-= Praise from Producers and Directors =-

Brannon Braga: "Trip is a great character, and Connor Trinneer is playing him to perfection and beyond." Source:

Berman cited Connor Trinneer ("Trip Tucker") as a prime example of those who will most likely be passed over. "If Connor were on any other freshman TV series right now, he would be the buzz of the trades in terms of getting a nomination," said Berman. "But he's on Star Trek, and we're forever hopeful, but the history doesn't show he has much chance." Source:

Rick Berman says he and writing partner Brannon Braga are always trying to find good material for all their new prequel-era characters, but if one had to be singled out, it'd be Connor Trinneer's: "I would say that the actor that I just can't get enough of and whom we are constantly looking for stories to develop and focus around is Connor Trinneer. I think Connor is just a remarkable actor. I think that if there is anybody who hasn't been given enough focus, in terms of stories centered around their character, it is probably Trip." Source:

David A. Goodman (Consulting Producer) said on the TrekBBS recently: "At the center of the episode [Precious Cargo] is Connor's performance, which, as always, is spectacular."

-= Praise from Fans =-

Even got in on the fun:

Starfleet Survey One of the breakout performers in Enterprise is Connor Trinneer as "Trip Tucker." Among the episodes he is prominent in, which do you think is his strongest performance?

Shuttlepod One - 30.24% (401)
Dawn - 20.59% (273)
Unexpected - 11.99% (159)
Precious Cargo - 9.43% (125)
The Andorian Incident - 6.56% (87)
Two Days and Two Nights - 6.03% (80)
Desert Crossing - 4.60% (61)
Singularity - 4.37% (58)
Strange New World - 4.22% (56)
Oasis - 1.96% (26)

"By now Connor Trinneer's "Trip" Tucker has emerged as more than just the chief engineer of Star Trek: Enterprise -- he has become one of the show's pivotal characters both before and after the Xindi attack that launched an all-new direction for the show." - STAR TREK Communicator, Issue #148, 2004.


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