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EPISODES 1-5 Shockwave (Part II), Carbon Creek, Minefield, Dead Stop, A Night in Sickbay
EPISODES 6-8 Marauders, The Seventh, The Communicator
EPISODES 9-11 Singularity, Vanishing Point, Precious Cargo
EPISODES 12-14 The Catwalk, Dawn, Stigma
EPISODES 15-17 Cease Fire, Future Tense, Canamar,
EPISODES 18-20 The Crossing, Judgment, Horizon
EPISODES 21-23 The Breach, Cogenitor, Regeneration
EPISODES 24-26 First Flight, Bounty, The Expanse


Shockwave (Part II)
Carbon Creek
Dead Stop
A Night in Sickbay

Shockwave (Part II) Trip:   Are you crazy?   How do we know how many Suliban are coming aboard?   They could try to take over the ship.
T’Pol:   There are 30 armed vessels surrounding us.  Unless I’m mistaken their weapons are still targeting our warp core.   Mr. Reed?
Reed:   ::reluctantly agrees with brief nod of head::
T’Pol:   So, unless you have a better suggestion…?
Trip:   ::shakes head::
Trip:   (to the Suliban re Hoshi)   Leave her alone.
Trip:   Any better?
Reed:   Yeah.   I thought the com was off line?
Trip:   It is.   I’m routing the signal through the EPS grid.   I can talk to any doorbell on B deck.
Reed:   You all right?
Trip:   Same as you, I guess.   Locked in tight.
Reed:   And the others?
Trip:   I can’t get in contact with T’Pol for some reason.  And Hoshi and Travis are on C deck.
Reed:   Any thoughts about how we are going to get rid of these Suliban?
Trip:   One step at a time.   The first thing I need to do is to figure out how to tap into the door coms on C deck.  I’ll get back to ya.  Sit tight.
Reed:   I wasn’t planning on going anywhere.

Trip:   It won’t work.   We can only access the decoupling pins from outside our quarters. 
Travis:   So if we can’t pick the locks, what about the shafts that house the EPS conduits?   They’re adjacent to the air ducts.
Reed:   They were pretty much blocked off when the ship was completed.  They’d be too tight to squeeze.
Trip:   What’s your definition of “too tight?”
Reed:   Well you or I couldn’t get through them.   Maybe a child or…
Trip:   …or, Hoshi?
Reed:   It’s possible, but it would be difficult.
Trip:   What do you say, Hoshi?   You willin’ to give it a try?
Hoshi:   Isn’t there some other way I can help out?  Something that needs translating?  You know how claustrophobic I am.  (GRRR!  GET A GRIP, HOSHI!   editorial comment – ::slaps Hoshi for being soooo self-centered and making the rest of the crew beg::)
Travis:   There’s no one else that   can get through those crawl spaces.  Unless we can reach Crewman Naiman, she’s pretty small.
T’Pol:   There’s no time.   If this is going to work we need to begin now.  Ensign Sato.
Hoshi:   How far would I have to go to get to the Doctor’s quarters.
T’Pol:   40 meters, maybe 45.
Hoshi:   Then how far to Lieutenant Reed’s?
Trip:   It’s not that far, Hoshi.   You can do it.   We need you to do it.

T’Pol:   You certainly took your time.   He had this pressed against my head.
Trip:   Had to be sure they were preoccupied.

Trip:   You positive you’re willing to do this?   It could get pretty ugly.
Reed:   I’m positive.
Trip:   You’ve got 30 minutes.
Reed:   Good luck.

T’Pol:   You may have overdone your pyrotechnic display.  The scorching on the starboard nacelle is extensive.  
Trip:   Well I’ll try to remember that next time we have to fake a reactor breach.

Trip:   Hoshi?   Any sign of the Vulcan ship?
Hoshi:   Not yet.

Trip:   Son of a bitch!   He did it!

Archer:   Go ahead, Enterprise.
Trip:   Good to hear your voice, Cap’n.
Archer:   Good to hear yours, too.

Trip:   You guys have wanted to scrub this mission from day one.  We proved to you that we didn’t kill those 3600 people, but you didn’t want to hear it!   You’re pathetic.


Carbon Creek

Trip:   Make mine a large indulgence.

