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EPISODES 1-5 Broken Bow (Parts I & II), Fight or Flight, Strange New World, Unexpected, Terra Nova
EPISODES 6-10 The Andorian Incident, Breaking the Ice, Civilization, Fortunate Son, Cold Front
EPISODES 11-15 Silent Enemy, Dear Doctor, Sleeping Dogs, Shadows of P'Jem, Shuttlepod One
EPISODES 16-20 Fusion, Rogue Planet, Acquisition, Oasis, Detained
EPISODES 21-25 Vox Sola, Fallen Hero, Desert Crossing, Two Days and Two Nights, Shockwave (Part I)


Broken Bow
Fight or Flight
Strange New World
Terra Nova

Broken Bow (Parts I & II)

Archer:  Make sure they match the color to the nacelle housings.
Trip:  Planning to sit on the hull and pose for some postcards?
Archer:  Maybe.
Archer: God, she's beautiful.
Trip:  And fast.  Warp 4.5 next Thursday.
Archer:  Neptune and back in 6 minutes.  Let's take a look at the lateral sensor array.
Trip:  Just a sec.
Archer:  Slow down.  There.  Those are the ports that buckled during the last test.  They need to be reinforced.
(Trip writes down the info and the craft bumps the bottom of Enterprise)
Archer:  Great, you scratched the paint.
Trip:  Sorry.

Trip:  Keep your shirt on, Lieutenant. (to Reed)

Trip:  I took a shower this morning.  How 'bout you, Cap'n?  (during first meeting with T'Pol, in response to her reaction to the smell in the office)

Trip:  Trip.  I'm called Trip.
T'Pol:  I'll try to remember that.

Trip:  I've only been to one inhabited planet besides earth.  Nothing there but dust-dwelling ticks.  (To Mayweather)

Trip:  No kidding, I lived a few blocks from there where I first joined Starfleet.  Great parties at the Vulcan compound.  (Dinner with Archer and T'Pol)

Trip:  Can't wait to see you tackle the spare ribs.  (To T'Pol, who doesn't eat with her fingers)

Trip:  Grandma taught me never to judge a species by their eating habits.

Trip:  I wouldn't call that small potatoes (to T'Pol about wiping out war, etc.)

Trip:  Well, we used to have cannibals on earth.  Who knows how far we'll revert?  Lucky this isn't a long mission.  

Trip:  How can you be so damn sure what our sensors can do?  (To T'Pol)

Trip:  Then again, loyalty's an emotion, in't it? (To T'Pol about loyalty to Archer)

Trip:  You forgot to warn us about drinking the water.
T'Pol:  Dr. Phlox isn't concerned with the food and water, but he does caution against intimate contact.

Trip:  Could've fooled me.  (To T'Pol about the alien woman weaning her son)

Trip:  Proving just how consistent you Vulcans can be.  (To T'Pol in decon)

Trip:  How difficult can it be?  Up, down, forward, reverse.  I'll figure it out.  (about flying the alien vessel)

Trip:  You tell em, big guy. (to Klaang)

Trip:  I don't particularly like the way you smell either!  (to Klaang)

Trip:  What the hell's that supposed to mean?  (T'Pol telling Trip he is stubborn and that is why Archer told him to return later)

Trip:  I can't believe this.  (To T'Pol in argument about returning for Archer)

T'Pol:  Mr. Tucker.  Status?
Trip:  The auto-sequencer's online but the annular confinement's still off by two microns.
T'Pol:  That should suffice.
Trip:  Easy for you to say.

Trip:  Son of a bitch (BB upon hearing the mission will continue)

Archer:  Let's hope that's the last time somebody takes a shot at us.
Trip:  Let's hope.


Fight or Flight

Trip:  We've been out here for two weeks and the only first contact we've made is with a dyyyyyyyin worm.

Trip:  Starting to get antsy.
Phlox:  Antsy?
Trip:  Restless.  We've been on the move for two weeks and we haven't seen a damn thing.

Trip:  It's good to see you're enjoyin' yourself.  (Trip to Phlox who has commented upon the crew and their foibles and potential mating plans.)

