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This is a fairly comprehensive list but please let me know if I'm missing anything. It contains some sites with pictures, video interviews, media interviews, and other things related to Connor. Nothing about his personal life except what he reveals in interviews. For more pictures, go to Connor Pics.


CT Fan Site Lyekka's Site
The Unofficial CT page Last updated 2002
The CT Museum Japanese site (in English) that brought us the Japan Tobacco commercial
BIT's Connor Bio A brief, standard biography

Interviews Video Interview 2002 Interview, 9.1MB, RP or WMP required
Seattle Times Article on CT May 2003 interview with the 'local boy'
Report on TrekExpo 2 Trinneer mentioned briefly *Southern accent confirmed*
Article/Interview about CT in Japan Extra Japan Tobacco pics and lots of CT
CT Interview Video OR Another address CT Video Interview from 2001. Problematic quality but worth hearing.
Season Two Launch Interview Includes Trinneer, B&B, others. Good insights.
Longview Daily News 9/26/01 A very early story on CT by a hometown paper's January 2002 Interview Good info on the character of Trip CT Chat Transcript of February 14, 2002 Chat


Mark Halper Studios Mark Halper's great shots of CT in uniform, suit, and casual clothes

Mixed Bag

CT Publicity from IMDB No text or pics but a nice summary of CT press coverage
Creation Entertainment & Slanted Fedora For CT appearances at conventions
UPN's CT BioBrief but interesting

And there is always Connor's own Official Website

And sometimes, regular old mail is the best:
Send Mail to...
Connor Trinneer
c/o Enterprise
Paramount Pictures
5555 Melrose Avenue
Hollywood, California


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