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EPISODES 1-5 Shockwave (Part II), Carbon Creek, Minefield, Dead Stop, A Night in Sickbay
EPISODES 6-8 Marauders, The Seventh, The Communicator
EPISODES 9-11 Singularity, Vanishing Point, Precious Cargo
EPISODES 12-14 The Catwalk, Dawn, Stigma
EPISODES 15-17 Cease Fire, Future Tense, Canamar,
EPISODES 18-20 The Crossing, Judgment, Horizon
EPISODES 21-23 The Breach, Cogenitor, Regeneration
EPISODES 24-26 First Flight, Bounty, The Expanse


The Catwalk

Season One Trip Quotes

Trip Swears

The Catwalk  

Trip: There’s a gorge on the southern continent five times deeper than the Grand Canyon.
Archer: What do you got in mind?
Trip: How about a little river rafting?
Archer laughs
Trip: T’Pol says it gets dark only four days a month because of the binary suns. We’ll have plenty of daylight after we get done working every night.
Archer: It’s going to take at least a week to complete the survey. Should be enough time to sneak in some R&R.
Trip: New planet, new aliens…banner day!
Trip: What about the Catwalk? You know, the maintenance shaft that runs the length of each nacelle?
Archer: They are heavily shielded. Some kind of osmium alloy if I remember.
T’Pol: You’re proposing we take refuge in a crawl space?
Trip: It’ll be a tight squeeze, but there’s no reason we can’t fit 83 people in there and any supplies we need.
Archer: Doctor?
Phlox: Do you know the absorption depth of this alloy?
Trip: At least 20,000 particles per micron.
Phlox: That should be adequate.
Trip: There’s just one other problem. It gets kinda toasty in there when the warp coils are online. About 300 degrees. We’d have to shut down the main reactor.
Archer: I don’t see that we have any choice. We’ll use the catwalk. Set up a command station in one of the compartments.
Trip: Aye, Cap’n.
Travis: Any idea about a latrine?
Trip: Ah, I hadn’t thought about that. There are some storage lockers in the aft compartment. We oughta be able to convert a couple of them.
Trip: I’m afraid these aren’t first class accommodations.
Alien: They’ll be fine, Commander. We’re grateful for your hospitality.
Trip: We’ll gonna have a lot of time to get to know each other. If you need anything, I’ll be right over here.
Trip: We’re in the driver’s seat! (to Archer as main control is transferred from the bridge to the nacelle)
Trip: The entire crew’s accounted for, including one quadruped. Would you like to try out the Cap’n’s chair?
Archer: Maybe later.
Archer: How’re they doing?
Trip: Uh, your guess is as good as mine. One of them came out a few hours ago, told us we’re makin’ too much noise. (Archer laughs) Now I’ve been real friendly, even asked them to join the game. Doesn’t seem like they want to have anything to do with us.
Archer: Let’s give them a little time to adjust.
Trip: You know I bet by now we’d have set up camp on the rim of that canyon. Have a fire goin’.
Archer: There’ll be other canyons. (Trip nods)
Malcolm: I’ll see your strawberry shortcake, and I’ll raise you one pineapple cobbler.
Trip: (to Hoshi) Broccoli?
Hoshi: I’m out of desserts.
Malcolm: What I wouldn’t give for a shower right about now. When this hand’s over, maybe you could look into building one.
Trip: Would you like a sauna while I’m at it?
Malcolm: You knew we’d be stuck in here for over a week. You might have given a little thought to making it tolerable.
Trip: I only had four hours, Malcolm. You’re lucky we’ve got a toilet.
Malcolm: Well, I obviously overestimated your people’s abilities when it comes to indoor plumbing.
Trip: You want to take a shower? Build one yourself.
Trip: Thanks Chef.
Hoshi: Thanks Chef.
Malcolm: Pot roast? That’s the third time in three days!
Travis: Anyone know what they’re showing tonight?
Trip: The Day the Earth Stood Still.
Malcolm: We’re having movie night? In here?
Trip: Cap’n’s order. I set up a monitor in Compartment 5. The screen’s a little small, but…
Hoshi: Who’s picking these movies? Shouldn’t we all get a vote?
