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EPISODES 1-5 Broken Bow (Parts I & II), Fight or Flight, Strange New World, Unexpected, Terra Nova
EPISODES 6-10 The Andorian Incident, Breaking the Ice, Civilization, Fortunate Son, Cold Front
EPISODES 11-15 Silent Enemy, Dear Doctor, Sleeping Dogs, Shadows of P'Jem, Shuttlepod One
EPISODES 16-20 Fusion, Rogue Planet, Acquisition, Oasis, Detained
EPISODES 21-25 Vox Sola, Fallen Hero, Desert Crossing, Two Days and Two Nights, Shockwave (Part I)


Silent Enemy
Dear Doctor
Sleeping Dogs
Shadows of P'Jem
Shuttlepod One

Silent Enemy

Archer:  Where were you at dinner?
Trip:  I ate in my quarters.  Now that we've got the amplifier working, I wanted to answer a few letters.
Archer:  You missed T'Pol's latest bout with chopsticks.
Trip:  Damn, dinner and a show.

Archer:  I thought you were going to upgrade this.
Trip:  That is the upgrade....If you want I can change the color.

Archer:  What's the word from home?
Trip:  Ah, the usual.  Engineering updates.  Oh! And Duvall got promoted.  They're givin' him the Shenandoah.
Archer:  Duvall got his own command?  Thank god we're a hundred light years away.
Trip:...and....I got a letter from Natalie.
Archer:  The Natalie.  From Pensacola?
Trip:  Natalie from Pensacola.  (changing subject)  Looks like we've got a charge imbalance in this manifold.
Archer:  Trip?
Trip:  They say long distance relationships never work.  This is about as long distance as you can get.
Archer:  You okay?
Trip: Uh, yeah.  I just... I just wish I'd had a chance to say goodbye face-to-face.

Archer:  Let me ask you something.  Do you spend much time with Malcolm?
Trip:  I was in the armory yesterday for a few hours swapping out some power relays.
Archer:  Did you talk about anything interesting?
Trip:  (shrugs) Power relays.

Archer:  If I asked your parents what you like to eat, would they be able to tell me?
Trip:  Are you kiddin'?!  My mama'd give you the recipe for pan-fried catfish and wouldn't let ya go until ya promised not to screw it up.

Trip: (off set) That support frame's bent.  We'll need to reinforce it.
(Enter Archer)
Archer:  How bad is it?
Trip:  That last shot-a been half a meter higher...we'd be looking at stars.  (pause) There were 13 people work' in this section, Cap'n, including yours truly.  If that bulkhead had blown....

(Regarding installing the Phase Cannons)
Trip:  I know we can do it.  Most of the stuff we need is already on the ship.
Archer:   The armory team at Jupiter Station is trained for this kind of work.  If we're going to do this: let's do it right.
Trip:  My engineers are just as good as they are.
Reed:  With your permission, we could at least begin the work.  Get a few things started for Jupiter Station.
Trip: It'll cut down the time we have to sped in space dock.

(In the armory)
Reed:  This, ladies and gentlemen, is a phase modulated energy weapon.  It's rated for a maximum fire output of 500 gigagules.  Enterprise was designed to carry three of them.  We have one, and it's only a prototype.
Trip:  Our job is to get it up and runnin,' and build two more from scratch.  The Cap'n is takin' us back because he thinks this work oughta be done by the boys back in space dock.
Reed:   Far be in from me to question the Captain's judgment, but Commander Tucker and I believe we can do this ourselves.
Trip:  That means double shifts.  By the time we reach Jupiter Station, I don't want their engineers to have anythin' to do but give us a wash and a wax.  Any questions?
Crewman:  Are we expecting another attack, Sir?
Trip:  We all signed up for this trip because we wanted to do somethin' no one had ever done before, not because we thought it'd be easy or safe.  But we're not here to take foolish risks.  The Cap'n and the rest of the crew are depending on us to keep Enterprise ready for anything.  
Reed:  Once we get these phase cannons online, we'll have a lot more firepower to do just that.
Trip:  So, whataya standin' around for?

Trip:  (off screen)  Tucker to Archer
Archer:  Go ahead
Trip:  We've got the plasma leak under control, but our port nacelle took a lot of damage.  
Archer:  How long before we can go to warp?
Trip:  ...uh...coupla days.
Archer:  What about impulse power?
Trip:  That's the good news.  It should be back online in a few minutes.

Trip (to Reed):  Targeting scanners will be online in an hour.
Reed:  We should be aligning them by now...not installing them!

Trip:  You were a little hard on Eddie.  Everyone's bustin' their tails to get this job done.

