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EPISODES 1-5 Broken Bow (Parts I & II), Fight or Flight, Strange New World, Unexpected, Terra Nova
EPISODES 6-10 The Andorian Incident, Breaking the Ice, Civilization, Fortunate Son, Cold Front
EPISODES 11-15 Silent Enemy, Dear Doctor, Sleeping Dogs, Shadows of P'Jem, Shuttlepod One
EPISODES 16-20 Fusion, Rogue Planet, Acquisition, Oasis, Detained
EPISODES 21-25 Vox Sola, Fallen Hero, Desert Crossing, Two Days and Two Nights, Shockwave (Part I)


The Andorian Incident
Breaking the Ice
Fortunate Son
Cold Front

The Andorian Incident

Trip:  Maybe it's just me, but it seems like these Vulcan star charts take all the fun out of it.  We're supposed to be explorers aren't we?
Archer:  That's the general idea.
Trip:  Where' the exploration in going places people have already been?

Trip:  Are you say' those Vulcan star charts aren't all that accurate?
Archer:  (Shrug)
Trip:  Good luck getting'  'em to admit it.

T'Pol:  P'Jem is a place of quiet contemplation, Captain.  I'm not sure we'd be welcome.
Trip:  It's because Vulcans think we smell bad, i'n't it?

(At P'Jem)
Trip:  You say this is a place to purge emotions?  Looks like someone had to purge pretty bad—he bashed the door in.

T'Pol: It's probably nothing.  This is the main atrium.  There should be more than one member of the order present.  And the icon in that shrine is perched at an odd angle.
Trip:  Oddly perched, huh?  We'd better call Starfleet command.
T'Pol:  That's not all, Captain.  The Vulcan elder seems...agitated.
Trip:  You call that agitated?

T'Pol:  I've heard it could take days to explore this site.
Trip:  It'd take at least that long to clean the place up.

(After Vulcan Monk presents the stone of Shakar)
Archer:  Does that mean I get good luck or something?
Trip: ah.. You're thinkin' of the Blarney Stone, Cap'n, or when ya pat the Buddha's belly.

Andorian:  Stop looking at me!
Trip:  Okay! Okay!  Don't get your antennas in a twist!
 [I checked twice.  He says *antennas*  not antennae.]

(After Andorian slams Archer in the stomach)
Trip:  Hey! He's tellin' the truth.  We came for a visit.  That's all.

Trip:  Now *these* guys are agitated.

Trip:  What do they want with a 3000 year old temple?

Trip:  So whataya gonna do?  Sit here and let 'em ransack the place?

Young Monk:  (superciliously) You've endangered us all.
Trip:  No good deed goes unpunished.

Trip:  You'd think they could find whatever they're looking for with those antennas a theirs.

Archer:  The longer we're out of contact, the more likely Malcolm will put together a landing party—warning or no warning.
Trip:  Know' him, a heavily armed landing party.

Trip:  I never met a busted radio I couldn't fix.

Trip: For people without emotions you sure have a flair for the dramatic.

Trip:  (to the mummified Vulcan monks in the catacombs)  Fellas.

Trip:  I saw an old stairwell down there, maybe a meter wide.  It was right about here.
T'Pol:  That would be almost directly beneath the atrium.
Trip:  There were these dim lights comin' from the top.  It looked something like this (places three stones to illustrate a “face”).

Andorian:  (to T'Pol)  Most Vulcans smell of dust, but you're different.
Trip:  Sum 'n sure smells.

Breaking the Ice

Trip:  You want to join me?  I could use the company.
T'Pol:  I'm very tired.
Trip:  Tell me about it.  I put out about a hundred fires in engineering this afternoon and missed dinner then somebody told me that chef made a pecan pie and suddenly my life brightened.  It's been my favorite since I was a kid.  Care for a bite?
T'Pol:  No thank you.
Trip:  It's delicious.
T'Pol:  It's mostly sugar.
Trip:  What, Vulcans don't have a sweet tooth?  It may not be good for the body but it sure is good for the soul.  Mmm, I feel better already.  (Watches T'Pol read her PADD). Must be a real page turner.  (She doesn't respond but looks slightly distracted.)  You alright?
T'Pol:  I'm fine Commander.  Good night.  (leaves)
Trip:  Sweet dreams.