Trip rubs his eyes in frustration and weariness.
Travis: I think something’s burning.
Trip: Are you aware you’re sitting on top of a plasma manifold? You’ve gotta turn that thing off!
Alien: I apologize Commander. We should have spoken with you first.
Trip: That might have been a good idea.
Alien: We’ve had trouble digesting your food.
Trip: Sighs
Archer (over comm.): Archer to Tucker.
Trip: Go ahead.
Archer: I need you in the command area right away.
Trip: I’ll talk to Chef. Maybe he can heat that up for you. (gives pan to Malcolm)
Archer: We may have a problem in Engineering.
T’Pol: The antimatter injectors have come online.
Trip: That can’t be right. Probably just a glitch. Got room for one more sleeping bag in here?
Archer: Not happy with your bunk mates?
Trip: I caught’em throwing a barbeque next to a plasma manifold. Now I understand we’re explorers, we’re supposed to keep an open mind about different cultures, but these guys are driving me crazy. They only need to sleep once a week so they’ve kept us up the last two nights with their strange rituals, chantin’, walkin’ in circles. They’ve practically taken over the compartment.
Archer: Don’t forget they’re the ones who warned us about the storm. We owe them. Be patient.
Trip: I’m tryin’. Looks like the matter injectors and the anti-matter injectors are both online.
Archer: Two sensor glitches?
T’Pol: A power surge could have triggered both circuits.
Trip: Do you have any idea what the odds are of that happening?
Archer: Can you shut them down?
Trip: Not from here. Someone’s going to have to go to Engineering. (sighs)
Phlox: Remember, the suit will protect you for only 22 minutes.
Archer: It’d be best not to take the scenic route.
Trip nods.
Phlox: They’re immune to radiolytic isotopes. The storm was never any threat to them.
Trip: Funny, you didn’t mention that.
T’Pol: They obviously don’t realize we’re in the catwalk. If they learn we’re here it would undoubtedly endanger the crew.
Trip: What are you suggesting…we just sit on our hands until they fire up the engines?
Trip: Remember, Juncture 42 Alpha.
T’Pol: Understood.
Trip: Third panel starboard side. Be careful, there’s a lot of current running through those circuits. I really oughta be the one doin’ this, Cap’n. The Doc said I was only out there for 13 minutes.
Archer: Forget it, Trip. You’ve already been exposed.
Trip: What’s the problem shuttin’ down the reactor?
T’Pol: We’re having trouble with the dilithium sequencers. It’s taking longer than we expected.
Trip: I don’t mean to rush you but it’s getting’ pretty warm in here.  
Trip: The temperature just went up another 6 degrees. Subcommander, how’s it comin’?
T’Pol: We’re disabling the final sequencer.
Trip: Did that guy shoot one of his own men?
Malcolm: It’s hard to tell them apart in those ridiculous hats.
T’Pol: The dead man was secretly working for Sheriff Boggs.
Trip: How do you know that?
T’Pol: Isn’t it obvious.
Trip (to T’Pol): Glad you could join us, Sub-commander. We have movie night every Tuesday, if you’re interested.


Trip: Watch out, Travis. These modifications are working so well, pretty soon we won’t need pilots.
Trip, under attack from alien vessel:
Trip: I take it back Travis, I could use a flesh-and-blood pilot right about now.
Trip: Son of a bitch stole my transceiver!
Trip: If I’d brought along a universal translator along I’d be able to explain to this guy that I’m just trying to get out of here like he is. One piece of good news. It’s starting to warm up a little. Dawn is coming.
Trip (recorded): I’m comin’ out now. I know you don’t understand me. Please, don’t fire. I want to talk. I’m not armed. I won’t hurt you. We need to talk. You have something that belongs to me. I want it back. If you understand anything I’m saying to you, I want you to listen very, very closely. Mary had a little lamb, its fleece was white as snow. And everywhere that Mary went the lamb was sure to go.
Trip: Now, maybe we can introduce ourselves.
Alien speaks
Trip: Nice to meet you, too. Now I don’t want to hurt you, I just want my transceiver back.
Alien take Trip out of action.
Alien kicks Trip to get him aware.
Trip: I’m no good until I’ve had my coffee.
Alien speaks.
