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Connor Trinneer is one of the stars of Enterprise, but you probably already knew that. As an actor (M.A. in Acting and Directing), he's just amazing. Every scene he's in, he's "on". Not without reason, called him the breakout star of the series. He's a private person (we hear), so we stay clear of his personal life.

This section has a lot of information about Connor's other work, including TV and stage work before Enterprise and even some things he's doing now. It is by no means exhaustive, but we strive for accuracy and lots of pictures.

Connor Pics

This showcases photos, and is entirely pictures of the man himself, *not* Trip Tucker. They are primarily images from conventions and appearances, taken by others or by myself. We have some excellent shots from 2003 appearances.

Connor's Career

This page has information about television shows and stage productions Connor's been in. Many pictures from those shows are included, and links to learn more.
* DON'T MISS * -- a videoclip of Connor in "Far East".

Links to Connor Sites

Each of the sites listed has a substantial Connor Trinneer section. If you want me to link to yours, let me know.

-=Featured Site=-    Connor Trinneer's Official Website

If you haven't seen this one, go there immediately. Although not always up to date, there is a fantastic collection of pictures, fan photos, and a very thorough record of CT interviews; message board/chat too.

Praise for Connor

Here we gather praise that CT has received from fans, critics, co-workers, etc. It's a bit much, but hey, he deserves it.  If you don't agree that he's a great actor, then you might want to -= Bash Trinneer! =-


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