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EPISODES 1-5 Broken Bow (Parts I & II), Fight or Flight, Strange New World, Unexpected, Terra Nova
EPISODES 6-10 The Andorian Incident, Breaking the Ice, Civilization, Fortunate Son, Cold Front
EPISODES 11-15 Silent Enemy, Dear Doctor, Sleeping Dogs, Shadows of P'Jem, Shuttlepod One
EPISODES 16-20 Fusion, Rogue Planet, Acquisition, Oasis, Detained
EPISODES 21-25 Vox Sola, Fallen Hero, Desert Crossing, Two Days and Two Nights, Shockwave (Part I)


Rogue Planet


Kov:  There are a lot of women on your ship.
Trip:  Nearly a third of the crew.
Kov:  Is it true you mate year round with any of them you choose?
Trip:  You haven't been around humans too much, have you.
Kov:  You're the first we've met.  But I've heard a lot of stories.  Your people indulge their passions.  Do you really eat six meals a day?
Trip:  More like three.  
Kov:  And what about sleep.  I understand you spend more than half the day in bed.
Trip:  Eight hours.  We sleep for eight hours.  In my case about six.  When we're through here maybe we can get a bite to eat.  I might be able to clear up some of your, um ... misconceptions.
Kov:  I'd like that Commander.
Trip:  Eh, call me Trip.

Trip:  Where'd you hear that?
Kov:  A Vulcan anthropologist told him he'd seen the ritual during an earth expedition.
Trip:  They're not trying to kill the quarterback, they're just trying to keep him from throwing the ball or running with it.  It's only a game...not a fight to the death.
Kov:  I see.
Trip:  You must think we're a bunch of barbarians.
Kov:  Your species does have a reputation but I've always suspected the stories were exaggerated.
Trip:  Well, I hope you'll tell all your friends.  Set the record straight.
Kov:  Gladly.
Trip:  There's ...uh... something I've always wondered about Vulcans.  Maybe you can clear it up for me.
Kov:  Please.
Trip:  It's kind of personal.
Kov:  Go ahead.
Trip:  Well, I've learned about your marriage customs, how your parents arrange the whole thing when you're young, stuff like that.  But ...what about ...?  You know.
Kov:  Ah, you mean sex!
Trip:  It's not a topic I've heard Vulcans discuss.
Kov:  Well we do have it if that's what you're asking.
(Reed joins them and introductions are exchanged)
Kov:  We were just discussing Vulcan mating rituals.  Most of my people are extremely uncomfortable talking about such many inhibitions.  Vulcan males are driven to mate once every seven years.
Trip:  Seven years?!
Reed:  Frightening.
Kov:  Over the past few years we've been developing methods for accelerating the mating cycle.
Trip:  You up for seconds?
Kov:  I've had enough thank you.  Back to work?

Trip:  Do Vulcans dance?  You know...?  (does a little dance)
Kov:  No, only when it's part of some tedious ceremony.
Trip: Hmm, I remember the first dance I ever went to.  Bayshore Elementary, Panama City, Florida.  A girl I had a crush on, Melissa Lyles was going to be there.  So I spent weeks practicing the two step with my brother...I wanted to make sure I was ready.  She was wearing a red dress that night.  Prettiest girl there.  All I wanted to do was ask her to dance with me.  But I never worked up the courage to go over and talk to her.  I caught her looking at me a couple of times, but... I ended up just standing in the corner with my buddies.
Kov:  Interesting.  But what does that have to do with our thruster problem?
Trip:  It's been more than 20 years and I'm still kicking myself for not asking that girl to dance.  You probably don't know this, but regret is one of the strongest emotions and one of the saddest.  I have a feeling you haven't had a brush with it yet but it sounds to me like you're pretty close.  It's something you might want to avoid.


Rogue Planet

(Trip trying to take pictures of Archer, but not getting a whole lot of cooperation)
Trip:  Ah, there's a reflection from that status display.  Could you kill the monitors in the situation room?  C'mon T'Pol, the artist in Oakland needs a good picture to paint from.
Archer:  Do Vulcan captains have their portraits hanging at the High Command?
T'Pol:  Vulcans are revered for their accomplishments, not for the way they look.
Trip:  Except for the really important ones, who get mummified.