Archer:  Is there a problem, Commander?
Trip:  I want to go with you.
Archer:  I'm bringing a translator and a security officer, why would I need an engineer?
Trip:  What makes you think you can open the hatch, or turn the lights on for that matter?
Archer:  We've got beacons, Trip.
Trip:  That ship could have a lot of decks.  You might need someone to help you figure out the turbo lifts.  OK, I've got a better reason why you need an engineer.  'Cause your engineer signed onto this mission of exploration so he could do a little exploring.  He didn't sign on so he could sit in Engineering while you three get to break into that ship.
Archer:  We're not breaking in.  We're just going to see if everything's OK.  
Trip:  You're chomping at the bit to find out what's in there.  Why sould I be any different?  
Archer:  We just got out here, Trip. There's going to be plenty of time to go exploring.  Right now I need you on Enterprise down with your engine.  This ship's a little young to be without her Chief Engineer.
Trip:  (nods head reluctantly)

(at dinner)
Trip:  What kind of pasta is this?  It's great.
Archer:  Chef told me.  I don't remember.
Trip:  (to T'Pol)  Too spicy for ya?
It's fine.
Trip:  Malcolm's anxious to run another weapons test, especially after what happened.  (no response from anyone) Tea?
T'Pol:  No thank you
Trip:  Cap'n.
Archer:  Sure, thanks.
Trip:  I heard they were humanoid.  Is that right?
Archer:  Humanoid.
Trip:  Did they look anything like us?
Archer:  They were in uniform.
Trip:  But you didn't recognize the species?
Archer:  They were crewmen, murdered on their own ship.  Fifteen dead crewmen.
(Trip nods head)
T'Pol:  I detected a stellar nursery along our present course.
Trip:  I saw one once through the big lens outside Anchorage.
T'Pol:  A closer view might alleviate some of the crews' tension.
Archer:  What's the matter?  The tension bothering you?
T'Pol:  Not in the least.
Archer:  Must be great not to let things bother you.  No remorse. No guilt.  What if they were Vulcans, think you would have reacted the same way?
T'Pol:  They weren't Vulcans.
Archer:  I said "what if" they were Vulcans, would you have just left them there, hanging like slaughtered animals?  Don't you think maybe you would have taken them down? Tried to figure out who they were?  Made some effort to contact their families?
T'Pol:  We don't know where they came from.  It would be very difficult to locate their families.
Archer:  We didn't even try.  (to Trip)  What about you?  What if they were humans?  Would you just stick your tail between your legs and run, leave them there to rot?  Am I the only one who's having a problem with this?
Trip:  You said it yourself, sir, whoever killed those people are probably coming back.  
Archer:  So we should avoid confrontation at any cost, is that what you're saying?  (to T'Pol)  Is that what you Vulcans do, bury your heads in the sand and just fly on by?
T'Pol:  "We Vulcans" would have never gone aboard that ship in the first place.
Archer:  (laughs bitterly)  Ah, you have an answer for everything, don't you.
T'Pol:  We have a code of behavior and we try to obey it.
Archer:  You may not believe this, but humans have a code of behavior, too.  It took a few thousand years, but I think we're starting to get it right.  I can't believe I almost ignored it.

(on the alien ship)
Hoshi:  Maybe it's a log. What do you think?
Trip:  Beats me. Could be a laundry list...or instructions on how to conquer the universe.

Trip:  Let's hope the next time we make first contact, it isn't with a room full of corpses.

Trip:  I can't get enough of this, an alien spaceship, sending off a message to who knows where.
Hoshi:  The quicker we get this done, the quicker we can get back to the ship.
Trip:  It's your second away mission in two days.
Hoshi:  Yeah, great.
Trip:  I wish I had an ear for languages.  The cap'n's gonna to need a translator with him a lot more than an engineer.


Strange New World

Trip:  Where no dog has gone before.

Trip:  Let me guess…no ghost stories on Vulcan?

Trip:  Where did you put the phase pistols?
Mayweather:  You're going to shoot a bug?
Trip:  I'm just going to stun it.

Trip:  You've never seen me irrational.  (to T'Pol)

Trip:  Sit down.  You heard me. (to T'Pol)

Trip:  Sounds like your getting a little volatile yourself, Sub-Commander.  I thought you had your emotions all locked up?  Having a little problem, are you?  (to T'Pol)

Trip:  I have no idea what you just said but it didn't sound very nice.  (to T'Pol)

Trip:  Say one more word of that gibberish and I'm going to split you in two.  (to T'Pol)

Trip:  You didn't shoot me last night, did you?
T'Pol:  I'm afraid I did.

