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EPISODES 1-5 Shockwave (Part II), Carbon Creek, Minefield, Dead Stop, A Night in Sickbay
EPISODES 6-8 Marauders, The Seventh, The Communicator
EPISODES 9-11 Singularity, Vanishing Point, Precious Cargo
EPISODES 12-14 The Catwalk, Dawn, Stigma
EPISODES 15-17 Cease Fire, Future Tense, Canamar,
EPISODES 18-20 The Crossing, Judgment, Horizon
EPISODES 21-23 The Breach, Cogenitor, Regeneration
EPISODES 24-26 First Flight, Bounty, The Expanse


Cease Fire
Future Tense

Season One Trip Quotes

Trip Swears

Cease Fire

Trip: I don’t like pushin’ the engines this hard. The injectors are runnin’ 110%.
T’Pol: They’re rated for 120.
Trip: And my underwear is flame-retardant. That doesn’t mean I’m going to light myself on fire to prove it.
Archer: I think we’ll make it in one piece, Trip. I’ve been reading about Paan Makar in the Vulcan database. It doesn’t say a lot. Class D. Not much bigger than earth’s moon. Claimed by the Vulcans in 2097.
Trip: Class D! That’s uninhabitable. Why are you fightin’ over it?
T’Pol: When the Andorians first arrived a century ago they began to terraform the planet. Once an atmosphere was developed they established a settlement.
Archer: If it was unclaimed at the time, why would there be a problem?
T’Pol: It’s sole value is it’s strategic location near Vulcan space.
Archer: They were setting up a military base?
T’Pol: It was the only logical conclusion.
Trip: Was there any evidence?
T’Pol: How much evidence would you need if the Klingons decided to set up a colony on Pluto?
Trip: That’s not the same thing!
T’Pol: The Andorians refused to let the high command to inspect the colony so they annexed Paan Makar to protect their territory.
Archer: What happened to the Andorian colonists?
T’Pol: They were removed.
Trip: By force.
T’Pol: They left the high command little choice. A surveillance satellite was put into orbit to monitor the agreement. The planet’s been deserted for nearly a century.
Archer: Until now.
Trip: Unbelievable. I damn near burn up the warp reactor getting’ here and they make us wait!
Trip: I don’t like this – with all the interference you won’t be able to contact the ship if something goes wrong.
Archer: They’re expecting us. We’ll be fine.
Trip: Those Andorian ships’ll be here in four hours.
Archer: I plan on being back long before then.
Trip: T’Pol said that territorial compromise they were talking about took eight years to work out.
Archer: I’ll try to speed things up this time.
Trip (to Vulcan): How would you know? We can’t pick anything through the interference.
Vulcan: Our scanners are more sophisticated than yours. We detected weapons fire coming from the surface. Then your shuttle appeared to make an emergency landing somewhere in the colony.
Trip: Where?
Vulcan: We haven’t been able to pinpoint the landing site but our units on the ground are already searching. The high command instructed me to take steps to recover Ambassador Soval.
Malcolm: And our officers?
Vulcan: Of course.
Trip: We want to be involved in any rescue operation.
Vulcan: We have more experience in these matters.
Trip: I know. I once saw one of your commando units blast the hell out of a rebel compound during a “rescue” mission.
Vulcan: We won’t allow this provocation to continue.
