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Three things you have to admit about Trip - you can't take your eyes off him, you can't wait to hear what he'll say next,and you can't stop talking about him. Trip is a compelling character, due in no small part to his good looks, lively eyebrows, expressive face, exceptional lines, and, well, a lot of blue underwear. Look up the word 'callipygian'. It's a good thing.

This section contains a picture file of just about everything Trip. It's organized by seasons, with other pictures added at the end. The second main area is TripQuotes, a compendium of the quotable Mr. Tucker, again divided into seasons. It's not his every word, but just about. We were *forced* to open a separate section just to document the man's four-letter vocabulary, which is quite endearing. Finally, we have reviews, Trip-centric of course, of almost every ep. Please fill in the gaps!

Trip Pics

Most of these pictures are screencaps, for which I tried to credit the creator when possible. They are arranged by season and by episode, with some other miscellany added at the bottom of each. Not all pictures are displayed at any one time, so check back.

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Trip Quotes

These quotes are wonderful to reread. Great for when you need that exact word for your post or website. They are organized by season, then by episode. One of the best things he says is "Sonofabitch!", so we started a separate listing for when he fires off his mouth. The Xindi should get an earful.

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Trip-centric Episode Reviews

The reviews were compiled from BBSTucker members and other online visitors who sent them in. Send in yours! In Season Two, most reviews are by Archer4Trip and Lady Conqueror. Sign up now for Season Three -- as long as your review is Trip-centered (I mean, who *else* is there to talk about), it's perfect.

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