Trip:  A pretty good performance.  Look, I know I kind of shot my mouth off last night…
T'Pol:  You were under the influence of the pollen.  We all were.
Trip:  “Challenge your preconceptions or they'll challenge you.”  
T'Pol:  Commander?
Trip:  That's something Mr. Velik used to say.  Tenth grade biology class.  He was a Vulcan scientist who came to teach us about life on other worlds.  I'd never seen a Vulcan before, not up close.  Scared the hell out of me.  
T'Pol:  Perhaps it's not too late to follow his advice.  



Archer:  Any luck?
Trip:  We know it's got something to do with the plasma exhaust.  The flows been restricted for reason and it's screwing up half the systems on the ship.  Tell Billy to purge the aft manifold
Archer:  Do you think it might be a good idea to drop out of warp?
Trip:  Give me a minute, sir, I think we can figure it out.  (Things begin to explode.  Archer grabs a fire extinguisher and uses it.)  Tucker to bridge, might be a good idea to drop out of warp.

Trip:  Looks like we got ourselves a hitchhiker.

Trip:  That still leaves three hours.  Can you recommend a good book?
T'Pol:  I'll be briefing you on their propulsion systems.
Trip:  (to Archer)  Sure you don't want me comin' back at night?
Archer:  Three hours of decompression in each direction – makes more sense to stay until the job's done.
Phlox:  I sent them your dietary requirements.
T'Pol:  They claim to have the ability to synthesize protein and carbohydrates, but there's no telling what it may taste like.  Try to be…diplomatic.
Trip:  Three days on an alien ship!
Archer:  Remember to mind your manners.  (Trip smiles)

Mayweather:  It's too bad the ship-to-ship sensors are down.  It would have been nice to get a look at them.
Trip:  I'll just think of it as a blind date.

(In the decompression chamber)
Trip:  Hello?  (vapors flood the chamber)  Hello?  
Alien woman's voice:  Try to maintain your normal rate of respiration.
Trip:  This stuff's burning my lungs.

(Still in decompression chamber)
T'Pol:  Commander Tucker's calling again, sir.  He's rather anxious.
Archer:  Put him through.  
Trip:  How long's it been, sir?
Archer:  About five minutes longer than the last time you asked.  How's the breathing?
Trip:  A lot easier, but I prefer air I can't see.
Archer:  They told us the air would clear up during the last half hour of decompression.
Trip:  I feel like I've been in here for a week.
Archer:  You only have 45 minutes to go, Trip.  Be patient.

Trip:  Whoa, whoa!  That's too fast!  I'm not a computer!  (Responding to the speed the color lights test was going.)

(Trip sees everything in slow motion)
Ah'Len:  We've prepared a meal for you.
Trip:  Not right now, thank you.

Archer:  I told Trena'l you would try to get at least one hour of shuteye.  He says that should do the trick.
Trip:  I just want out sir, I'm not kiddin'.  I can't take much more of this.
Archer:  Trena'l says they've dealt with this before.  Just one hour.  If you're not feeling better, we'll bring you back.
Trip:  It's not going to work, cap'n.
Archer:  Take a nap, Trip, that's an order.

(Ah'Len is feeding Trip water cubes – electrical-like flashes appear when she touches his lips)
Trip:  It's kinda nice.  Does that happen when you people touch each other?
Ah'Len:  Something similar.  Have you had enough?
Trip:  A man needs a lot of fluids when he's under the weather.
Ah'Len:  If you're feeling well enough we really should get back to the repairs.
Trip:  (indicating the bowl)  Could we take some of those with us?

Trip:  You're not going to believe this, they've got grass growing on the floor.  Real grass.  It's even green.  Is Vulcan grass green?

(The holodeck)
Trip:  We're still in the same room, and this isn't a boat.
Ah'len:  It's a boat, it's just resequenced…
Trip:  …resequenced photons.  
Ah'len:  Exactly.
Trip:  If we had one of these on Enterprise I'd never ask for shore leave.
Ah'len:  You don't have andermal plating.  How do you detect others peoples…moods?
Trip:  We don't.  Well, actually we do, but we do it through observing behavior, getting to know someone.
Ah'len:  The follicles on your face if I'm not mistaken they've grown.  Do they have a purpose?
Trip:  Not that I know of.  Normally we shave them off with something called a razor but I haven't had the chance since I've been here.
Ah'len:  Do you mind?  
Trip:  Go ahead.  (she touches his face)
Ah'len:  Does that hurt?
Trip:  Not in the least  (a pan of granules appears)  More water?
Ah'len:  No, this is a game we play.  Watch.  (puts her hand in the granules)  Go ahead.
Trip:  Are there any rules to this game?
Ah'len:  It take four hands to work.  (both put hands in the pan of granules)  Your favorite food is…catfish.
Trip:  How the hell did you know that?
Ah'len:  What's mine?
Trip:  Your what?  Favorite food?
Ah'len:  Yes, concentrate, what's my favorite food.
Trip:  Dutara root.  How'd I know that.
Ah'len:  I wasn't certain the granules would work with your species.  Captain Archer saved your life once about four years ago.
Trip:  This is one hell of a game.  You find me attractive.
Ah'len:  You like having people find you attractive, don't you?
Trip:  Sometimes.

