Who IS Trip Tucker?


-= Trip Tucker Biography =-

So you're wondering who Commander Tucker is. Well, it's a long story, and a good one. Here you'll find the official 'canon' biography as well as backstory speculation on the Tucker clan, and future stories we'd like to see.

The Official StarTrek.com Biography of Commander Charles "Trip" Tucker III.

One of the best collections of canon fact comes from ENTST Community, a fanfiction site. Here's their Tucker page.

StarTrekUK's Bio of Trip is also very good.

This German Bio is also very funny and original (if you can read German).

Connor has had this to say about his character: "One of the great aspects of this character is that he's such a smart ass, and had he not been a good friend of the Captain prior to going on this, he wouldn't have nearly as much rope as he does to hang himself with.  Read the full Trek Galaxy Interview from September 2001.

Connor Trinneer speaks in this early UPN video (1.1 MB download) about Trip and his relationship to Captain Archer.

The Tucker Clan (results of a BBSTucker competition) - and all highly speculative! If you think you know his family, meet these folks.

For Archer/Trip Backstory , go to the A*T site.

Future storylines we'd like to see:

1. Engineering prowess: Trip could show more of his impressive engineering skills
2. Ah'lenn's baby: Will she return to the story with her child or will the child return, grown up?
3. Split or fight with Archer: Conflict over a course of action, leading to a break in Trip's loyalty or a reevaluation of how he sees Archer.
4. Friendship with Reed: Developing a closer, if tentative, friendship.
5. Visit to family on Earth: To see the Tucker clan first hand, as we've seen some of Reed's.

Trip's first year was NOT easy. See for yourself: Visual (thanks Helyn) and Textual (thanks Hoshi'ssis)


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