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Broken Bow (Parts I & II)   Reviewed by T'Dax
* The Commander insists he took a shower today, and introduces himself: "Trip, I'm called Trip." *

Fight or Flight   srtrekker's review is coming soon!

Strange New World    Reviewed by gort  Special Three-Parter!
The Plot
The Major Trip Moments
The Analysis

Unexpected   Redcat's review is coming soon!

Terra Nova   Bucky's review is coming soon!

The Andorian Incident   Reviewed by Myst123
* Trip, as always, brings truth and revelation for the grateful viewer... *

Breaking the Ice   Reviewed by Myst123
* ...Trip isn't able to talk with them about human waste with any sort of dignity. Archer was very mean to OMT... *

Civilization   Reviewed by Bucky
* ...what he really does is set up the unsuspecting, but willing-to-play-along Trip as an 'amateur collector.' "Uhhhh....those look interestin', " Trip bumbles, but Garos is not fooled,... *

Fortunate Son   Reviewed by Archer4Trip
* Ryan: "Warp 1.8 works just fine for me.  Any faster, and there'd be no time to enjoy the trip." *

Cold Front   Reviewed by Lady Conqueror
* Apparently Humans and Indiana exist in the 31st century but not in the way we would define them - Trip gives this bit of news his patented WTF look. *

Silent Enemy   Reviewed by Hoshi'sSis
* Archer searches out Trip who has been busy hard at work getting the ship repaired and capable of flying at Warp again. *

Dear Doctor   Reviewed by Miss Sunbeam
* Phlox looks over in the dark at Trip and Trip is sobbing his wee hot heart out! *

Sleeping Dogs   Be the first to review this ep!

Shadows of P'Jem   T'Dax's review is coming soon!

Shuttlepod One   Reviewed by Li
* Trip tells him that comic books are very complex.(...)They have their biggest argument yet, and Reed threatens Trip with a phase pistol to stay put. *

Fusion   Reviewed by Myst123
* Trip also shares with Kov that not all emotions are wonderful, that regret is one to avoid at all costs. *

Rogue Planet   Reviewed by KylieLee
* ...while Reed is off killing things, and Tucker snaps picture after picture despite the incredibly poor light, barely stopping to set up shots and refocus... *

Acquisition   Be the first to review this ep!

Oasis   Reviewed by Myst123
* She has to go, albeit with a sequencer designed to provide her with 5 flavors of ice cream. And a kiss. And a touch of the forehead. *

Detained   Be the first to review this ep!

Vox Sola   Reviewed by Archer4Trip
* Trip asks charmingly naive questions about the game, as one might do when out on a first date,... *

Fallen Hero   Reviewed by MoulinRouge
* "Commander Tucker! I was under the impression that on your world it is considered bad manners to ask a lady her age." *

Desert Crossing   Reviewed by MoulinRouge
* ...proved once again why Tucker and Archer's friendship is Star Trekšs most endearing relationship... *

Two Days and Two Nights   Reviewed by Miss Sunbeam
* 'Izzat a man or woman?' Trip says, and Malcolm doesn't know, and it really doesn't seem to matter. *

Shockwave (Part I)   Be the first to review this ep!


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