Trip:   You had a personal matter in Carbon Creek, Pennsylvania?
Archer:   Trip, if she doesn’t want to tell us….
Trip:   Seems a little unfair.   We tell her plenty of stories.
T’Pol:   You’d like me to tell you a story?
Trip:   If it’s a good one.
T’Pol:   I went to Carbon Creek because I wanted to visit the site of first contact between humans and Vulcans.
Archer:   Then you were about 3000 kilometers off.   That took place in Montana.
T’Pol:   Actually, it didn’t.
Trip:   Every school kid knows that Zephram Cochrane met the Vulcans in Bozman, Montana on April 5, 2063.   I’ve been there.   There’s a statue.
T’Pol:   In fact, the Vulcans visited earth long before then.  My second foremother was one of them.
Trip:   Your who?
T’Pol:   My mother’s mother’s mother.   Would you like to hear the story?

Archer:   Why did Vulcans keep this a secret.
T’Pol:   The incident is well documented at the Science Directorate and the Space Council.
Trip:   On Vulcan?
T’Pol:   Of course.
Trip:   Hang on.   T’Mir was your great-grandmother?   I’d be the last person to question your math but aren’t you missing a few generations?   Sputnik was 200 years ago.
Archer:   Don’t forget how long Vulcans live.
Trip:   Riggghhhhttt.   Just how old are you?   (to Archer)  It’s got to be in her record.
Archer:   Trip, that’s classified information.   (to T’Pol)   Please, go on.

Trip:   I think that wine’s gone to your head.  
T’Pol:   What are you implying?
Trip:   Two Vulcans stroll into a bar, hustle a few games of pool and walk out with an arm load of TV dinners.   Sounds like an old episode of Twilight Zone.  
T’Pol:   If you’re not interested in hearing the rest….
Archer:   Hold on, hold on, we didn’t say we weren’t interested.

Trip:   Do you realize you’ve just rewritten our history books?
T’Pol:   A footnote at best.
Trip:   Footnote?!  This is like finding out Neil Armstrong wasn’t the first man to walk on the moon.
T’Pol:   Perhaps he wasn’t.
Trip:   Oh… (with heavy sigh)
Archer:   How long did this Mestral stay on earth?
T’Pol:   The rest of his life, presumably.
Archer:   And that would be what, another hundred, hundred and fifty years?
T’Pol:   Possibly longer.
Trip:   (disbelieving laugh)   An alien is left on earth in the 1950s, lives through, what, 30 presidents, travels the world, and no one notices him?   And what happened when he finally kicked the bucket?   Did the undertaker just shrug and ignore his ears?
T’Pol:   You asked me to tell you a story.
Trip:   And it was a good one.   But did it really happen?
T’Pol:   As I said, you asked me to tell you a story.
Trip:   Damn, Cap’n, she put one over on us.
Archer:   You did go to Carbon Creek.
T’Pol:   If you check my record, you’ll note that I also visited Yellowstone Park and the Carlsbad Caverns.   I’m a scientist--that includes geology.   Thank you for the meal.
Archer:   My pleasure.   You’ve certainly kept us entertained.
T’Pol:   Good night.



Trip:   Cap’n what’s goin’ on?
Archer:   I was hoping you could tell me.
Trip:   We’ve got plasma fires, an overload in the EPS grid  but whatever caused that explosion I don’t have a clue.   Weapons fire?    An astroid?
Archer:   Nothing on our sensors.   How are your people.
Trip:   A few bumps and bruises but we’re all right.

Archer:   How bad is it?
Trip:   I can’t really tell until we can get into the decompress sections but I image it’s pretty ugly.   I’ve got one piece of good news.  I did a head count – we didn’t lose anyone.
Archer:   Trip, I’m not sure Malcolm’s going to be able to defuse this thing.  Couldn’t we just detach that section of hull plating, let it drift away?
Trip:   We’d have to reroute some EPS conduits.  There’s about 300 bolt couplings.  It could be done.
Archer:   How long?
Trip:   Three or four hours.   But I wouldn’t recommend it, sir.   We’d be exposing a good piece of the impulse manifold.
Archer:   Get a team started.   I’ll consider it a last resort.

Trip:   Cap’n, I should be the one to go out there.  I’m the engineer.
Archer:   That’s why I need you here, Trip.

Hoshi:   They’re ordering us to leave their system immediately or they’ll destroy us.
Trip:   Charming.   Did you figure out a way to compose a message back explaining we’re going as fast as we can?
Hoshi:   I can try.

