-= Trip's Relationships =-

Is he the chick-magnet? Is he stuck with every Alien Babe Of the Week (ABOW)? Why do people think he and Archer are dating? What can I say, the man has chemistry with EVERYONE.  

How did * I * get involved in all this? When did * I * become a 'shipper? Well, in about Week One of Season One, when I read some of Jadis' magical fanfic, I guess. Part of the problem, as usual, is Trip's unparalled ability to get along with everyone he meets, even icy Vulcans (i.e., dinner in "Breaking the Ice"). So far, we have the following relationships, IN NO ORDER of any sort, I swear.

On-going Major Shipping

1. Trip and Archer, the relationship of longest standing and depth
Greatest Moments: "Desert Crossing" -- sheltering arms
"Cogenitor" and "First Flight" -- crisis and backstory      

2. Trip and T'Pol, the relationship most likely to generate sparks
Greatest Moments: "Breaking the Ice" -- apologies      

3. Trip and Reed, combative, abrasive and ready to hit the town together
Greatest Moments: "Shuttlepod One" -- cranky and suicidal
"Two Days and Two Nights" -- dorks on the make
"Dead Stop" and "The Expanse" -- bad boys & real pain      

4. Trip and Hoshi, the concerned older officer and his junior, needing encouragement
Greatest Moments: "Fight or Flight" -- the dyyyyyin worm
"Vanishing Point" -- her calming center

5. Trip and Travis, after all, this friendship was in the original "ENTbible" story
Greatest Moments: "Broken Bow" -- the 'sweet spot'
"Horizon" -- some pictures of you

6. Trip and Pecan Pie, cause it may not be good for the body but it sure is good for the soul.
Greatest Moments: "Breaking the Ice" -- Mmm, I feel better already.

shipper image One-Time Only 'Shipping

7. Trip and Ah'lenn, a brief attraction and eventful, if embarrassing, pregnancy
Greatest Moments: "Unexpected" -- the 'water cubes'

8. Trip and Liana, one devastatingly flirtatious commander + one waifish cutie; ended (whew!)
Greatest Moments: "Oasis" -- the forehead touch

9. Trip and Kov, our new ship's counselor(?) and a troubled Vulcan (no one's 'shipping this one)
Greatest Moments: "Fusion" -- mating habits? dancing?

10. Trip and The Space Station Computer
Greatest Moments: "Dead Stop" -- the customer is always right

11. Trip and Feezal (aka Mrs. Phlox)
Greatest Moments: "Stigma" -- the plasma's runnin' a little hot

12. Trip and Princess Kaitaama
Greatest Moments: "Precious Cargo" -- even one-sided chemistry is great

13. Trip and Ruby
Greatest Moments: "First Flight" -- he'll guess that kid's name yet!

14. Trip and ??? What will Season Three bring? Surely not a Xindi...

Who will be next? Or, more to the point, who *won't* be next? Please don't say Phlox!


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