AKA "Stigma"


*opening: very nice tribute to the Columbia and Crew


Right out of the gate, Trip!Look #1: as Phlox and Mrs. P “inhale” each other at the docking port. Hilarious.


Adorable Tripism: “Ma’am.” Now that’s a boy with manners.


[aside: this scene of first contact at the docking port is virtually identical to the one I have sketched out in my own languishing unwritten fic between an alien visitor and Trip – aggressive, know-what-I-want alien and Surprised!Trip. Either I write like Braga (eww) or someone from Paramount has been snooping in my office files!]


Feezal: Insert the wide end into that hole. (shot of insertion, not unlike a train going into a tunnel) “You can pull it out now.”


It went on like this. At least we know what doesn’t work on Trip. He was *very* aware of her forwardness (heck, the *microscope”* was aware of it!) and seemed very uncomfortable. He’s cute when he’s uncomfortable.


Feezal: “You’re a very competent young man.”

Trip: “I try to be.” (bashful head-drop) Awww and he’s humble too!


Phlox Rox!: This is a good man. He takes care of his patients, he’s dedicated, honorable, strong, and protective.


TRIP!SWEAR: "This is a bitch!" (re setting the neutron microscope correctly) I laughed out loud at that. The boy's got a mouth on him. Didn't I just say he had manners?


Trip!Look #2: The mounting distress as Phlox approaches him while Feezal is draped across his shoulders. Followed by the cutest smile as Feezal finally leaves the room.


Poor Archer #1: He’s still ducking! In his own quarters!! WHAT IS THAT ABOUT??? One of these days, I tell you, WHACK into the ceiliing struts and he'll be off to Oz for the whole episode. RAISE HIS ROOF NOW. He's the CAPTAIN.


The Black Cat: Trip likes old horror! What a guy! (temporary pause for fantasy of watching a classic horror marathon in an old movie house, with fresh popcorn and OMT.) More on "The Black Cat" -- http://www.filmsite.org/blac.html


Trip!Quote: "Wha..what’s the rush?!" (as Hoshi takes off, leaving Trip to face Feezal (and her roving legs) alone.


Trip!Foods: “Try the cobbler.” (as he flees the mess hall too)


Special Award for Best ASS-WATCH:

To Feezal Phlox, for her masterful stare at Trip’s retreating butt, Mess Hall scene. (She has now joined Liana [Oasis] in contention for Best ASS-WATCH Of The Series.


Exercise scene: Exercise wear (new) and the arms continue to grow.


T’Pol Rox!: “I won’t use coercion as an excuse to condone their prejudice.” I’m going to bow to her (and the writers) for this one. The issue of her being ‘more innocent’ than other victims of the disease was a huge worry leading up to this ep. They handled it well. Archer’s additional comment that she couldn’t keep completely silent either, since that was also a sign of “giving in” was the crowning touch.


Poor Archer #2: He gets treated like crap by everyone. And I thought he was taller. Isn't he?


Gratuitous Travis six-pack! Not a problem, just gratuitous. (would it be gratuitous if he had a potbelly?)


Tuckerlabs has announced a new line of Trip Tucker Action Figures based on this episode:










and the newest, PerfectGentleman!Trip (comes in a state of apparent post-coital disarray, with mussed hair, lipstick marks, unzipped trousers and incipient pregnancy; repeats “I was a Perfect Gentleman!” over and over). Also says “You don’t play around with another man’s wife.”


Trip!Look #3: the “look away” as Mr and Mrs. P “smell farewell” to each other. Also hilarious.


Trip!Quote (and Grand Prize Winner):

Trip: Well, I’ve got to get back to my warp engines. <searches for reason> The plasma’s runnin’ a little hot.” Feezal: “I know how it feels.”


RUNNIN A LITTLE HOT, EH? We ALL know how it feels, lady. Get in line.