Trip:   How’s it going out there, Cap’n?
Archer:   We’ve taken two of the detonation circuits offline…three more to go.   Keep me posted.

Trip:   You’ve earned yourself a break, Travis.  Ensign Hutchinson can cover the helm for a while.
Travis:   Thank you sir I prefer to stay at my post.

Trip:   We’ve got a man trapped out there.  Don’t your scans show you that?

Trip:   They’ve scanned us, Cap’n.  They know we’re ready to detach it.

Archer: How close is your team to finishing? Trip:   We’re down to the last few couplings.  What’s goin’ on out there?
Archer:   We’re going to detach the plating.
T’Pol:   I’m sure you did everything you could, Captain….
Archer:   I’m going with him.   Could a shuttlepod hatch withstand a quarter-kiloton blast?
Trip:   Depends how close it was.
Archer:   20 meters, maybe 25.
Trip:   Yeah, they’re reinforced with duratanium alloy, they can take a hellofa beating.   What do you got in mind?
Archer:   I need two shuttlepod hatches.   Have them brought up here on the double.
Trip:   Sir?
Archer:   On the double.

T’Pol:   Bridge to Captain Archer.
Archer:   Go ahead
T’Pol:   We’re ready.
Archer:   See you soon.
Trip:   Hang on, fellas.

Trip:   They’re chargin’ weapons!
T’Pol:   Polarize the hull plating.
Trip:   I’ll do what I can, but keep in mind we are missin’ some of that.

T’Pol:   Captain respond.
Trip:   Maybe their transmitters were knocked out in the blast.  Travis?
Travis:   I see them.   Bearing two-one-three mark four, closing in.
T’Pol:   Open the doors to launch bay 2.
Trip:   The Romulans are locking weapons.
T’Pol:   (com) Dr. Phlox.  
Phlox:   (via com) Go ahead.
T’Pol:   Meet us outside launch bay 2.
Trip:   They’re targeting our weapons.
Travis:   A hundred meters more.   Fifty.  I’ve got them.  Seal launch bay doors.
T’Pol:   Go to warp ensign.


Dead Stop

Archer:   We’ve answered enough calls for help over the past year.  It’s time someone returned the favor.
Trip:   You serious?

Trip:   It’s reconfiguring to fit the saucer section.

Trip:   They’ve isolated every hull breach, every damaged system.  I’ll be damned.  We scratched the hull right there a year ago.   I bumped it with the inspection pod, remember?
Archer:   I thought I told you to have that repainted.
Trip:   Well, I was getting’ around to it.

Trip:   I’m telling you the boys at Jupiter station would take three months.

Trip:   If this is their idea of a “recreation facility,” you might want to ask for our plasma back.
T’Pol:   A matter-energy converter.
Trip:   It could be a transporter.   Well, an awfully small one.
T’Pol:   I believe it’s a molecular synthesizer of some kind, similar to a protein sequencer but far more advanced.   Water, cold.     (sips water)   I saw a similar device on a Tarkalean   vessel.  It was capable of replicating almost any inanimate object.
Trip:   If we had one of these in engineering, we could make all the spare parts we need.  I wonder what else is on the menu.  One pan fried catfish.  Smells like the real thing. 
Archer:   Well?
Trip (taking bite of catfish):  Not bad.  
Archer:   I doubt there’s a catfish within 130 light years.
T’Pol:   It’s genome is stored in Enterprise’s computer as is the recipe.  The station evidently scanned our database.
Archer:   It would have been nice to have been asked.   I can only image what else this thing knows about us.
Trip:   Cap’n, you gotta try this.
Archer:   Thanks, but I’ll stick with whatever chef’s serving.  I’ll be on the bridge.

