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Connor's acting career began in high school, but really took off during his work on a Masters degree in Acting and in Directing at the University of Missouri, Kansas City, as this proud alumni newsletter shows. (*requires Adobe Acrobat for the pdf file)

Connor has appeared in several other television shows, plays, etc.

Touched By an Angel --
Connor played a convicted murderer set to be executed. No other info yet, but keep your eyes posted for reruns.

Sliders --
Connor played a rebel leader named Samson, fighting to overthrow a corrupt and evil religious government. In a tremendously tight black t-shirt. He gets the second half of the show for himself, and does a great job. The character is funny, cool, strong, and noble. Quite a few touches of Trip are visible here (or vice versa).

Far East --
Connor had a major role in this PBS production about racism and the military in Japan. Connor played Bob Munger, a gay officer whose secret is discovered.
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Connor had a small role as a sports writer ('Writer #2') in this HBO film about the NY Yankees' 1961 season and Roger Maris' attempt to break Babe Ruth's home run record. (premiered April 28, 2001)
It is on video and DVD soon.
Our very own srtrekker (and S.O.) had MANY WONDERFUL THINGS to say about the movie and about Trinneer.

From http://www.trekgalaxy.com/enterpriseinterviews_trinneer.htm
In reading your bio, we see you starred in Billy Crystal's baseball movie, *61, which pays homage to Roger Maris' homerun record.

CT: 'Starred in' might be an overstatement, but I was in it, yeah. (Trinneer laughs)

Are you a baseball fan?

CT: I'm a giant baseball fan. In fact, I'm almost a bigger fan of the history of the game than I am of specific teams. I mean, I can sit and watch a double header on TV. I'm that kind of fan. When they were casting this thing and I knew this was coming down the pike, I got onto my agent and manager about auditioning for the role of Roger Maris. That role went to Barry Pepper, who was brilliant and perfect for it. Afterwards, I knew they were casting the smaller roles, and I told my agent I didn't care, I just wanted to be part of the project. I know all these baseball guys. I grew up reading about them. The whole race and how it involved Whitey Ford, Roger Maris, and Mickey Mantle. I just wanted to be a part of the movie. I went back in and did a read for Billy Crystal, who's a big baseball fan, too. At the audition, he began to ad lib. I went right with him, because I know it. I know all the history.

Who did you play in *61?

CT: I play a reporter who sits at the table with the Baseball Commissioner and a number of other baseball writers and we're talking about whether an asterisk should be put in front of Maris' home run record, and I vote that it should be. I was really honoured to be a part of that love letter to baseball.

More recently, before ENTERPRISE, Connor was acting with the Circle X Theatre Company in Los Angeles. Their website is back in action, but as he's no longer an active member, his work isn't there. I've reconstructed what I saved from my archived files. He did several plays, including Brecht's version of Edward II. (Thanks to TorontoTrekker for that factoid!)

Connor's old Circle X page     Connor's Edward II page

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