Trip: You wouldn’t have a universal translator on you?
Alien speaks.
Trip: I don’t understand a word you’re saying!
Trip: I can’t make it work. It’s broken. You know, broken. I was trying to make repairs when you stole it.
Alien speaks.
You want me to fix your transceiver? Is that a yes or a no?
Kush’ ka!
Kush’ ka to you, too!
You kill me and I can’t fix anything. You’re going to have to untie me. I need my hands.
Alien speaks.
I try anything I’m a dead man. I get the message.
Trip: Damn it!
Alien: Damn it!
Trip: Well, it looks like we’ve made headway in our first contact with humans and with…whatever you are. Unfortunately your first word is something you wouldn’t want to use in polite company.
Alien speaks. …..damn it.
Trip: No, I’m Trip. Trip.
Alien: Trip. Zho’Kaan
Trip: Zho’Kaan? Great. Now that we’ve been properly introduced, how about some water, Zho’Kaan? It’s getting’…kind of hot. Thirsty, you know. Drink? Water?
Zho’Kaan: Trip? (gives a bottle of something)
Trip: Thanks.
Trip (spits): What the hell is that?
Alien speaks, upset with Trip for wasting whatever the liquid was.
Trip: Sorry. I have water in my shuttle. Water! Something I can drink.
Alien speaks: ….. Trip.
Trip hurts his arm.
Trip: There’s a med kit in my shuttlepod.
Alien spits on his arm.
Trip: What the hell are you doing? Are you crazy? (arm heals) That was quite a trick.
Alien speaks, indicating Trip should resume work.
Trip: All right, all right. I can’t fix this thing. It’s a lost cause. Now, maybe if you vomit on it it’ll fix itself. Come over here. I want you to see this. Here. Come here. It’s like talking to Porthos. See this? I tried bypassing the induction coil, but it didn’t work. See? In here! (sprays aliens eyes and grabs pistol, trains it on alien). I can’t fix this. I need to get back to my ship. My ship! Now, pick them up. Pick them up.
Alien picks up items and growls alien-speak at Trip.
Trip: As, same to you. Now let’s get going.
Trip: Don’t give me that look! You started this. (Trip drinks water) You want some food? Food.
Alien speaks and spits out food.
Trip: Nohk to. I couldn’t agree more.
Alien speaks.
You want food from your ship? V’dhoze…that means food?
Trip: Sorry, but breakfast is goin’ to have to wait. I think I’ve figured out a way to get us out of here. I got a pretty good look at your com configuration back there. I think I can cannibalize the power supply from your transceiver and use it to get mine working, maybe get a message out.
Trip: Almost there. I think this is going to work.
Alien: Noht to.
Trip: No, not nohk to. Good.
Alien: Good.
Trip: That’s right, we’re getting’ out of here. Once we get back to Enterprise and can finally understand each other, the first words out of your mouth better be “thank you.”
Trip gets shocked and falls. Alien laughs.
Trip: You think that’s funny? Huh? You going to laugh now? Tucker to Enterprise. Enterprise, do you read me? Come on, Hoshi. Tucker to Enterprise. This terrain, it’s all volcanic! Igneous rock is heavy in diamagnetic minerals. It’s interfering with the transmission. I think I know what we need to do. The transceiver , um, the…the tsunsana, it’s bad down here. Nohk to. But if take it to higher ground, we can avoid some of the interference. I’m going to need help. You and me, together. See (throws pistol away). I’m not going to hurt you. And you aren’t going to hurt me. We’ll work together.
Alien speaks.
Trip unties alien.
Before we start, we’ll get some food from your ship, your v’dhoze.
Fight between Trip and alien commences. Finally, the two collapse, exhausted.
Is that the best you can do?
Alien speaks.
Trip throws away pistol.
We can fight some more if you want. Ore we can try to get the hell out of here. What’s it goin’ to be?
The two start climbing to higher ground.
Trip: Chief Engineer’s log, supplemental. It’s been two hours since we started signaling Enterprise. No response. It’s already hotter than hell. My sparring partner doesn’t look to good. I can’t be sure, but I don’t think his species can sweat. For the record, I have learned one thing about him, his name’s Zho’Kaan. Anything you want to say to the folks back home?