Trip: You don’t even know where they are! Do you really think it’s a good idea to go down there guns blazin’?
Vulcan: Our response will be appropriate. I’ll keep you informed, Commander. (Vulcan out.)
Trip (to Hoshi): Any luck?
Hoshi: I’m trying, sir, but if the Vulcans can’t find them….
Trip: See what you can do.
Hoshi: Yes, sir.
Trip (to Travis): How far away are those Andorian ships?
Travis: Three hours at their present speed.
Trip: What’s the status on those Andorian ships?
Travis: They just dropped out of warp. They’ll be here in 13 minutes.
Malcolm: I think the Vulcans see them, too. They’re breaking orbit. Probably giving themselves room to maneuver.
Trip: Put the ship on tactical alert!
Trip: Range?
Travis: 50,000 kilometers. Still heading right for the Vulcan ships.
Malcolm: The Vulcans are charging weapons. The Andorians as well.
Trip: Travis, lay in a new course. I want you put us right between ‘em.
Travis: Aye, sir.
Malcolm: If you don’t mind me asking, what do you have in mind?
Hoshi: We’re being hailed by the Vulcans and the Andorians.
Trip: Put ‘em both on. This is Commander Tucker.
Andorian: Captain Telev of the Imperial Guard.
Vulcan: Commander Tucker, I strongly recommend you withdraw to a safe distance.
Andorian: I agree. We wouldn’t want your vessel to be damaged by the debris from the Vulcan ships.
Vulcan: We will not allow the Andorians to land additional troops on Paan Makar.
Andorian: It’s called Weytahn! And our personnel there have been attacked! We’ll provide whatever support they need.
Vulcan: Any vessel attempting to enter orbit will be fired upon.
Trip: That includes yours, Subcommander.
Andorian: We appreciate your support, Commander Tucker.
Trip: Don’t. I’ll open fire on any ship that makes an aggressive move. Phase canons?
Malcolm: Locked and ready.
Vulcan: This is not a Starfleet matter!
Trip: As long as my captain is stuck in the middle of your war zone, it is.
Vulcan: The Andorians have made it impossible for us to recover Captain Archer. By now he’s most likely a casualty.
Trip: Don’t count him out so fast. We’ve managed to isolate his bio-signature. Now…why don’t you both give him and Ambassador Soval a chance to do their jobs before we start a war up here?
Malcolm: The Vulcan ships are breaking formation. They’re heading for the planet.
Travis: The Andorians are following, sir.
Trip: Arm the forward phase canons. See if you can target their weapons.
Hoshi: We’re being hailed from the surface. It’s the captain.
Trip: Hold off, Malcolm. Put him through. Cap’n!
Archer: Nice to hear your voice, Trip.
Trip: What’s goin’ on down there? You OK?
Archer: T’Pol and I are fine. We’re at the Andorian command post. Ambassador Soval’s been injured, but Shran’s medics are treating him.
Trip: Did you say Shran’s medics?
Archer: He’s just being a good host. The Andorians are allowing the Vulcan ships to move in and pick up their people.
Trip: Glad you let us know.
Archer: Did you run into any problems up there?
Trip: Nothin’ we couldn’t handle. I’ll fill you in later.
Archer: We had a pretty rough landing. We’ll need a ride back to the ship.
Trip: I’ll send Travis down in Shuttlepod 2.
Archer: Acknowledged. Archer out.
Trip: Put us back in orbit, Travis. (To Malcolm) And cancel the tactical alert.