(In Sick Bay)
Phlox:  Tell me did your visit to the Xyrillian ship involve any…uh…romance?
Trip:  What?  (can't capture the way Trip said this word, but he said a lot with it via tone and intonation)
Phlox:  Were you intimate with anyone?
Trip:  Doc, I was over there to repair a warp reactor.  What are you talking about?
Phlox:  Seems you did a little more than repair work.
Trip:   Meaning?
Phlox:  This is a nipple.
Trip:  I beg your pardon?
Phlox:  Ah, ah, the blastocyst is located between the sixth and seventh intercostals.
Trip:  What the hell are you talking about?
Phlox:  I'm not quite sure congratulations are in order, Commander, but your pregnant.

(Still in Sick Bay)
Phlox:  Here, do you see that cell cluster?  That is the embryo.  I assume you'll be happy to know it's not technically your child.
Trip:  What do you mean?
Phlox:  When reproducing, the Xyrillians only utilize the genetic material of the mother.  The males simply serves as hosts.
Trip:  That's comforting, but how the hell did I get knocked up?
Phlox:  We don't have any data on their mating procedures, but I wouldn't think it would be that difficult for you to recollect a … sexual encounter.
T'Pol:  Three days, you were only there for three days and you couldn't restrain yourself.
Trip:  I'm telling you, Cap'n, I was a complete gentleman the entire time.
T'Pol:  I imagine that's a question of how you define gentleman.
Trip:  The only female I had any contact with was Ah'len, their engineer.  Other than repairing the reactor, all she and I did together was go into this holographic chamber they've got.  She showed me some home movies, simulations of their planet…but, I didn't lay a hand on her.  There's gotta be some way to get this thing out of me without hurtin' it.  Can't you create a surrogate chamber or something?
Phlox:  The embryo has integrated with your pericardium.  I wouldn't be comfortable extracting it without more information on the gestation process.
T'Pol:  This engineer wanted you to see her planet?
Trip:  So?
T'Pol:  Perhaps the next step would have been to meet her holographic parents.  If I'm not mistaken, on some planets that's a precursor to marriage.
Trip:  We took a ride in a row boat!  I swear, Cap'n, nothin' happened.
Phlox:  There had to have been a somewhat … lengthy physical contact to transfer this much genetic material.
Archer:  Trip?
Trip:  I've been in Starfleet for 12 years.  Do you think I'd jeopardize my career by messin' around with an alien engineer on a three day mission?  I considered myself a diplomat from the minute I set foot in that vessel.  …Well…there was that…box of pebbles.
Archer:  Pebbles?
Trip:  Yeah, she had it on the boat.  But it was no big deal.  We just stuck our hands into the granules for a few minutes.  It's a game they play, let you read each other's minds.  But they weren't real they were holographic just like everything else in the room!
Archer:  Doctor?
Phlox:  Without a sample of these telegraphic granules it would be impossible to make a determination but they could have served as the transferal medium.
T'Pol:  One of the first things a diplomat learns is not to stick his fingers where they don't belong.
Trip:  Cap'n?  (hands on hips)

(In engineering)
Trip:  Dillard!
Dillard:  Sir?
Trip:  Look at this lift.
Dillard:  Sir?
Trip:  It's an accident waiting to happen.  This safety bar is a meter off the floor.  What use would it be to a small person?
Dillard:  A small person?
Trip:  A short alien?  A.. a child?  This thing's a death trap!  Look at this handrail!   Put your hands here while this is going up or down it will take your fingers right off!
Dillard:  Why would someone put their hands there, sir?
Trip:  Oh…  Never mind.

