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The Tuckerites are a worldwide fanbase of Commander Charles "Trip" Tucker III of Enterprise, played by Connor Trinneer. The original Tuckerite? That would be *blue* or *Jen* (but I'll let them fight it out), way back before we were even known as Tuckerites. We garnered quite a reputation for our exuberant and very frequent 'Trip Threads' over at the TrekBBS.

Tuckerites, perhaps inspired by their namesake, love to eat and drink -- there's plenty of food and drink at all times. If you've brought something, just put it on the side table. As always, our benediction (with thanks to Miss Thang) is, "May you be fed pecan pie (or whatever you choose) by a dishy, charmin' Southerner with a distinctive shnoz."

Tuckerites are also remarkably hospitable. Have a seat next to us - there's plenty of room on the sofa - or feel free to wander around the house. All are welcome. Explore the Tuckerite community in the pages below - by talking to other Tuckerites, reading up on us, or looking at other Trip websites.

The House of Tucker BBS

The number one place for Trip Talk is easy to join and easy to use. We have five forums - one for Trip, one each for the major 'ships, and one for fan fiction assistance. Join us in a very, very Trip-centered discussion.

-= Tuckerism =-

Some people were there at the beginning, others have been Tuckerites alone in the wilderness until they found this site. Others, believe it or not, have NEVER seen the wonder that is Trip. We don't want to sound sacreligious, but... this has all the characteristics of a faith. Tuckerism is for the devoted but allows for free thinking too.

Sacred Texts of Tuckerism

Someone (not a Tuckerite) started a thread on the TrekBBS called "Charles Tucker III: The Man is God!" Of course, we agreed. Here you'll find commandments, proverbs, and other guidelines. Read the Sacred Texts with the proper hushed decorum.

* DON'T MISS * You Know You're a Tuckerite When...

You know you're a Tuckerite already. But in case you're wondering *just how bad things are*, you can use this handy checklist. It's also helpful for spotting Tuckerite tendencies in friends and family, and some people use it as a form of confessional. All of the statements are true.

How to Survive the Summer Hiatus

AAAaarrRRGHhh! It's May, the season finale is over, and the September premiere is three and a half months away -- it might as well be three years! Here are eighteen (18!) ways to retain your sanity until Trip is back on screen.

-= Links to Trip Sites =-

These links include sites with a large amount of Trip-related content, or some unique and extraordinary stuff that you shouldn't miss.


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