Future Tense

Discussing the corpse in the vessel:
Malcolm: Maybe he got a ride from someone.
Trip: That’s got to be a world record for hitchhikin’. I still can’t find any plasma exhaust ports. Not even a thruster quad.
Travis: There’s nothing here that looks like a power source.
Trip: How did this thing make it into deep space without an engine?
Malcolm: Could be an escape pod.
Trip: Even an escape pod would get some kind of propulsion system.
Malcolm: Commander. Registers as some kind of bio-matter.
Trip: Organic circuitry?
Malcolm: Maybe we should get Phlox to come down and take a look.
Trip: Not a bad idea. What’s this? Malcolm?
Malcolm: I see it
Trip: Good, means I’m not hallucinatin’. How can a ship be bigger on the inside than the outside?
Malcolm: It could be a halogram.
Trip: Hand me that hypospanner.
Malcolm: You’re not going down there?!
Trip: Got to get my spanner back.
Malcolm: We should call the bridge first, let them know….
Trip: Say again, Malcolm?
The two descend the ladder.
Malcolm: This gives “space exploration” a whole new meaning!
Trip: I’ve read a few papers on spatial geometry, but I never heard a theory that would explain this. The Cap’n will never believe us. He’s going to have to see this for himself. What do you think? A warp reactor?
Malcolm: You’re the engineer.
Trip: Looks like a breach, or an overload of some kind.
Malcolm: I’m picking up an energy signature. It’s very faint.
The two remove a panel from the wall and discover the source of the energy signature.
Trip: This could be a release pin. (Removes metal device.) Let’s get it to engineering.
In Engineering with the device from the ship.
Trip: It was heavily shielded. Whatever this thing is it must be pretty important.
Archer: What’s your guess.
Trip: It might be the black box.
T’Pol: It could tell us what happened. Maybe even who built the vessel.
Trip: That’s assumin’ we can get it workin’. It seems to use the same organic circuitry as the rest of the ship. Cap’n, I got to take you down into that chamber. You’re not going to believe your eyes.
Archer: Bigger on the inside?
Trip (shaking his head in wonder): Oh.
Trip and Reed working together in Engineering:
Trip: All right, let’s start reinitializing the power grid.
Malcolm: Assuming that is the power grid. It boggles the mind if you think about it.
Trip: What does?
Malcolm: That ship could be from the 31st century. When I was young I always wanted to build a time machine. See the future.
Trip: You’re probably the kind of person who jumps to the end of the book before you read it.
Malcolm: Don’t tell me you’ve never wondered what it will be like - how our mission will turn out.
Trip: Wonderin’ about the future and knowin’ it are two different things.
Malcolm: If Daniels came here and offered you a chance to go to the 31st century, you wouldn’t take it?
Trip (shakes head): Some things are better left a mystery.
Malcolm: And you call yourself an explorer!
Trip: Where’s the fun in exploring if you know how it all turns out? Hand me that micro-caliber. Suppose you could look into some future book, find out the name of the woman you’re going to marry. Would you want to know it?
Malcolm: Absolutely. Think of all the awkward first dates I could avoid.
Trip: Fine. So one day you meet Jane Doe, you go out a few times and you pop the question, she says “I do” and the two of you live happily ever after.
Malcolm: Sounds perfect.
Trip: Now, did you marry her for love, or because some book told you to?
Malcolm: If we’re “happily ever after,” what difference does it make?
Trip gives Malcolm a look.
Trip: We’ve got power. Now I’ve got to figure out how to tap into these organic circuits.
