Review Of Cold Front

We open with Future Guy finally getting around to punishing Silik for the events in Broken Bow. It seems the curse of being an evil manipulator from the future is that it’s very time consuming :^).  Basically Silik loses his enhanced vision, but FG is kind enough to dangle the carrot of getting it back if he completes his next mission.

While Travis, Hoshi and Malcolm start their morning shift by bonding over the crappiness of last nights movie showing, Archer is still having breakfast (the joys of command).  The steward serving his meals, a man named Daniels, questions why Enterprise seems to have changed course.  Archer tells him that they’re going to a stellar nursery to say hello to a couple of ships they spotted hanging about the area.

One of the vessels turns out to be a passenger ship escorting a group of spiritually minded men on a pilgrimage to “The Great Plume Of Agosoria” - a proton star that delivers a neutron blast every 11 years and which the pilgrims believe signifies the birth of the universe.  Archer invites them over to Enterprise.

They accept and upon arrival are greeted by Captain Archer, Sub-Commander T’Pol and everyone’s favourite engineer Commander Tucker.  Archer introduces himself but forgets to do the honours for his officers so Trip naturally and easily takes over.  The aliens brought gifts - Archer takes the clock, Trip takes the alcohol (the boy’s got his priorities right).

They head off to the mess hall for a reception, where we learn Dr Phlox is very interested in other cultures religious observances and while he was on Earth he checked out every religious service he could.  We also learn Archer prefers to keep an open mind on the matter.  No news on Trip’s beliefs.

Meanwhile on the bridge, Malcolm is complaining about the lack of security being taken by giving the aliens the tour.  He seems somewhat mellowed by the reassurances that they probably won’t be given the tour of the Armoury.  When he leaves the bridge for a moment to realign something, Hoshi tempts Travis into trying out the big chair.  Travis  immediately wonders if he could order a few torpedoes fired, but is busted when Malcolm comes back.

Trip is giving the “Dummies Guide To Warp Engines” tour to the pilgrims only to find out they are Warp field theorists.  He recovers well and is soon telling stories about problems with the magnetic constrictors and how they overcame it.  Silik, disguised as a pilgrim, breaks away from the group and disconnects a piece of conduit from the core.

The tours are called off when Travis fly's too close to a plasma storm and everything goes crazy.  It causes an antimatter cascade - the ship is doomed -  until it suddenly stops.  Archer thanks Trip for his good work.  Only problem is, Trip didn’t do it (but I’m sure he would have given another few seconds).

Crisis averted, Phlox decides to go to the transport for the night with the pilgrims to study their rituals.  Trip calls Archer to Engineering; he’s figured out what stopped the cascade.   It was the piece of piping Silik pulled out earlier.  Trip’s engineering staff isn’t taking credit and Trip didn’t teach them to be humble so he and Archer go talk to Captain Fraddic to see if any of the pilgrims are claiming responsibility.  Fraddic says he’ll take credit if it gets him a reward.  Archer thanks him for his time, but Trip gives a mega-cute rolleyes gesture as he ushers Fraddic out of the room.

Daniels waylays Archer in the corridor and starts spouting off about the TCW, things he couldn’t possibly know, when Archer tries to tell him he’s busy.  Archer follows him to his quarters, where Daniels explains that he’s from 900 years in the future and that he’s been sent to the 22nd Century to capture Silik and try and discover who FG is.  He uses some pretty nifty technology (a big holographic map of the time streams that swirls around the room) to prove his point,  but Archer isn’t assured that his intentions are trustworthy until Daniels’ asks if he ever brought him his eggs prepared the wrong way.  That’s right folks the secret is revealed here -  evil geniuses can always be spotted by their complete inability to not muck up breakfast orders - don’t let it get out.

To be fair, Archer does immediately consult with Trip and T’Pol about the matter over a glass of the pilgrim’s alcohol.  T’Pol doesn’t imbibe but is rather skeptical of Daniels’ revelations.  There discussion ends when Hoshi calls through to say the pilgrims are returning.  Archer orders them to help Daniels.

Trip and T’Pol continue the debate in the turbolift.  Trip is amazed about meeting someone from the future; he thought it would be strictly aliens.  When T’Pol reiterates her disbelief, Trip says that being a scientist she should have an open mind.  T’Pol replies,

“Keeping an open mind is different from believing something because you want it to be true,”

This comments provides a perfect WTF look from Trip followed by a “What the hell is that supposed to mean”. 

While Archer is giving Phlox the third degree in the messhall; Daniels, Trip and T’Pol are working together in Engineering to get the sensors up to detecting Suliban life-forms, with help from Daniels 31st Century tech.  Trip questions Daniels about his family that he made up, showing that Trip is a person willing to socialise and swap stories with lower deck crew.  Apparently Humans and Indiana exist in the 31st century but not in the way we would define them - Trip gives this bit of news his patented WTF look.

Trip tries to get his hands on the future tech but is thwarted by Daniels.  Then in a most adorable moment tries to cheat in the engineering pool by trying to get info on how far Enterprise travels in a day - Daniel’s doesn’t help.  When a circuit breaks behind a bulkhead, Daniels pulls out another gadget and walks straight through the wall - you guessed it, another WTF look from Trip :^).