Reed:   Honestly I started to feel a little sorry for the doctor.  There wasn’t anything for him to do but stand there and watch this thing work.
Trip:   I know how he must have felt.   I saw an entire transtator(?) assembly replaced in 15 minutes.  It would have taken my crew a week.  With this kind of technology Starfleet could build ships that maintain themselves.  They wouldn’t need Chief Engineers (Reed snorts a laugh) or Tactical Officers.
Reed:   A starship without a Tactical Officer.   I can’t say I see the point.
Trip:   You’d think that a computer that could do all this would have to be pretty big. Our computer is the most advanced in the fleet and it’s three decks high. 
Reed:   Well, I suppose you’re right.
Trip:   So where is it?
Reed:   I don’t follow.  
Trip:   I ran a scan of the station a few hours ago.   These are the docking berths, we’re here, this is the diagnostic room.
Reed:   Well, that compartment’s the only place it could be, and it’s barely half the size of this one.
Trip:   A machine capable of billions of calculations every nanosecond and it can fit inside the proverbial bread box.   I’d love to get a look at that.
Reed:   You could always ask.
Trip:   I tried.   “Your inquiry was not recognized.”
Reed (laughs):   Well, I guess that’s that.
Trip:   Not necessarily.   This cooling duct runs all the way to the center of the station.  I saw an access port in one of the corridors. 
Reed:   This computer might not take kindly to people snooping around.
Trip:   I haven’t seen any “no trespassing” signs.  We’re explorers, where is your spirit of adventure?
Reed:   I left it in a Romulan mine field.

(Trip signs defeat.   Reed gestures for the PADD.   Trip hands it over.)

Trip:   Almost.  Got it.
Reed:   If the Captain hears about this we’ll both the scrubbing plasma conduits for a month.   (Lots of agonized groaning as Trip climbs over Reed up into the cooling duct.)

Reed:   Are you sure this is the right direction?

(alarms go off and both men are transported back to ship’s bridge where T’Pol look down at them from her station)
Trip:   Evenin’ Subcommander.

Archer:   Do you know how stupid that little stunt was? You could just as easily been transported out into space.   You’re senior officers.   You’re supposed to be setting an example for the rest of the crew.
Trip:   It was my idea, sir.
Archer:   I think Lieutenant Reed is old enough to make his own decisions.  ( To Reed)  You’ve made it clear to me that you think discipline aboard Enterprise has gotten a little too lax.  I’m beginning to agree with you.  You’re both restricted to quarters until further notice.   Dismissed.
Trip:   Yes, sir.
Reed:   Aye, sir.
Archer:   Hold on.   Did you notice anything interesting when you were in there.
Trip:   Depends on what you mean by interestin’.

Trip and the Computer:
Trip:   200 liters of   warp plasma, as promised.
Computer:   Please place your compensation on the transport platform.
Trip:   Hold on, hold on.   There’s a couple of problems we need to discuss first.   Now I’m not real happy with the quality of some of your work.  Are you listenin’ to me?
Computer: Please place your compensation on the transport platform.
Trip:   I’ve looked at the bolt couplings you used to attach the new hull plating.   I’m afraid they’re not up to Starfleet specs.  And the subspace amplifier you repaired?  We’re picking up distortion on all the high-band frequencies.
Computer:   Please place your compensation on the transport platform.
Trip:   We’re not paying until we sort this out.
Trip:   What guarantee do I have that these durtanium pins  won’t fly out the instant we jump to warp?
Computer:   You’re inquiry was not recognized.
Trip:   Sigh.   On my world we have an expression:   the customer is always right.   Maybe you should make that part of your program.   (walks up to computer and gets “face-to-face” with it)   I want to know how someone files a grievance around here.

Trip (to computer):   Sounds like, ah, you’ve got more important things to deal with.

Archer:   What’s our status?
Trip:   It’s been better.   The station’s got us by the thrusters.


A Night in Sickbay
Trip: We’re playin’ with fire, Cap’n. It’s just a matter of time before this injector gives up the ghost.
Archer: You’ve got four more. The ship can run on four.
Trip: Yeah, but it can’t run on three. You know what happens at warp speed when you’ve only got three plasma injectors online.
Archer: What are the odds of us losing another one before we find a replacement?
Trip: I’m not comfortable with four, Cap’n. We need five. What the hell happened down there, anyway?
Archer: T’Pol thinks we insulted them, again.
Trip: How? You didn’t eat cabbage before you left?
Archer: I was a perfect gentleman. (Aside: Hey, isn’t that Trip’s line?) We’re going to have to go somewhere else to find you your injector, Trip. These people are impossible!
Trip: Their components are metallurgic ally sound, dependable…we could look for 6 months and not find anything half as compatible. You’re a trained diplomat, take the high road. There’s gotta be some way you can kiss and make up.
Archer: I’ll have T’Pol see if she can find out what we did, but I’m not promising anything.



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