Trip (taking picture of Archer):  Cap'n Archer in command.
Archer:  Give it a rest, Trip.

Trip:  Maybe they want to be left alone.  A single ship on a dark planet?  Maybe they're on their honeymoon.

Trip:  If the bugs glow in the dark, at least you can tell when they've crawled into your sleeping bag.
Hoshi:  One more reason I'm happy to spend the night in my own bunk.  Anyway, it's the things you can't see I'd be worried about.
Reed:  Like those bore worms.
Trip:  Bore worms?
Hoshi: Apparently they crawl into your ear to lay their eggs.  Have a nice night.  (Pats Trip on the knee and leaves)  
(Reed laughs )

(Trip has his handy camera as he goes with T'Pol and Archer to explore caves)
Trip:  So, she was wearing a nightgown?  You think she's real.
Archer:  I wasn't hallucinating.
Trip:  Cap'n, it dunn't make any sense.
Archer:  I know. Trip have you ever known me to do anything foolish, I mean really foolish?
Trip:  I remember a poker game at Jupiter station once.  Other than that...
Archer:  Last night I walked into an alien jungle, alone, chasing a woman who couldn't possibly have been there.
Trip:  That might qualify.
Archer:  It was like I was being drawn to her.  Like I didn't have any control over what I was doing.  I can't explain it.
Trip:  She must have been some woman.

(In Sick Bay)
Phlox:  Commander, could you tell me what attacked him?
Trip:  They call it a drayjin.  It's like a big nasty pig.  Kinda tastes like one, too.  

(Back on the planet drinking around the campfire)
Trip:  You lost the drayjin but at least you've got some scars to show for it.

(Discussion about the game being hunted)
Alien hunter:  Wraiths.
Trip:  You mean ghosts?

(Back on the ship)
Trip:  What right do they have to come to this planet and shoot the locals?  (To T'Pol, who says the Enterprise crew has no right to take the weapons from the hunters.)

(In the mess hall)
Trip:  Evenin' cap'n.  Get you anything?
Archer:  No thanks.
Trip:  Milk, cold.
Archer:  Do you know any poetry?
Trip:  You mean besides “There was a young lady from Ipswitch?”

(Archer explains about the poem)
Archer:  It's her.
Trip:  (with a head rolling movement) Cap'n.

(conversation continues...)
Trip:  Why do you think this shape...shifter reached into your mind and picked an image you'd almost forgot?
Archer:  I don't know.
Trip:  Maybe that poem's been on your mind mor'n you realize.



T'Pol:  Commander....
Trip:  Your going to be fine.  (Looks at T'Pol, then at himself)  Just because a guy's in his underwear you think the worst.

Trip:  Wait.  I'll show you the vault
Archer:  Trip...
Trip:  Leave the women here and I'll let you have the gold.
Archer:  Not another word, Commander, that's an order.
Trip:  I'm not lettin' em take my wife!
Ferengi:  What?  She's not the one with the pointy ears, is she?
Trip:  No, her name's Hoshi.  And you're going to keep your filthy hands off her.  Do we have a deal?
Archer:  You take them anywhere near that vault and I'll throw you in the brink for insubordination.
Trip: You don' give a damn about this crew! All you care about is
your precious gold!
Archer:  I'm warning you Trip.
Trip:  You're a greedy son of a bitch!"
 Archer: "What's your wife worth, 5 bars of gold, maybe 6?  Let them take Hoshi, and I'll give you 10.
 Trip: What?
 Archer: Alright, 15.

(Trip, taking the Ferengi around the ship)
Ferengi:  How much further?
Trip:  Keep your shirt on.  It's close.  

(After trapping the Ferengi...)
Trip:  Sorry, fellas, bank must be closed today.



Trip:  I thought Cajun food was hot.

Trip:  I bet you'd look good in Triaxian silk!
Archer:  What we really need are engineering supplies.