Trip:  What were you trying to do?
Reed:  Bypass the EPS grid.
Trip:  Why?
Reed:  We could draw power for the cannons directly from the impulse engines.
Trip:  Are you tryin' to make this blow up in your face?
Reed;   The relays were rated to handle that much power.
Trip:  What if there's a surge?
Reed:  Ahhh!, I've thought of that.  These inverters were designed to cut in at the first sign of an overload.
Trip:  (Shaking head) nu'uh, we gotta do this by the book or we'll end up blowing a bigger hole in ourselves than the bad guys.
Reed:  I've run a dozen simulations.  (pause)  It's an acceptable risk.
Trip:  When it comes to modifying ship's systems, why don't you let the Chief Engineer decide what's an acceptable risk.
Reed:  Sir.  If we do this by the book, those aliens are likely to be back before we're done.
Trip:  I want to get this job done as quickly as you do, Lieutenant, but not if it means takin' shortcuts that could get our people killed.
Reed:  Yes.  Sir.

(In Engineering)

Archer:  Don't you ever rest?
Trip:  Ya know I can't sleep without the warp engines on line.  I don't feel those vibrations, sum'n just don't feel right.
Archer:  Well, I hope you get them fixed soon, because you look like hell.
Trip: Well, with all due respect, Cap'n, you shouldn't be talkin'
Archer:  How's it coming?
Trip: (sighing) They'll be online by the end of the day tomorrow.  Guaranteed.  
(Pause.  Looks at Archer)  Could ya check the dilithium alignment for me?
Archer:  sure.  Point Oh Six microns. At least we'll be flying home under our own power.
Trip:  Let me know if it drops below Point Oh Three.
Archer:  I tried to get a message to the Vulcan High Command, but it didn't go through.  If it had, we'd be expecting a Surok class ship tomorrow, oh-so-politely offering to help us.
Trip:  The Vulcans would have loved that, town' the pride a' Starfleet back to base.
Archer:  Maybe we should thank our visitors for blowing up the subspace amplifiers.  (beeping sound)  It's holding at Point Oh Five.
Trip:  Keep an eye on it.
Archer:  You looking forward to seeing Earth?
Trip:  Sure.  I just didn't think I'd be seein' it so soon.
Archer:  This time we won't be leaving before we're ready.
Trip: Are your ears a little pointier than usual?
Archer:  I never said we didn't belong out here.  I just wish we'd launched with all our systems online, especially weapons.
Trip:  If we hadn't launched when we did, they'd have sent Klang back to Kronos in a box.
Archer:  I keep reminding myself of that.  But I rushed us out of space dock because I had something t prove.  And I risked the lives of 81 humans, a Vulcan, and a Denobulan to do it.
Trip:  Don't forget Porthos.
Archer:  Thanks
Trip:  In the old days, astronauts road rockets with millions of liters of hydrogen burnin' under their seats.  Do you think they said, 'Gee, I'd love t go to the moon today, but it seems a little risky'?  I think if you asked any one on board if they thought this mission was worth the risk, you'd get the same answer from everyone of 'em.

Trip:  Have ya still got those guns of yours hooked on to the impulse engines?
Reed:  I'm just disconnecting them now.
Trip:  Hang on a minute.  You're sure this'll work?
Reed:  Yes, Commander, I am.
Trip:  Then based on the recommendation of the armory officer, the Chief Engineer finds the level of risk acceptable.

Archer I'd rather knock out two decks than surrender this ship.
Reed:  But sir...
Trip:  Hold on a minute.  I think there's a way to handle the recoil.  
Reed:  How?
Trip:  All that excess energy's go to go somewhere.  Why not put it to good use.  If we repolarize the gravity plating to absorb the recoil, then we can shunt the energy to structural integrity.
Archer:  Sounds good to me.

Archer:  Bridge to the Armory.  Everything Okay down there?
Trip:  (off screen) We blew out the plasma relays on B deck, but it's nothin' we can't take care of.  What about our friends?

(Armory. Archer, Trip and Reed with glasses of beer.)
Trip:  To our mysterious friends.  I wish I coulda seen the looks on their faces.
Reed:  Hear.  Hear.
Archer:  Don't get used to drinking on duty, but you did your jobs damned well yesterday.  I'd say that deserves a little celebration.
Reed:   Cheers.
Trip:  If ya really want to thank us, how about lettin' us sleep in tomorrow?


Dear Doctor

Trip:  Got somethin' in my eye.