Trip:  A poop question, sir?

Trip:  They're going to think I'm the sanitation engineer.
Archer:  You're doing fine.
Trip:  So the waste gets broken into little molecules and they get transformed into any number of things we can use on the ship:  cargo containers, insulation,  You name it.
Archer:  Very enlightening, Commander.

Archer:  Why the hell was it encrypted?
Trip:  That's what I want to know!  Maybe Vulcans encrypt all their personal letters.  All they had to do was send it through regular channels, mark it personal and we'd have left it alone, but no they had to encrypt it, force me to start snooping.  I feel like I got caught with my hand in the cookie jar.
Archer:  Let it go, Trip.  I mean, come on, it was an honest mistake.
Trip:  I can't let it go.  I got to tell her.
Archer:  How's that going to help?  
Trip:  It's the right thing to do.  At least I'll be able to look her in the eye without feeling guilty.
Archer:  You're a good man.  You might want to take a phase-pistol with you.
Trip:  I might need one.

Trip:  Got a minute?  In private.
T'Pol:  Excuse us, crewman.
Trip:  Did you ever...Did you ever do anything totally by mistake that you weren't very proud of?
T'Pol:  No.
Trip:  Did you ever...come cross something that...that you thought was one thing so you reacted in a certain way but then it turned out to be something completely different...
T'Pol:  Your point, Commander.
Trip:  I found out about your message from the Vulcan ship.
T'Pol:  It was a personal matter.
Trip:  Why wasn't it sent through normal Starfleet channels?
T'Pol:  That takes time.  The letter was important.
Trip:  So they sent it in code?  Do you have any idea how suspicious that looked?
T'Pol:  You read my letter?
Trip:  Believe me I don't feel very good about it.
T'Pol:  I have more letters in my quarters.  Would you like to read those as well?
Trip:  I'm trying to apologize here.  
Archer:  Archer to T'Pol.
T'Pol:  Yes, Captain.
Archer:  Please report to my ready room.
T'Pol:  Has anyone else read the letter?
Trip:  No.
T'Pol:  I'd appreciate it if you wouldn't mention it.
Trip:  I won't, I promise.

The dinner from hell
Trip:  I'd love to get a look inside those nacelles.
Vanik:  Our warp systems are classified.

Archer:  Something wrong with your pok tar?
Vanik:  No.
Archer:  If it's not to your liking, I'm sure our chef can prepare you something else
Vanik:  I've already eaten.
Trip:  Hope you saved room for dessert.

Trip:  So, Captain, tell us about yourself.
Vanik:  Excuse me?
T'Pol:  On Earth, it's customary to exchange personal information with someone you've just met.
Archer:  We have this peculiar habit of actually talking during meals.
Vanik:  I've noticed.  What would you like to know?
Trip:  I don't know.  Where were you born?  How long have you been captain?  Any...hobbies?