Alien: Nohk to.
Trip: That means bad. You’d be proud of me, Hoshi. I’ve picked up about a dozen words in his language. A couple of them are real tongue-twisters. (gives alien water or something)
Alien speaks.
(Sun comes up. Heat is unbearable.)
Trip: Hey. Zho’Kaan.
Alien snorts
Trip: Thought I lost you there.
Alien: Enterprise….
Trip: No, no enterprise.
AlieN Damn it.
Trip gives alien water.
Trip: Don’t worry, I’ll get Phlox to cook up a new batch for ya once we’re aboard Enterprise. He’s great with that sort of thing. Stay with me Zho’Kaan. Don’t die on me now. Understand? All right.
Hoshi: Enterprise…Tucker.
Trip: See I told you. Hoshi, is that you. Do you read me?
Archer: We read you, Trip.
Trip: Just in time, cap’n. It’s startin’ to get a little hot down here.
Archer: We’re getting a lock on your position now.
Trip: Don’t send a shuttlepod! There’s something in this atmosphere that will affect the engines.
Archer: It’s selenium isotopes, but we don’t think it will interfere with the transporter.
Trip: I’m not alone, cap’n.
Archer: We know. The Arkonians helped us find you. How are you and that pilot getting along?
Trip: Uh, just like old friends. I’m a little worried though. He’s gotten very dehydrated.
Archer: Stand by, Trip. Prepare the transporter.
Phlox: I wouldn’t do that, Captain.
Archer: What’s the problem?
Phlox: I’ve been analyzing the Arkonians’ physiology. Their endocrine systems’ extremely sensitive to temperature fluctuations. If that pilot’s suffering from dehydration, it’s no doubt causing an acute cellular breakdown.
Archer: Meaning?
Phlox: Transporting him will most likely be fatal.
Archer: Archer to Commander Tucker.
Trip: I’m still here cap’n
Archer: Trip, we can bring you aboard but we can’t transport the Arkonian. Dr. Phlox says it will kill him. We’ll try to find a way to get him back to the ship. But in the meantime, I’m getting you out of there.
Trip: No, way, cap’n, I’m not leaving him here.
T’Pol: The surface temperature is rising quickly, Commander. I estimate it will reach 130 degrees within the next hour.
Archer: Let’s get you home. Then we’ll worry about your friend.
Trip: I’m sorry, sir, but I can’t do that. Maybe there’s another way. We know our pods can’t make it. But I got a good look at the circuitry inside the Arkonian shuttle. One of theirs could be modified
Archer: How?
Trip: If they at their intake manifolds I think they could realign them to filter out the isotopes.
Archer: We’ll talk to them. But I won’t let you stay down there much longer.
Trip: Understood.
Archer: Archer out.
Tucker to Enterprise. Enterprise, respond! Some of these relays are fused. Sigh. Must be the heat. Hey.
Alien speaks.
Trip drinks water.
Trip sighs. Throws away canteen.
Trip: I don’t suppose the cap’n will trust me to go out on my own for a while. I wouldn’t be surprised if he knocked me down to Steward. “Your orange juice, sir. Jam or marmalade, sir?” But I tell you, I wouldn’t trade my time on Enterprise. Not for anything. I’ve seen things I could never image back home. I saw the great plume of Agosoria and I saw the Ringed Moons of Matalas Prime. And I stood on an asteroid crater twice as high as Everest and went diving in the ice caves of Etheenia, rode in a Suliban cell ship. Spent the night…I spent the night with a princess. (laughs) Oh and I, I even got pregnant once. Now there’s a story. I’m sure you have stories, too. That’s why we chose this life, right? See things we’ve never seen before. Hell of a ride, though. Hell of a ride.
Trip: Zho Kaan? V’dhoze.
Trip comes to sickbay to see Zho Kaan.
Trip: How’s he doin?
Phlox: Why don’t you ask him yourself? The universal translator’s online.
Trip: They, uh, told me another 10 minutes of sunshine and we’d have been cooked.
Zho Kaan: Taratt-assh.
Trip (to Phlox): I thought you said the UT was working.
Zho Kaan: I believe you promised me some some taratt-assh.