In Archers quarters, Porthos is barking up a storm.  Archer mistakenly thinks it’s because he hasn’t been fed, but it’s really because Silik is in the room as well.  After a brief exchange between the two where Silik tries to find out who’s after him (T’Pol’s call alerts him to the news) he shoots Jon.  Porthos runs over to comfort him.  Everybody say it together now AWWWWW!!!!

Phlox is still in the messhall reciting dreary incantations as the plume gets ready to erupt.
Back to Engineering.  Daniels suggests they call Lt. Reed, when they discover that their equipment tracks the Silik’s life signs to engineering.  Trip sees Silik disappear into the wall and when Daniels says to evacuate engineering, he competently gets his people out and then tries to stay and help himself.  Unfortunately Silik gets to Daniels and vaporises him before Trip and T’Pol can do anything.  They try to call Archer but when he doesn’t respond they do a search on his location.  Finding him in his quarters Trip calls Dr. Phlox as they race off.

In Archer’s quarters, Trip helps his friend to sit up as he slowly wakes from being stunned (and he looks mighty relieved that he’s okay too).  Archer finally calls his Security officer and let’s him know a Suliban is loose on board.  Then orders Trip to Engineering to see if he can figure out how to work Daniels’ sensor gear.  He and T’Pol go to Daniels’ quarters to search for clues.

As Hoshi calls to let them know someone sent an encrypted message through the comm system, Archer makes his way to engineering to see why Trip has learned.  He isn’t sure at first but when an alarm goes off, he realises Suliban biosigns are being detected.  He also gives Archer the “walking through walls” device to help.  And he needs it too, because Silik squeezes past some conduits to try and reach the Launch Bay.  Archer follows and they have a fight.  It’s pretty even in the confined space but Silik manages to get away.  Archer follows him and then shoots the device he stole from Daniels out of his hands.  Silik activates the Launch doors though and jumps out into space where he’s picked up by an approaching Suliban pod.  Archer loses the device while trying not to get blown out the doors himself.  He eventually manages to get back to the control room and close the doors.

Later in his quarters, he tells T’Pol that he’s not sure quite what to write on his report.  He decides to sleep on the matter, but orders her to have Daniels’ quarters (Room E-14) sealed off until further notice.  We end the episode with Reed putting a locking device on the door.


A great episode.  We learn more about the Temporal Cold War but it also leaves some new questions to ponder.  They balanced the action well within the story and it kept up a good pace throughout. 

The Official No Shirt, No Shoes, Great Service! ENT*EP Rating System:

1) Trip's hair mussed or loose: 0 points - doesn’t occur at all
2) Trip's hair spiked:
0 points - as above
3) Trip's face stubbly:
0 points - as above
4) Trip's hair mussed or spiked,
a stubbly face: 0 points (due to synergism)  - definitely not an issue
5) Trip eats or discusses food: 5 points - half points because he drinks the pilgrims alcohol                                                                  rather than eating.
6) Reed gets to blow something up:
0 points - he really should have been used more in this                                                                                       episode, but Archer doesn’t seem to want to                                                                                      clue in his tactical officer until the last minute.
7) Trip does something especially cute
(little dance, forehead snuggle, cries at movie): 5                  points  - I  thought the way he tried to get an answer so he could win the Engineering                                         betting comp was quite cute, but not especially cute, so half points.
7a) If you automatically go 'AAAAWW!': 
5 points - half points cause while I did go                                                                                                          AAAAWW! It was for something                                                                                            Porthos did.
8) Trip gives T'Pol his 'WTF look' (or says it):
40 points - 3 WTF looks and 1 “What the hell is that supposed to mean.  Perfect.
9) Trip scarcely appears:    N/A thankfully.
10 )Trip scarcely appears, but major discussion of the
formation of the federation, prime directive, develop-
ment of tractor beams, or Trip/Archer back story does
occur. Or Porthos appears:  - N/A
11) Trip has major screen time:
20 points - Lots to do for OMT in this episode. 
12 ) Porthos has major screen time:
20 points - Useful Porthos even.  He has airport security                                                                                        dog in his ancestry for sure.
13) Reed smiles:
20 points - Yep.  While discussing the horrendous movie night.
14) Trip removes a major article of clothing (does not include shoes, socks, away jacket, or hat):
0 points
15) Trip removes major article of clothing, and
shares time with any major character (but Phlox) in decon: 0 points
16) Trip removes a major article of clothing, and
he takes off his undershirt (or has none on): 0 points
16a) For shaved chest add on
5 points - N/A
16b) For hairy chest add on
10 points - N/A
17) Trip removes a major article of clothing and
his undershirt, plus he takes off his briefs: 10,000 points - definitely N/A *sigh* - life’s just not fair sometimes.

Total - A whopping 95 points.  On the grading system that puts “Cold Front” at

Outstanding Episode. 
You heard it here folks.  Don’t miss this one.

Lady Conqueror.