Malcolm: They’re similar to the ones in the cockpit.
Trip: Hmm, we might be able to salvage some of them. Build an interface.
The two enter the chamber where the vessel is.
Trip: Now if I had a chance to see the past, I’d jump at it. I always wanted to meet a stegosaurus.
Malcolm: He’d probably make a quick meal of you.
Trip: The stegosaurus was an herbivore.
Malcolm: If I could travel back in time I know exactly what year I’d pick – 1588.
Trip: What happened in 1588?
Malcolm: England defeated the Spanish Armada.
Trip: I’m sure someone named Reed had a lot to do with that!
Trip: Now if I had a chance to see the past, I’d jump at it. I always wanted to meet a stegosaurus.
Malcolm: He’d probably make a quick meal of you.
Trip: The stegosaurus was an herbivore.
Malcolm: Seems like we were just in here. If I could travel back, I know exactly what year I’d pick.
Malcolm and Trip simultaneously: 1588 1588?
Trip: How’d I know you were goin’ to say that?
Malcolm: I think we’re spending far too much time together.
Trip: Now, if I had the chance to see the past, I’d jump at it.
Malcolm: I always wanted to meet a stegosaurus.
Trip: He’d probably make a quick meal of you.
Malcolm: The stegosaurus was an herbivore.
On the bridge:
Trip: It was the weirdest thing. When we were standing next to the ship it felt like we were having the same conversation over and over again.
Phlox: I can’t find anything wrong with either of you.
Malcolm: We didn’t imagine what happened.
T’Pol: Captain, the craft is emitting some type of high-energy particles.
Archer: This may be the temporal radiation the Tholians warned us about.
Malcolm: We spent a fair amount of time around that ship.
Phlox: The particle density is quite low. It’s unlikely to have any lasting effects.
Trip: How do you explain what happened?
T’Pol: The radiation could have affected your perception of time.
Archer: Or, maybe they really were reliving the same moment. Seal off launch bay two and evacuate the surrounding sections. I don’t want to take any chances. (Malcolm nods and leaves.) (To Trip): How are you coming with the black box?
Trip: The power’s online but we still can’t access the data.
Archer: Let me know as soon as you find anything. Dismissed.
Archer: What do you have?
Trip: It’s what we don’t have. This isn’t a black box. We thought it was a data storage matrix, but after we got the power running it started generating a sub-space signature. I think it’s a micro-transmitter. Some kind of emergency beacon.
Archer on Bridge and Trip in Engineering:
Archer: Trip we could use warp engines right about now.
Trip: The anti-matter injectors are fused, I’ll need a few hours to replace them.
Archer: How about weapons.
Trip: Every power relay on the ship has been scrambled.
Archer: Then forget everything else. Get that beacon working.
Trip: Sir?
Archer: Whoever built that ship may be able to send help.
Trip: Aye, Cap’n.
Trip, T’Pol and Archer at breakfast:
Trip: I wish we had more time to explore that ship. Who knows how many other rooms were down there. Looks like they sent the whole kit-and-kaboodle back to the 31st century.
T’Pol: There’s no evidence to support that.
Trip: Well, there’s no evidence to contradict it either. What I don’t understand is how quickly everything disappeared. That beacon was online for less than a minute.
Archer: You’re forgetting that time is irrelevant to these people.
Trip: Irrelevant?
Archer: If that vessel was from the future whoever sent it had plenty of time to locate the signal and then travel back to any point in time to retrieve it.
Trip: Hmm. Well, unfortunately time isn’t irrelevant in my engine room. I’ve got repairs to finish. (To Archer) See you later. (To T’Pol) Subcommander.