Trip: Oh, you mean the brown stuff you were drinkin’. Won’t take a minute. Anything else while I’m at it? Our chef is making something called Chicken Marsala tonight.
Zho Kaan: Taratt….
Trip: Taratt-assh, gotcha.
Zho Kaan: Trip, when I fired at your vessel, I’m grateful I didn’t destroy it.
Trip: That makes two of us.



Trip, Archer and Phlox go to meet Phlox’s wife, Feezal:
Trip: What’s the point in having three wives if you never get to see them?
Phlox: Denoublians are renowned for their patience.
Archer suggests lunch.
Feezal: Won’t you be joining us Commander?
Trip: Oh, I’d love to but I think I should make sure your equipment gets up to sick bay in one piece.
Feezal: Then I’ll see you after lunch?
Trip: You bet.
In sickbay working on the microscope:
Trip: If the reflectometer is supposed to amplify the neutron stream, shouldn’t it be installed before the emitters?
Feezal: It’s collimating the neutrons, not amplifying them. If you read the instructions you’ll find it’s all very clear.
Trip: Oh, I’ve tried to read the instructions and they are anything but clear. Now I don’t wanna brag but I can take apart and put back together just about any piece of equipment I’ve ever met. It’s one of the reasons Cap’n Archer picked me for this mission, because I’m really good at following instructions, but these are in….
Feezal: …Denoublian! I understand. That’s why I’m here. So, let’s go through it slowly. Do you see the threads on the aperture ring? (my VCR cut out right here) Now remodulate the emitter frequency. That’ll initiate the neutron stream!
Trip: Which one? (Feezal leans across Trip and hands him the correct tool – Trip smiles in an uncomfortable manner.) You’re going to have to help me with this one.
Feezal: It’s very simple. Insert the thick end into this opening. It will automatically program the frequency. You can pull it out, now. The stream should be initiated.
Trip: I think I’m getting the hang of it. Uh, maybe if you could explain the next few steps I could…try to get through some of this on my own.
Feezal: By all means! You’re a very confident young man, aren’t you?
Trip: I try to be.
Feezal: You’re going to need to come a little closer to see this.
In sickbay, working on the microscope:
Feezal: Now watch. A simple strand of protein molecules can be enlarged…and where we can clearly see a single nucleotide.
Trip: Amazing! Look at that! Are those…?
Feezal: …Carbon atoms. Now you try it.
Trip: First I reinitialize the neutron stream.
Feezal: Precisely. Very good. Now align the quantum filters.
Trip: This is a bitch.
Feezal: Excuse me?
Trip: Oh, not you, the microscope.
(Phlox and Feezal gossip.)
Trip: Did I do this right? Why is there no image?
Feezal: You forgot to enter the frequency parameters.
(More gossip.)
Trip: There you go. Why isn’t it sharp?
Feezal: You forgot to stabilize the aperture. That’s just a reflection from the imaging filament.
(Trip moans slightly in frustration.)
Feezal: That’s all right. We’ll reinitialize the neutron stream and start again. (Feezal puts her hand on Trip’ shoulder. He looks and her hand and back to see if Phlox is paying attention to what is happening.)
(Phlox is called away and Trip looks even more uncomfortable now that he alone with Feezal.)
Hoshi and Trip in mess hall:
Hoshi: It doesn’t make any sense.
Trip: Why not?
Hoshi: We’re orbiting an alien world and most of the crew is free to go down and visit. Why would anyone want to stay on board and watch a movie?
Trip: Are you kiddin’? They’re showin’ The Black Cat, Boris Karloff and Bela Lugosi.
Hoshi: It sounds like you are the one picking the movies.
Trip: Me?
Hoshi: Who else would chose an obscure horror film? Why not some a little more…I don’t know…romantic? I’m going down to the surface.
Trip (spots Feezal entering mess hall): What’s the rush? You haven’t even finished your dinner.
Hoshi: There’s a shuttle leaving at 1800 hours.
Trip: You’ve got plenty of time. Try the cobbler—Chef outdid himself.
Hoshi: OK, but I have to leave in a few minutes.
Feezal: May I join you?
Hoshi: Please! I’m Hoshi Sato. I’ve been meaning to introduce myself.