T'Pol's quarters
T'Pol:  Come in.
Trip:  Decide to tell me what Vanik said?
T'Pol:  Please, sit down.
Trip:  I've never seen your quarters before.  Cozy.  You know you're not supposed to have an open flame on the ship.
T'Pol:  I was given permission from the Captain.  They're for meditation.
Trip:  So, what can I do for you?
T'Pol:  Dr. Phlox believes that it might help if I was to discuss my problem with someone I felt comfortable confiding in.
Trip:  You want to talk to me?  Well, I, um...I'm not sure I'm going to be much help, I mean I've only been in three relationships and they all went bust.  Are you sure you wouldn't rather talk to Hoshi or Ensign Kimball?  She's married.
T'Pol:  Your were far from my first choice, but speaking with someone else mean more people knowing about my situation.
Trip:  I'll do anything I can.  What's your problem?
T'Pol:  You read the letter.
Trip:  Yes.
T'Pol:  Then you know that unless I leave Enterprise immediately, my wedding plans will be cancelled.
Trip:  Have you talked to...
T'Pol:  Koss
Trip:  Have you talked with Koss about all this?
T'Pol:  We haven't spoken in many years.  Marriages on Vulcan are arranged during childhood.  I've only met Koss four times.
Trip:  How can you be in love with a guy you've only met four times?
T'Pol:  It's assumed that we'd eventually develop an affection for each other.
Trip:  So his parents send you an ultimatum.  He doesn't have a say?
T'Pol:  His parents planned the union.  It's their decision.
Trip:  Boy.  Where I come from arranged marriages went out with slavery.
T'Pol:  Are you going to give me advice or criticize my people's tradition?
Trip:  I'm still a little fuzzy on why they threatened to call it off in the first place.
T'Pol:  The ceremony was supposed to take place next week.  When I decided to remain on Enterprise I requested a postponement.  Koss' parents were insulted that I would put off our plans to serve on a human vessel.
Trip:  Well, Vanik can take you home.  Why don't you go marry Koss then come back?
T'Pol:  It's customary for a husband and wife to reside together for at least one Vulcan year.
Trip:  Maybe he can come to Enterprise.
T'Pol:  He's an architect.  It would be illogical for him to live aboard a starship.
Trip:  This whole thing sounds illogical.
T'Pol:  Your advice, Commander.
Trip:  What do you want to do?
T'Pol:  That is irrelevant.
Trip:  No, it's not, it's very relevant.  Do you want to go back and marry this guy spend a year with him, ten years, a hundred years, or do you want to stay on Enterprise?
T'Pol:  I have an obligation.
Trip:  You've got an obligation to yourself.  You've spent the last year around humans.  If there's one thing you should've learned its that we're free to make our own decisions.  There's a lot to be said for personal choice.
T'Pol:  If you'd spent the last year on Vulcan you would have learned that our commitment to tradition outweighs personal choice.
Trip:  I respect your customs but this marriage was arranged when you were a kid.  A lot's since then.  People change.
T'Pol:  Vulcan's don't.
Trip:  Really?
T'Pol:  My obligation is to my culture, my heritage.  It has to take precedence.
Trip:  Sounds to me like you already made up your mind.  Why the hell did you ask me here?
T'Pol:  It was a mistake.  I apologize.
Trip:  Did it ever occur to you that you might've postponed the wedding because subconsciously you wanted to get out of it?
T'Pol:  That would imply that my subconscious mind controls my decisions.  It doesn't.
Trip:  Well it happens to humans all the time.  Maybe you're picking up some of our bad habits.

Trip:  That tractor beam of yours is quite something.  Any chance we could take a at the specifications?
Vanik:  That information is classified.
Trip:  I thought it might be.

Trip:  You don't have much time.  I assume you're all packed.
T'Pol:  Captain?  With your permission I'd like to transmit a message to the To'Mir to send to Vulcan.
Archer:  Go right ahead.
T'Pol:  Thank you.  (exchanges look with Trip and leaves)
Archer:  What was that all about?
Trip:  It's personal.



Archer:  78 light years to get here and our first act is breaking and entering.
Trip:  Maybe you don't have to mention this part in your log?

Trip:  This would be a lot easier if you'd stop rocking the boat.  (To T'Pol when he was trying to get the transporter ready)


Fortunate Son
Trip:  What the hell's going on over there?  (when module breaks away from Fortunate)

Trip:  They're getting a little trigger happy, sir, stand by.


Cold Front

Alien:  Voo-Sinteel.  It's a spirit traditionally consumed as the plume reaches its full brilliance.  You'll find it enhances the experience.
Trip:  Hmm, I'm sure it does.

Trip:  I see you already know a thing or two about star ship engines.
Alien:  I'm a warp field theorist.
Trip:  Oh!  Well.  I guess that covers the basics.

T'Pol:  There's a difference between keeping an open mind and believing something because you want it to be true.
Trip:  What the hell's that supposed to mean?

Archer:  Do you think you can find him (Silik) using Daniels' sensors?
Trip:  I can sure as hell try.



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