(In the Captain's dining room)
Trip:  Sorry I'm late.
Archer:  No problem.  How are you feeling?
Trip:  I thought we all promised to keep this under wraps.
Archer:  I haven't said a thing.  Doctor?
Phlox:  Not a word
Trip:  I knew it.  She probably let it slip the minute she left sick bay.
Phlox:  But Subcommander T'Pol promised to keep your pregnancy a secret.
Trip:  Where I from Vulcans aren't known for keepin' promises.
Archer:  What makes you think she's told anyone?
Trip:  All you have to do is see the way they whisper, talk behind my back.  You know what happened this morning?  Ensign Hart pulled out my chair for me.  I'm telling you it was T'Pol and you can be sure it was intentional.  What's that?  
Archer:  Chicken tetrazzini.  (Notices bandage on Trip's wrist)  Did you cut yourself?
Trip:  I wish.  I don't want to ruin your appetites but take a look at this.  Just how many of these am I going to grow?  And while we're on the subject, are they going to go away afterward?
Phlox:  One would think.  Then, again, I have no experience with this species.
Trip:  Great.
Archer:  You know, it's been over a week, Trip.  We have to start considering the possibility that we're not going to find the Xyrillians.
Trip:  What's that supposed to mean?  Are you saying I'm going deliver this …baby?
Phlox:  I believe he's saying a good deal more than that.  Once the child is born it may well rely on you in some way to care for it.
Trip:  I'm the Chief Engineer.  I spent years earning that position.  I never had any intention of becoming a working mother.
Archer:  You know, the doctor was saying the gestation period will only last another five weeks, six at the most.
Trip:  Ugh.
Phlox:  You should expect to begin experiencing some unusual symptoms, hormonal changes mostly…mood swings, heightened emotions.
Archer:  I suggest you stick with the civilian clothes.  Seems to help hide the…bulge.
Trip:  How much bigger is this thing going to get?  I'm already the laughing stock of the ship?  I'd love some more of this.
Archer:  I'd like you to start seeing the doctor every 8 hours.  As your delivery date gets closer, he should be able to start figuring out what your post-natal responsibilities might be.
Trip:  “Post-natal responsibilities?”
Phlox:  You could very well be putting those nipples to work before you know it.
Archer:  There's a bright side to all this.
Trip:  Yeah, what's that?
Archer:  As far as we know this is the first interspecies pregnancy involving a…human?
Trip:  (sighs)

T'Pol:  Bridge to Archer.
Archer:  Go ahead.
T'Pol:  We may have found the Xyrillian ship, sir.
Trip:  (raises eyes to heaven)  THANK YOU!
Archer:  On our way.
(Trip grabs more food and follows Archer out.)

(On the Xyrillian ship)
Ah'len:  The reactor worked fine for six days but then went off line again.  How did you find us?
Trip:  It wasn't easy but we were very…um…motivated.  
Ah'len:  I don't understand.
(Trip shows her his side.)
Ah'len:  I had no idea this could happen with another species.  If I had known…
Trip:  No need to apologize.  But I would be real appreciative if you could get this out of me…assuming it is safe.
Ah'len:  It's still early enough to transfer the embryo to another host.  Hmm, she looks very healthy.
Trip:  It's a girl, huh?

(In the captain's dining room)
Trip:  The only thing worse than spending three hours in the decompression chamber with a bunch of Klingons is doin' it twice in one day.  I smelled things in there I hope I never smell again.

Archer:  Your appetite seems to be back to normal
Trip:  Just eatin' for one again.
T'Pol:  I've run a check through the Starfleet database.  You might be pleased to know that this is the first recorded incident of a human male becoming pregnant.
Trip:  Just how I always wanted to get into the history books.


Terra Nova

Archer:   I’m surprised you’ve never heard of it.
T’Pol:   I’m not familiar with the early years of human space exploration.
Trip:   Really?   Every school kid on earth had to learn about the famous Vulcan expeditions.
T’Pol:   Name one.
Trip (looks to Archer for help, and finding none):  History was never my best subject.

Trip:   Took them, what, nine years to get there?
Archer:   Nine years there, nine years back, but they made it.
Trip:   My grandfather remembered seeing their first transmission when he was a kid.

T’Pol:   A Vulcan ship could have made the journey in far less time.  Why didn’t you ask them.
Trip:   Asking favors of the Vulcans usually ends up carrying too high a price.

Trip:   Looks like a ghost town.
Archer:   Let’s hope the ghosts can give us some answers.

Trip:   They spend all those years getting here…and for what?

Trip:   The Terra Nova Puzzle, solved at last, as told by Ensign Travis Mayweather.


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