Trip:  What are you saying, the ship was haunted?

T'Pol:  No power signatures.  It appears to be deserted.
Trip:  What, are your systems calibrated for ghosts?

(Trip and T'Pol in Engineering on the alien ship :eerie music!)
Trip:  What is it?
T'Pol:  I heard something.
Trip:  Rats maybe?
T'Pol:  No.
Trip:  Well, then you probably imagined it.
T'Pol:  Vulcans don't imagine things.
Trip:  It's nothing to be ashamed of.  A spooky ship.  A missing crew.  Things goin' bump in the night.  It'd give anyone the creeps.
T'Pol:  “The creeps?”
Trip:  Yeah, Willies, Heebee Jeebies.  What, don't you get frightened every once in a while?
T'Pol:  No.
Trip:  Not by anything?
T'Pol:  No.
Trip:  Too bad, nothin' like a good scare.

(still in Engineering)
Trip:  It's dillithium all right.  Huh.
T'Pol:  Something wrong?
Trip:  No, the crystals are in perfect shape.  Wouldn't be that hard to get this ship flying again.
(sees reflection)
Trip:  What is it?
T'Pol:  There's someone here.
Trip:  You said there weren't any biosigns
T'Pol:  There aren't.
Trip:  If you're trying to scare me, I appreciate the effort.... Tucker to Cap'n Archer
Archer:  Go ahead.
Trip:  We aren't alone down here.

(In Engineering.)
Trip:  Oh, you startled me.  That's twice in one day.  You ever say anything?  Unless you're unable to say anything in which case I apologize.
Liana:  Don't touch that!  The power's been been provided to out living area through that area.  Very dangerous.
Trip:  Glad you finally decided to speak up.  Thanks.
Liana:  Your welcome.
Trip:  You, ah,  know a lot about your ship's system?
Liana:  My father's the engineer.  He's taught me how things work.
Trip:  Well stick around then.  Your can warn me about whatever else I need to keep my hands off of.

(In Engineering with T'Pol)
T'Pol:  These relays are cross-circuited.
Trip:  Liana and her father rerouted power where they needed it.  See here?  They shunted helm control to airponics.
T'Pol:  Efficient.  But I'll need to reconnect the Bridge systems.
Trip:  I'll ask Liana to give you a hand
T'Pol:  That's not necessary.
Trip:  I't'll go faster.
T'Pol:  I can take care of it.
Trip:  She knows the ship's systems inside and out.  She kept me from getting' fried on a live plasma feed.
T'Pol:  Perhaps she could help you, then.
Trip:  What's that supposed to mean?
T'Pol:  By the way you keep talking about her you obviously appreciate her ... technical expertise.
Trip:  She's very competent.
T'Pol:  So was the female engineer on the Xyrillian ship.
Trip:  You're never goin' to let that go, are you?
T'Pol:  I'm simply noting that the last time you found someone this competent you wound up carrying her child.
Trip:  (WTF look)
Liana:  Am I interrupting?
T'Pol:  Not at all.  Commander Tucker and I were just discussing his experience.  

(Trip eating food Liana brought)
Trip:  Why do I feel like it's feeding time at the zoo?
Liana:  Oh, I didn't mean to be rude.
Trip:  Hmm, please, I wish more women would pay that much attention to me.
Liana:  Do you know a lot of women?
Trip:  Well...nearly a nearly a third of the crew is female.
Liana:  What about on...what did you call your planet?
Trip:  Earth. I've got lady friends back there but nobody special if that's what you mean.  Not any more.

Liana:  How many people are on Enterprise?
Trip:  83.
Liana:  All humans?
Trip:  Mostly.  You met T'Pol.  She's Vulcan.  And Dr. Phlox is from a planet called Denobula.
Liana:  Can I meet him?
Trip:  Are you kiddin'?  I'd never hear the end of it if I didn't introduce you.  And there's Porthos, Cap'n Archer's dog.
Liana:  Dog?
Trip:  Oh, I guess you don't have a word for that.  He's a mammal, four legs, big ears, kinda cute.
Liana:  What does he do?
Trip:  Not much.  He's the cap'n's pet.
Liana:  Of course, his pet.  I've never seen a dog before.  Can we see it?
Trip:  Well, I hope you'll have some time left for me.
Liana:  I don't know, it sounds like I'm going to be very busy.

