Linguistically, English has past and nonpast forms (Time).

Future is constructed by means of a modal (will/be going to) and

a verb, not from a verb change (stem or ending). Thus, there is

not 'future tense' in the way there is a 'past tense' (Voyager ep?)

Further, 'future' comes in various moods and aspects. It can in

fact be quite sexually suggestive (trying to spice it up here): future

perfect passive. Rowwrrrr. Ex.: 'Trip will have been

overwhelmed by my irresistible charms by the time Ruby shows

up again.'


Was this about the future? Possibly. Was it tense?



Intro: Slow, a bit spooky, but not nearly enough. They *really*

need to crank these things up.


Archer's flaw discovered: He turns his back when he says

something really important. As a result, all of his lines are

delivered with his head turned or his whole body turned, facing

away from the camera. Ultimately, this makes him seem like

he's at a loss for his words, and is unwilling to say them. When

he overcomes this (talking to Shran, T'Pol, Tarah) or is truly

upset, he comes across as a good captain.


Reed, Travis, Trip inspect the alien ship closely. Now that's an

inspection team I'd like to have. Inspect ME! (I don't know why

that scene provoked that reaction; maybe it was just the three of

them together.)


Trip wants to find the engine! What a one-track mind (well, two,

counting food) he has!


Reed and Trip work well together, and this is about the first

we've seen of that since Dead Stop.


Trip is happy that he's not hallucinating when he sees the deep

vertical shaft, far deeper than it should logically/physically be.

That the ship is indeed bigger on the inside than on the outside

is both creepy and cool. It was underplayed, in my opinion,

causing the ep to lose a point overall. Something this fun (and

potentially dramatic, frightening, or mysterious) was dropped

after one quick visit.


Now, the visit was great. Again, Trip is reckless and takes off

down the ladder into who knows what. Reed, left muttering

about telling the bridge, soon follows after him. If I didn't know

better, I'd say he likes following Trip the way Trip follows Archer

around. Very cute.


New Suliban ships! Fun!


Archer/T'Pol moment #1 (good): He gets her to move to the

weapons station while still talking to the Suliban on the

viewscreen by just a silent facial gesture, which she immediately

picks up on. Very nice. Of course, he often looks pained like

that. I'm surprised she can tell the difference.


Suliban fight! Trip meets a bulkhead and takes a nap. Sad.

More for evay's website, but still, our boy does get bashed

around. Less so this season, thankfully.


The Grappler?! Yawn. Rolleyes.


TripQuote: 'Captain, I gotta take you down into that chamber!'

[deleted scene: Trip: 'It's a perfect makeout spot.' Archer: 'Trip,

*after* the Suliban leave, okay?' Trip: 'I'm just sayin', with the

timeloops and all, it could get pretty, um..' Archer: 'Trip! <stern

glance> T'Pol: <rolls eyes with one eyebrow lift>]


Daniels ex machina. (or ex footlockera) :-( how terribly



Archer/T'Pol moment #2 (icky): They discuss the alien's

apparent mixed heritage, human-Vulcan mating, etc. I did not

see T'Pol's line as a Freudian slip in any sense, but certainly the

double meaning of 'we' was put there. I saw Archer's

double-take as the Freudian slip in a gestural form.

T'Pol: It's unlikely we could reproduce.'

Archer: <whips head around to look at T'Pol>

Audience: (general discomfort, uneasy shuffling, sideways



Archer's back!: is to the camera again, as he says his most

angry aggressive line, 'Release us!' (although to be fair, the

Tholians couldn't see him do this).


NICE Phlox/T'Pol interaction. The irresistible force and the

immovable object, in person.


Back to Trip, FINALLY! He and Reed have a wonderful long

scene here, full of genuine character development and

suspicious innuendo too.


Trip's refusal to know the future, even if he could, is interesting.

Very interesting. Start a thread on it interesting. It was a nice

parallel conversation to the events of the episode and to Archer's

involuntary knowledge of the future, and Malcom's desire to

know it himself.


In particular, in the area of romance, Trip stops Malcom short

when Mal says he wants to know who he'd marry in the future, to

save painful dates (poor guy). Trip's conclusion: 'So you marry

her. Did you marry her for love, or because some book said you

would?' Malcom's logical answer, which Trip neglected to follow

up on: 'What's the difference?' So they both learned something

from each other, and we (the audience) benefit the most. VERY

nice scene.


Trip knows his dinosaurs! :-)


<what about that innuendo!?>

Oh yes! After they go through a time loop, the conversation

repeats. They begin to notice and can predict each other's lines.

Reed says, 'I think we're spending far too much time together.'

:- o Well, you have to be there. And have a dirty mind.


Archer/T'Pol moment #3 (good): Big fight and sparks about the

nature of time, time travel, best course of action, all the usual

stuff. 'I've made my choice!' <glare> and so forth. [Bringin it up

again: He ALMOST walks into a roof beam in his quarters, again.

It's gonna be like the shirt-tugs of TNG all over again.]


A *disabled* Vulcan ship! Wow! Suliban pods every whichaway!

Yow! Tholians swoop in! Yeeks! Archer squints. Yes, he

furrows his brow, and sets his jaw, and *squints* in anger. At

least he's facing forward.


Trip gets the alien beacon working again: Whiz kid!


Archer and Reed defuse something, again. Three times. It's

like Minefield, without the dismal whining.


Everything just disappears ‹ beacon, dead pilot, mystery ship

(while being stolen by Tholians). Nice, but too easy.


Gripes: No casualties? On either ship? None? Tholians have

irritating voices. And the ending fizzled (see below).


Captain's Table makes an appearance. Vague remarks about

'Wow, that was wild.' 'I wonder what it all means.' 'Time is

irrelevant.' Bring me some coffee. What flat ending.


TripAssWatch #3 (or #4 say some folks):

Trip: Well, time's not irrelevant in Engineering. I've got repairs to

finish. <rises and leaves>

T'Pol: Moves eyes slyly to the floor, then to her right, then to the

doorway, about butt-level, and fixates there. Very slick, Polly. I'm

sure Archer won't notice, since he's busy doing the same thing.


Archer/T'Pol moment #4 (icky): Lots of uncomfortable lines about

interspecies relations and Archer's lovely turn of phrase,

'swapping chromosomes'. T'Pol is mentally considering a

sexual harassment lawsuit, you can tell. What a silver-tongued

devil he is. She gets him back though.


Canamar looks GOOD. Archer and Trip, in leather and black

shirts, bound, beaten, etc. MMMMM