Trip: Anything else on the menu?
Nausicaan: If you don’t like it give it to me.
Trip: I like it just fine.
Nausicaan: Give it to me.
Trip: Eat your own.
Zoumas: You don’t listen too well.
Trip: Then why don’t you save yourself the trouble and stop talking to me? (Nausicaan is zapped when he tries to attack Trip). (To guards) Thanks. (Guards zap Trip.)
Zoumas: You should be careful with the Nausicaans. Nasty tempers.
Trip: Thanks for the advice.
Zoumas: What were you smuggling? Latinum, Enolian spice wine?
Trip: We’re not smugglers. I’m the Chief Engineer of a starship and he’s my captain.
Zoumas: Captain of a starship. Interesting. I should have tried that when they took me! It might of helped! “Captain Zoumas!”
Trip: What if Enterprise doesn’t find the shuttlepod?
Archer: Hopefully there’ll be a judge or someone on that processing station we can talk to.
Trip: And if not?
Archer: You might want to make friends with that Nausicaan.
Zoumas: Have you ever tried tojal?
Trip: What?
Zoumas: There’s nothing like it but you have to eat it before it cools otherwise it’ll congeals.
Trip: Sounds terrific.
Zoumas: It’s the first thing I’m going to have when we are off this ship. Where do you think they’re taking us?
Trip: Ask him.
Zoumas: I’ll just wait and see. The Enolians won’t stop looking for us. We’ll be fugitives. I was thinking of having my face reconfigured. There’s a surgeon on Burala Prime who can do it. He can help you as well!
Trip: I’ll take my chances with my own face.
Zoumas: Have you ever been to Burala Prime?
Trip: Can’t say I have.
Zoumas: If you ever go, avoid the polar islands. The people are friendly but the cold is unbearable. Nothing but ice and glaciers! I was stranded there for 3 months when some colleagues of mine decided to leave without me.
Trip: Imagine that.
Zoumas: The day I got lost, that was the worst. Fourteen hours! It took me fourteen hours to find my way back to the outpost! I lost three toes to frostbite! I’ve walked with a slight limp ever since – not that you’d notice. I’m going to get that surgeon to work on my foot as well! Maybe he can replace the missing toes!
Trip (to Nausicaan): Excuse me? Can I change seats?
Nausicaan laughs.
Trip (to Nausicaan): Is this really necessary. I just saved your skin and you still don’t trust me. Do you know how much power flows through those plasma circuits?
Zoumas: How much?
Trip (to Nausicaan): A lot. I could’ve been electrocuted. Ah, the least you can do is say “thanks.
Nausicaan: Thanks.
Zoumas: That was nice! It reminds me of the time I was…
Trip (to Zoumas): Shut up.
Zoumas: Once you get past the texture, they really don’t taste that bad. The fun part is keeping them in your mouth! They jump around until you crunch down on them…
Trip: Enough!
Zoumas: Is something wrong?
Trip: No, I love hearing how delicious Melvaran mud fleas are, or about the time you spent two hours with a Orion slave girl, or the miracles doctors can perform these days getting rid of Fluvian fungus!
Zoumas: Well what makes you think I want to hear your stories?
Trip: I haven’t told you any! You won’t let me get a word in edgewise! I can’t even put my fingers in my ears! Ten minutes, that’s all I’m asking! Just ten minutes of silence!
Zoumas: I didn’t realize I was being so annoying! We seemed to be getting along so well! I just thought it might be nice to have a pleasant conversation before I spend 10 years in a penal colony!
Trip: Look, I’m sorry I snapped at you. But this isn’t exactly the best place to socialize.
Trip: Nice of you to visit.
Alien: Who are we docking with?
Archer: You’re guess is as good as mine.
(Trip and Archer go to repair the ship.)
Archer: He’s taking us off on a shuttle, then he plans to crash the ship.
Trip: I hope you’ve got something else in mind.
Archer: We can’t wait for Enterprise. We’ve got to try to take control. Think you can handle him?
Trip: Yeah, piece of cake.
Archer in cockpit. Trip repairing docking hatch.
Archer: Trip? How is that docking port coming?
Trip: I need a minute. It’s a big job.
Archer: Do your best.
Trip (to the Nausicaan): Listen, I know we kinda got off on the wrong foot. No hard feelings. But now that we’re friends, I could use a hand.
Nausicaan: You’re the engineer.
Trip: True, but I’m having trouble getting the intake valve open. I guess I don’t have the muscle for it. Unless I’m mistaken Kuroda wants this hatch repaired. That one. If you could turn it counter clockwise. Yeah, a little more. It’s gotta go at least 90 degrees. That’s it. You almost got it. (Knocks out Nausicaan with shackles)
Prisoner: What are you doing?
Zoumas: They said they were going to let us go!
Trip: They lied. They’re planning to kill you, all of you.
Prisoner: How do you know that?
Zoumas: You’re going to get us sent to Canamar!
Trip: Keep it down.
Zoumas (to Kuroda who is coming to see what is happening): Watch out!
Kuroda shoots Trip.
Trip regains consciousness
Zoumas: You should thank me.
Trip: What? Where’s Archer?
Zoumas: He’s with them, repairing the docking hatch. They said there’s a shuttle coming for us. I’m sorry I had to intervene, but you didn’t give me much choice! You’re lucky they didn’t kill you! Kuroda was furious! But everything is fine now. They are going to set us free! You’re welcome.
Reed and Malcolm to the rescue!
Trip (showing the shackles): Cap’n? Would you mind?
Trip: Anything I can do?
Archer: Unless you have a spare thruster assembly. Is everyone off?
Trip: Just about.
Archer: I’ll be right there.



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