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Tuckerites aren't obsessed, please, we're -> FOCUSED <- Focused on Trip, of course. This focus has led to innumerable Trip threads on the BBS, several websites, and well, money spent. Since we can't get Trip 24/7, we tend to focus on the little details and build up some fairly complex conclusions from that. We have also discovered that asking for certain storylines is a wish that gets granted more often than not (witness: more 'engineer' Trip, conflict with Archer, consequences of his impulsiveness, and now, more Trip and T'Pol).

This section is for focusing on what's hard to see -- the offscreen Trip Tucker. Under the table, in depth, in our own minds. Trip as we see him. You'll find biography (both canon and speculative), Trip fiction of all varieties, Trip's relationships (the good, the bad, and the ugly), and the man's many, many issues, of which his sense of fashion is only the most obvious.

Trip Fan Fiction

It was a long time coming, mostly because I haven't written a lot of fic and was new to it. With help from myst123, ruler of the TripTpolers, I got up to speed. Now it's here - Trip Fan Fiction. Out first contest (June to August 2003) brought us many new fics by very good writers. My own fic you'll find in the Archer*Trip wing, soon.

Who is Trip Tucker?

If you are a recent acolyte to the faith of Tuckerism and need to catch up fast, or if you are an old familiar who just can't remember a detail for your fic (Are Trip's quarters on B Deck or E Deck?), then look here for the canon facts. Also included are some interviews and excerpts of Connor Trinneer talking about the character, and some speculative imaginings about Trip's family and what we'd like to see for the upcoming seasons.

* DON'T MISS * Trip 'Shippers

All 'ships sail at the House of Tucker. If you just *know* Trip was meant to be with his true love and that happens to be [insert name here], you're welcome to speak of it. Endlessly! Majority opinion is against Trip/Phlox, and kindly leave Porthos out of it. Trip has his hands full - he's got five romantic choices on the Enterprise (at least), three of which have their adherents in the House of Tucker (Trip/Hoshi and Trip/Travis have minor but growing support). Then there are the alien babes of the week. And then, there's the pecan pie.

-= Trip's Issues =-

Trip and Food (w/ The Captain's Table)
Trip has a lot of issues to contend with, or which provoke good discussion. First and foremost is the man's obsession with food. He loves to eat, share food, talk about food, and eat some more. The full range of his food connections is documented here. One of the best recurring elements of the series is the Captain's Table, documented here in word and image.

Body Issues
Some of Trip's Issues are physical - the eyebrows so lovely, the nose like a ski jump, the hair neat as a pin, with varying highlights.

Other Issues
Other issues are more complex: Impulsive loudmouth or Outspoken Human? Fashion victim or Superfly? Underwear Blues? Sex Symbol or Sex Symbol? You decide.

Talkin'Bout Trip!

We've added another page to handle the increasing phenomenon of people (ordinary, non-Tuckerite folks) talking about Trip. It's quite wonderful actually. Have a look.


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