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EPISODES 1-5 Shockwave (Part II), Carbon Creek, Minefield, Dead Stop, A Night in Sickbay
EPISODES 6-8 Marauders, The Seventh, The Communicator
EPISODES 9-11 Singularity, Vanishing Point, Precious Cargo
EPISODES 12-14 The Catwalk, Dawn, Stigma
EPISODES 15-17 Cease Fire, Future Tense, Canamar,
EPISODES 18-20 The Crossing, Judgment, Horizon
EPISODES 21-23 The Breach, Cogenitor, Regeneration
EPISODES 24-26 First Flight, Bounty, The Expanse


First Flight
The Expanse

Season One Trip Quotes

Trip Swears

First Flight

Trip: Well, if I can it should put on a hellofa show.
Trip: There’s nothin’ wrong with that engine!
Trip: Just because it took you a hundred years to crack warp two doesn’t mean it’ll take us that long.
Trip: Cyrus?
Ruby: Cyrus?
Archer: Who’s Cyrus?
Trip: It was my great-grandfather’s name.
Ruby: Keep trying, Tucker.
Trip: Chester? How about Rosalie if it’s a girl? Come on, give me a hint! She’s had names for her kids picked out since she was ten. Says she’ll marry the first man to guess them.
Archer: What’s your name, Lieutenant?
Trip: Charles Tucker, Sir, but everybody calls me Trip.
Archer: Trip?
Trip: My dad’s Charles Tucker and so was his dad, and that makes me the third, so…triple…Trip.
Trip: If I came along I could monitor the antimatter flow.
Archer: I’ll keep an eye on it.
Trip: You’re going to have your hands full!
Archer: I’m going to need you down here. Don’t worry. You’ll get out there someday. If I had my own ship, I’d sign you up in a second.
Trip: I’m going to hold you to that.
Archer: Thanks, Trip.
Trip: Welcome back. How’d it go?
T’Pol: Your charges were effective.
Trip: Was it a good show?
Archer: You should’ve been there.
Trip: I’ll remember to ask you next time.



Archer: Maybe you were lightheaded from the altitude.
Trip: I didn’t slip! The overhang gave way the moment I put my foot on it.
Archer: I walked on the same rocks you did.
Trip: Well, maybe you loosened them. You do weigh a few kilos more than I do.
Trip (in response to the fact that Tellarites consider arguing a sport): I’ve got an old girlfriend this guy might like to meet.
Malcolm: We’re getting too much interference from that device. It’s throwing off all our scans.
Trip: Then get rid of it.
Malcolm: With pleasure, sir!
Trip (once Archer is retrieved in the pod): Let’s get the hell out of here.
Trip (to Archer): Rough ride?
Trip (about Klingons): They’re limping back to Kronos.


The Expanse

Trip: My baby sister. When we were in school, I made sure all the boys in her class got a good look at me. None of them ever messed with her.
Trip (about body found with probe): Who the hell was he? What species?
Trip (to Malcolm): That was the old movie theatre. When we were kids, if I didn’t take my sister with me she’d scream like a banshee.
Malcolm: Is there going to be some kind of service?
Trip: For Lizzie? If you’re talking about a funeral it’s kind of pointless when there’s nothing left.
Malcolm: Well, I guess I was talking about a memorial.
Trip: My sister wasn’t big on memorials.
Malcolm: I read there was a day of remembrance for all the victims a couple of months ago. I’m sorry you missed it.
Trip: Why are you so obsessed with memorials?
Malcolm: I’m not obsessed.
Trip: She’s dead. So were 7 million others. She was no more important than any of them.
Malcolm: She was more important to you. There’s nothing wrong with admitting that.
Trip: I’m getting real tired of you telling me what I can and can’t do. And while we’re at it, I don’t need you to remind me that Elizabeth was killed. So just let it alone. Maybe you should pay more attention to upgrading your weapons so you can blow the hell out of these bastards when we find them.
How’s Porthos holding up? If no people have returned from the Delphic Expanse, I doubt any dogs have.
Trip: You picked a new science officer?
Archer: No.
Trip: You’re gonna miss her, aren’t you?
Archer: When they first assigned her, I felt like strangling Soval.
Trip: Eh, she does kind of grow on you.
Archer: I would think you’d be the first one to show her to the airlock.
Trip: Nah.
Trip (to Archer): I can’t wait to get in there, Cap’n. Find the people who did this and tell me we won’t be tiptoeing around. None of that ‘non-interference’ crap T’Pol’s always shoving down our throats. Maybe it’s a good thing she’s leaving.
Trip (about distance of 1,000,000 kilometers to the expanse): Looks a hell of a lot closer than that.
Archer: Magnify.
Trip (commenting upon the magnification of the expanse): Not very helpful.
Trip (responding to an alert from T’Pol’s workstation): Probably the buoy.
T’Pol: Not unless you launched three of them.
Trip (to Archer about any more loss of injectors): No, sir. We’re good to go.



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