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Not only is that Trip's favorite ice cream, it's also the name of this humor section. Tuckerites and humor just seem to go together, which is probably why *our TrekBBS threads are so fun*. Of course, humor can be a matter of personal taste, but surely on this whole page you can find something that offends you. Lots of bad, bad jokes, most of which leave people breathless with laughter. Feel free to let out your inner demons and contribute.

Important Health Alert

Have you noticed any physical or mental changes in yourself since first seeing Trip Tucker? Read this announcement immediately.

Take (a) Trip to Risa!

Tourism Risa - Interstellar Promotions (T.R.I.P.) has a great vacation deal for Tuckerites. Read the tantalizing brochure, then watch the jaw-dropping slide show, live from Risa. If that doesn't sell you,...

TheTrip Tucker Songbook

Sing along with your favorite songs, lyrically reinterpreted and adapted to suit Trip and the rest of the Enterprise crew. "The Sound of Tucker" is the current crowd favorite. Also includes links to the 2-CD Merry Tripmas collection.

The Trip Gift Shop

Shop for Trip-related products, many of which don't even exist (yet). Action figures, perfume, ice cream, and much much more. Help us expand our product line!

South Park Trip

This fantastic site uses Flash to help you build an actual South Park character. We build Trips, of course. About twenty so far, all on view. Add your own South Park Trip to the collection.

Ent Limericks

Limericks. "The ultimate in pornographic joy, combining, as it does, naughtiness to the limit of the imagination, and laughter to the point of breathlessness." Actually that was the dust jacket blurb for Edward Gorey's "The Curious Sofa", but it applies. Season One and Season Two are here.

* DON'T MISS *Tabloid Trip

The SCANDAL!! Drugs, violence, sex, espionage, aliens, sex, and sex. This rag makes the Weekly World News and The National Enquirer look like, well, like proud parents.

Semi-Scholarly Dissertations

Three random bits of "scholarship" - one very serious (and brilliant), one semi-serious (a parody), and one very, very silly.

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