling

it in 2152? "Spent the night"?


This line got me, right there, seriously. I have my teary death

scene now: "Hell of a ride." That is the death line of a much

older man. This voyage is aging Trip quickly.


Conclusion: As noted, no Archer running to the pod. >:-(

Still, there *was* a conclusion. And Trip *did* have a nasty black

eye and bruise. And he got to wrap up his friendship with the

alien. I liked it.


+++Me: That was another one directed by the one who played

B'Elanna Torres, you know, Roxann Dawson. She's done four


S.O. That was produced by Roxann Dawson?

Me: Directed by! <and then I thought... Hmm...."What if she took

over the show from B&B?????"> Is my S.O. prophetic or hard of



Later comment as I typed this review (from the living room):


S.O.: Brett?

Me: Yes (typing).

S.O.: Are you talking to people about Enterprise?

Me: Yes (rising intonation.)

S.O.: You should ask them if any of them think he's put on


Me: Oh, I will (all too knowingly).




I like this ep and it is TRIP TRIP TRIP from start to finish, even

more than Unexpected. This was his show, his chance to shine,

and he DID. What a performance! Nuanced, funny, solid from

beginning to end. Time to start another "Connor Trinneer is an

Extraordinary Actor" thread.




A4T ('night!)