Liana:  Which planet was your favorite?
Trip:  If I had to chose right now, I'd have to say this one.

Archer:  I hear you've been spending a lot of time with Liana.
Trip:  Did T'Pol say something?  Sir, I swear I've been nothing but a perfect gentleman.
Archer:  I'm sure you have, Trip.  This doesn't have anything to do with that.
Trip:  Oh.

(In the Mess Hall)
Trip:  Vanilla, huh?
Liana:  There are different kinds?
Trip:  Ooh, hundreds.  I like Rocky Road.
Liana:  That sounds terrible.  Why did they'd call it that?
Trip:  Ooh, I never thought about it.  I guess because it's got nuts in it.  It's also got marshmallows but I don't think that's got anything to do with the name.
Liana:  Marshmellows?
Trip:  They're little...uh, they're made of sugar mostly.  You know, I'm not sure what they are.  Anyway, did you enjoy the tour?
Liana:  Very much.  I think Sick Bay was my favorite.  Dr. Phlox let me feed his bat.
Trip:  Ooh.
Liana:  He also asked me to lunch.  Had I known you were going to be gone so long...
Trip:  I'm sorry, um, something important came up.
Liana:  What's wrong?
Trip:  Liana, how long have you been on this planet?
Liana:  Captain Kuulan told you.
Trip:  I want you to tell me.
Liana:  Why?
Trip:  Because our scans show your ship crashed 22 years ago.
Liana:  Your scans must be wrong.
Trip:  That's what I told Cap'n Archer.  I said there wasn't any reason for you to lie to us, Is there?  We found one of your escape pods.  
Liana:  I think I should go now.  
Trip:  Liana...  
Liana:  Take me back.  
Trip:  There was a body in it.  He'd been dead for a long time  It was Shilat.  Can you explain that to me?  
Liana:  I can't.  
Trip:  Tell me what's going on.
Liana:  I'm sorry, but I can't.  Please, take me home.

Shilat:  Get to work.
Trip:  Where's T'Pol?
Ezral:  Don't worry about her.
Trip:  I'm going to need her help.
Ezral:  You can do it on your own.
Trip:  I'm not doin' a thing until I see her.
Ezral:  Do as I say or you'll never see her.
Trip:  What is so important about this thing?  You'd really kill us to keep it running?
Ezral:  You wouldn't understand.
Trip:  I don't care what your big secret is.  It doesn't matter if you've been here three years or 30.  But you've got to think about Liana.  We can help you take her home.
Ezral:  Just fix those relays.
Trip:  You've got a lot to learn about making friends.
Ezral:  I've made all the friends I need.  

Trip:  That's a pretty neat trick.  Here you are watching me with a gun in your hand while at the same time your corpse is up on Enterprise.  What do you do for an encore?

Trip:  What if she gets hurt?  What do you do then?  Program a...holographic doctor?
Ezral:  We've survived here successfully.
Trip:  Maybe you have.  Ask Liana how she feels.  Ask her if just surviving is enough.

Trip:  How's it going.
Liana:  Good.  We're about to start realigning the antimatter injectors.
Trip:  That was fast.
Liana:  What's that?
Trip:  It's a protein resequencer.  I figured you must be tired of eating the same food all the time.  I programmed it for makin' ice cream.  Only five flavors.  But they're good ones.
Liana:  Rocky Road?
Trip:  You didn't think I'd send you off without Rocky Road?
Liana:  Thank you.
Trip:  Are you sure you don't want us to stay for a while?  Lend a hand?
Liana:  You've got a lot more places to go.
Trip:  So do you.  (kiss and forehead touch!)
Trip:  Maybe I'll see you out there.
Liana:  I'd like that.



A Vulcan lawyer?  He'd be better off getting' the electric chair.



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