Sleeping Dogs

(On bridge)
Trip:  We're picking up something.
(Klingon language over comm.)
Archer:  Sounds like Klingon.
Trip:  I'll try to tie in the U. T. (does it)

(In sick bay)
Klingon woman:  Release me!  Coward!  Let me die on my feet!
Phlox:  T'Pol was right.  There's a neurotoxin in her blood stream.  Untreated it could kill her within a day or two.
Archer:  Can you do anything?
Phlox:  I'm working on it.
Trip:  T'Pol said the Klingons were unconscious.  Why is this one so lively?
Phlox:  She's showing the effects of hypothermia.  My guess is she took refuge in a low temperature environment aboard her ship the cold delayed the effects of the toxin.
Klingon woman:  I demand to speak to your captain!
Trip:  You know I read that if they sense the leader is weak they'll try to kill him, take command.  (Power arm signal)

Archer:  Remind me to stop trying to help people.
(Trip is amused)

Archer:  I think I made a tactical error dealing with the Klingon woman.  I asked her for help. She could see that as a sign of weakness.
Trip:  You been boning up on your Klingon psychology?

Trip:  Maybe it's time to start thinking like a Klingon.  (to Archer)

Archer:  Kaplah!
Trip:  I beg your pardon?
Archer:  Success!

Trip:  That may explain why our guest is so irritable. (about Klingon woman)

Trip:  Going to go put your homework to use?  (Archer going to talk with the Klingon woman)
Archer:  Something like that.

Archer:  This is Klingon Raptor Somrov hailing Enterprise.  Request permission to disembark four passengers.
Trip:  Well I don't see why not.

Trip:  I kept your seat warm for ya! (to Archer returning from the rescue

Mayweather:  It's the Raptor, sir, they're hailing us.
Trip:  Calling to say thanks?
Archer:  I doubt it.  Put her through.


Shadows of P'Jem

Trip:  Ah, you had me going there for a minute.
Archer:  You're just too easy a target.
Trip:  You're taking me, right?

Trip:  What the hell's that supposed...?  I'm getting real sick of being cut off.

Trip:  You're awfully trigger-happy for someone who's repressed his emotions. (Trip to Sopek)

Trip:  I guess not everyone gets to live in Emerald City.  (Trip to Reed as they walk through a slum like area looking for Archer)

Trip:  What the hell are you doing here?
Shran:  Looking out for you pink skins.

Trip:  I'm no fan of the Vulcans but they are no warmongers.

Trip:  Vulcans crashed our rescue party.  (To Archer about the weapons exchange they are hearing)


Shuttlepod One

Trip:  I'll have you know that Superman was laced with metaphor, subtext layered on subtext.

Malcolm:  I don't suppose you have a sextant handy.
Trip:  I left it with my slide rule.

Trip:  I just need to get some sleep, Malcolm, is that so hard to understand?

Trip:  If  I don't waste some oxygen sleeping I'm going to start getting real cranky and you don't want to spend you last nine days cooped up with me when I'm cranky.  So turn that thing off and get some rest.

Trip:  And you came close to criticizing my choice of cuisine.

Trip:  How much closer to oblivion are we?

Trip:  I'm confident there will be a Charles Tucker the Fourth one day.

Trip:  Charming.  But you're forgetting one thing, Malcolm.
Malcolm:  What's that?
Trip:  If I remember my biology honor's course correctly, your hair and nails keep growing for quite a while after your dead.  I'm pretty sure that includes your beard.
Malcolm:  Thanks.

Trip:  You're a regular grim reaper, Malcolm, anyone ever tell you that?

Malcolm:  I don't drink on duty.
Trip:  Are you serious?  We're dead men, remember?

Trip:  The bourbon will provide the heat, the candle's just for mood.

Trip:  We'll probably be dead five or six minutes earlier than we would have been.

Trip:  All of a sudden five or six more minutes sounds kinda nice.

Reed: The radio! Or is it just the galaxy, giggling at us again?
Trip:  It can giggle all it wants, but the galaxy isn't getting any of our bourbon.

Reed:  What do you think of T'Pol, hmm?  Do you think she's pretty?
Trip:  T'Pol?  Are you serious?
Reed:  Well, she is a woman you know.  I think she's pretty.
Trip:  You've had too much to drink.
Reed:  Don't tell me you've never noticed her, you know, in that way.
Trip:  Nah, she's a Vulcan.
Reed:  I think she's pretty.
Trip:  Oh, God.
Reed:  You ever noticed her bum?
Trip:  What?
Reed:  Her bum.  She's got an awfully nice bum.
Trip:  To Subcommander T'Pol.  (toast)
Reed:  Awfully nice.

Trip:  I can't blow up our engine, we'd be adrift,  dead in space.

Trip:  I am engineer, I won't blow up own only engine.

Trip:  That's probably the last bet I'll ever make...and I won.

Trip:  Stop trying to be a hero, it doesn't suit you.

Trip:  Friends don't shoot each other!



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