Ohmigawd Shauna you won’t beleive the assignment we got yesterday in English class, I swear that Mrs. B is such a b*tch! She, like, lectured the whole hour about something and then we had to write about it. Its about Star trek, so she thinks she’s been all cool but she’s not, she’s just lame but that Trip guy is hellacute –What a hottie!!!!!!! so watching wasn’t too bad. I hate that captain though. He’s sooooo old! Then I had to “analyze” it all and talk about gender and race and all that sh*t. I looked up gender - it means –sex- no! ;P not that it just means man or woman – so what was I suppose to say, “He’s a man, she’s a woman”? I’m so sure. How is this gonna be any use to me? Hold on a sec - JJoshJ is calling. ‘K I’m back. He just wanted to come over and fool around, so I told him “later, I gotta finish this homework crap’ so now he’s mad I didn’t tell him to come over last night and watch that Vulkan slut in the tight suit. Gotta go “write” or whatever. Luv, Chrissy

Here’s my paper – could you read it and fix it for me? Thanx.






Chrissy C______

English 5th period

Mrs. B________

June 15, 2002


Genders, Races and Star Trek:Enterprise

Trip’s Voyage to T’Pall


In Star Trek:Enterprise there are two characters who respresent gender and race. One of them is called T’Pall and she is this Vulkan female (her gender) and she’s from another race. The other is Trip Tucker, who is the man (and he’s like us from Earth). They totally want each other but they don’t either, which is what gender is all about. Trip acts all tough and unfriendly and then he gets all sweet and goes to T’Palls bedroom after he reads her mail to apologize. She doesn’t like him either because Earth people stink to her but she tries his favorite pie because its pecan. Then she medidtates and gets friendlier.

Race is also of great importance in the universe of Star Trek:Enterprise. Not race like Uhura but like T’Pall. Trip is white and T’Palls not, so he doesn’t want to get with her but he does, secretly, like I said before. This makes him all upset because what struck me about Trip's exchanges with T'Pol was that neither he nor we can separate her female identity from her Vulcan identity. He reacts to her gender as well as to her race." So, he’s unable to be himself and she’s all cold to everyone.

Thus we can see in conclusion that gender and race are found everywhere in Star trek and are really significant and have effects that we don’t see. Trip is really on a *trip* which gives the show so much more depth when he explores himself and the galaxy and maybe T’Pall.


Chrissy! You totally rock – where did you get that crap about female identity? I think your paper kicks ass. Except you are an idiot – her name is T’Pol not T’Pall, and its Tripp (I think) not Trip. I like your last line and all, but it only works if his name is spelled like trip – who spells their name ‘trip’? Also I found a quote when I was searching online that you can put in: “Similarly, Trip's masculinity undergoes de-centring. If, as a recent review in the 'LA Times' has it, Trip is a "gym-trim" manifestation of twentieth-century machismo, his masculinity is depolarized in `Unexpected', when physical contact with an alien female causes him to become pregnant.” Isn’t that totally on topic? I don’t get the first part but I know it goes with your gender stuff, and your teacher will love the rest of this sh*t. Plus I *know* we both think he’s gym-trim and macho!!!!!!! :P See ya in class. Shauna.