Feezal: Feezal Phlox. You’re the language wizard! My husband speaks very fondly of you.
(Feezal and Hoshi speak in Denobulian.)
Trip: I’m getting’ a little paranoid here. You’re not talkin’ about me, are you?
Hoshi: Matter of fact, we were. (Feezal rubs her foot against Trip’s leg.)
Feezal: Ensign Sato barely has an accent. She was telling me how attractive she thinks you are.
Hoshi: She’s pulling your leg, sir, I was only talking about grammar.
Trip: It’s OK, Hoshi.
Hoshi: I better go. It was very nice to meet you.
Feezal: I wasn’t exactly…pulling your leg, was I?
Trip: No, not exactly. Look, I…I…I’m very flattered, but aren’t you a married woman?
Feezal: I’m a woman. That’s all that matters, isn’t it?
Trip: Uh…I’m afraid I gotta go, too. Uh…Cap’n asked me to write a synopsis of tonight’s movie.
Feezal: Save me a seat.
Trip: You probably wouldn’t like it. It’s very scary and, uh, you…you’ve gotta be human to appreciate horror films. I’ll see you in the morning.
In the gym:
Trip: She’s at it again.
Malcolm: I don’t know about you, but I find her quite attractive.
Trip: Come on, Malcolm! This is serious! What if Phlox finds out?
Malcolm: You haven’t done anything to make her think that you…
Trip: Of course not! Maybe I should tell the Doc.
Malcolm: Tell him what?! That his wife is trying to seduce you? Not a good idea.
Trip: But I’ve gotta spend the next two days with her working on the microscope. (sighs) I really think I should speak to Phlox.
Malcolm: It might be a lot easier to avoid her advances than to get Phlox angry. I once saw him lose his temper when one of his creatures bit him. It wasn’t a pretty sight! (laughs)
Trip laughs and sighs again.
Trip: Gotta minute, Doc?
Phlox: Are you not feeling well, commander?
Trip: No, I’m fine, I just…ah…I need to talk to you for a minute.
Phlox: By all means! What’s on your mind?
Trip: Actually, I was kinda hopin’ to talk to you alone.
Phlox: Ah! I think we’re about done here.
(Travis and Phlox wrap up their session and Travis leaves.)
Trip: Malcolm said this was a bad idea, but I think it’s the right thing to do?
Phlox: What’s that?
Trip: Feezal! I mean Mrs. Phlox is a lovely woman, and she’s very smart. She knows more about quantum optics than anyone I ever met.
Phlox: She is remarkable.
Trip: Remarkable, yeah she sure is.
Phlox: Was there something else?
Trip: Yes, there is. You gotta understand, I’ve been a perfect gentleman. Absolutely nothing’s happened. She’s trying to…ah…she’s…she’s…um...making advances, if you know what I mean?
Phlox: Sexual advances?
Trip: I’m afraid so.
Phlox: Has she offered to give you a rose petal bath?
Trip: No! No! No, nothin’ like that!
Phlox: Oh, any man would be a fool to ignore the romantic overtures of a healthy Denobulan woman! Don’t you find her attractive?
Trip: Ah, sure, I mean, no! She’s your wife!
Phlox: What has that got to do with it?
Trip: She’s your wife!
Phlox: Ah, nonsense. Nonsense! You’re too concerned with human morality. I thought you wanted to learn about new cultures. Isn’t that why you joined Starfleet?
Trip: Why of course it is! But I was brought up believing you don’t play around with another man’s wife. I don’t think I’m ever going to change my mind about that.
Phlox: As you wish! Your loss.
In sick bay:
Phlox: Commander Tucker assures me he’ll keep your beautiful microscope in perfect running order!
Feezal: As his doctor I hope you keep Commander Tucker in perfect running order. Perhaps that will motivate me to visit more often.
Phlox: Mmmm. It’s a shame you two didn’t get to know each other better.
Feezal: Mmm.
Trip: Well, I’ve got to get back to my warp engine. The plasma’s runnin’ a little hot.
Phlox: Mmm.
Feezal: I know how it feels.
Trip (to Feezal): Pleasure meeting you. (Trip leaves)
Phlox (to Feezal) Humans. (both laugh)


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