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EPISODES 1-5 Shockwave (Part II), Carbon Creek, Minefield, Dead Stop, A Night in Sickbay
EPISODES 6-8 Marauders, The Seventh, The Communicator
EPISODES 9-11 Singularity, Vanishing Point, Precious Cargo
EPISODES 12-14 The Catwalk, Dawn, Stigma
EPISODES 15-17 Cease Fire, Future Tense, Canamar,
EPISODES 18-20 The Crossing, Judgment, Horizon
EPISODES 21-23 The Breach, Cogenitor, Regeneration
EPISODES 24-26 First Flight, Bounty, The Expanse


The Seventh
The Communicator

Season One Trip Quotes

Trip Swears

Maklii: Do you have any experience repairing extraction pumps?
Trip: Not specifically, but I could grab some tools and take a look.
Trip: What are you doin’ in my chair?
Kid: Um, I - I didn’t touch anything. I just like to look inside the ships that come here.
Trip: Well, you shoulda asked.
Kid: You might have said no.
Trip: Well, what do you think?
Kid: Well it’s a little small, and your thruster controls are hard to reach.
Trip: Well, maybe you need longer arms.
Kid: How fast can it go?
Trip: She’s designed for one-quarter impulse but, uh, I’ve been able to squeeze a little more out of her.
Kid: You’re a pilot?
Trip: Engineer. Commander Trip Tucker.
Kid: Q’ell.
Trip: Nice to meet you.
Q’ell: Could you teach me how to fly it? I can drive the crawler that we use to haul our drill rigs.
Trip: Tell you what. I’ll be headin’ back up to the ship later. You can come along if it’s all right with your folks. I’ll give you a tour.
Q’ell: Really?!
Trip: Can you make out what they’re sayin’?
Archer shakes his head
T’Pol: Tessic is explaining that their yield isn’t what they’d hoped.
Trip: Good ears.
Trip: How long have these bullies been pushin’ you around?
T’Pol: Have you tried contacting your home world?
Tessic: It’s too far away.
Trip: You must have weapons, some way to defend yourselves. How many of ‘em are there?
E’Lis: Usually seven.
Trip: Seven?! You’ve got them outnumbered nine or ten to one.
Tessic: You’ve never seen a Klingon in battle, have you?
Trip (spotting Q’ell): I’ll catch up with you later, Cap’n.
Trip (to Q’ell): Sorry I never got to give you that tour.
Q’ell: I once saw a Kellenite ship with cannons and torpedoes.
Trip: Most big ships carry weapons.
Q’ell: Like Enterprise?
Trip: Yeah, like Enterprise.
Q’ell: You could have fought the Klingons. Beaten them.
Trip: Maybe
Q’ell: Why didn’t you try?
Trip: It’s not that simple.
Tessic: What kind of trap?
Trip: A very hot one. The deuterium in those wellheads, how much pressure is it under? 3…4,000 millibars?
Maklii: Five.
Trip: Should create some interestin’ fireworks.
Conversation about moving the town 50 meters to the south:
Tessic: What good will that do? The terrain there is no different than where the town is now.
Trip: That’s what we’re countin’ on. If we can move the structures and the rigs, everything should look pretty much like it did yesterday.
Maklii: Everything except the wellheads!
Trip: I think the table was a little bit to the left.
Archer laughs. Trip hands water to Archer.
Archer: Thanks. How are things going with the pumps?
Trip: It will be tomorrow before they are all in place. We started cappin’ off their heads.
Archer: Let me know…(to one of the workers) I’ve got it, thanks…(to Trip) if you need more people.
Trip: I rigged two ignition sequences, the perimeter and the center, on separate circuits.
Archer: I thought taking the town apart was tough, but putting it back together….
Trip: This plan is a long shot, in’t?
Archer: You think it’s a mistake?
Trip: I didn’t say that.
Archer: I’ve never liked bullies, Trip, not on Earth and not out here.
Trip nods head.
Q’ell brings Trip water.
Trip: Thanks.
Q’ell: Lieutenant Reed says I have to hide in the canyons when the Klingons come back.
Trip: He doesn’t want you to get hurt.
Q’ell: But I want to help. I can shoot a shib’a lizard from 40 meters.
Trip: Malcolm’s got this rule. You’ve got to be taller than the gun to use it.
Q’ell: I don’t want to hide.
Trip: Well, shootin’ at a lizard is a whole lot different than shootin’ at a person, and, ah, lizards don’t shoot back. When those Klingons show up, I want you to do exactly what Lieutenant Reed says. Understood?
Q’ell: Yes, sir.
Trip: Unless you’re plannin’ to join Starfleet, I’m afraid you’ll have to give up that chair.
Q’ell: I wish you didn’t have to leave.
Trip: That’s one of the tough things about my job, sayin’ goodbye to people like you and your friends. Oh, I almost forgot. Schematics for Enterprise. You said you like to look at starships. This one’ll knock your socks off.
Q’ell: Thanks. Do you think you’ll come back?
Trip: Who knows? Our engines need a lot of deuterium.


The Seventh
Trip: Is this Pernaia Prime inhabited?
Hoshi: The Vulcan database says it has a methane-based atmosphere.
Trip: So she’s going to another planet in the system. Are we supposed to play some kind of guessing game?
Archer: No, we’re supposed to wait at Pernaia Prime for T’Pol and Travis to finish their mission.
Trip: And do what in the meantime?
Malcolm: I could use a few days to recalibrate the torpedo launches.
Trip: I could polish all the handles and rails in Engineering. I guess I could purge the impulse reactors.
Archer: It’s only for a few days. We’ve got plenty to keep ourselves busy. Is there anything specific you and Travis are going to need?
T’Pol: Cold-weather gear, restraints and phase-pistols.
Trip: If you agreed to go with her you must know something about what she is up to.
Archer: We’ll be back in three to five days, Trip. If that Vulcan ship comes snooping around the last thing you want to tell them is that I’m with T’Pol.
Trip: Why’s that? Why would you being with her be a problem to them?
Archer: Three to five days, Trip.
Trip: Come on, Cap’n, last night you were just as frustrated as I was about having to sit on your hands while she goes off and does whatever it is she’s going off to do. This isn’t just a case of curiosity, but what if you get hurt, kidnapped? You put me in charge of the ship and you won’t tell me where you’re goin’? How’m I supposed to be a good temporary captain if I don’t know where my people are? Tell me that.
Archer: She’s got some unfinished business, Trip. I’m not sure why but she needs me to go along. We’ll be OK.
Trip: There are a lot of definitions of “unfinished business.” Could you be a little more specific?
Archer: You’re in charge, Commander. (To T’Pol) Have you given Travis the coordinates?
T’Pol: Yes.
Trip: Have fun.
Trip: Come in. Gentlemen, come in! Glad you could join me.
Malcolm: Water polo?
Trip: Very excitin’ sport. You should learn more about it. Please, sit down! I had Chef prepare a special lunch. Bangers and mash for you and Denoblian sausage for the doctor.
Malcolm: Are you sure the Captain wouldn’t have problem with you using his dining room?
Trip: Well, Acting Captain, Captain’s Mess – I don’t see a problem. Thank you, Crewman. Enjoy!
Phlox: Thank you. Oh, I detected a lymphatic virus on board this morning. Most likely sneaked in with one of the deuterium canisters. We should probably inoculate the crew.
Trip: Why didn’t the bio-scanners detect it?
Phlox: Well, it’s a very reliable device, but it’s not perfect. The inoculation does have some side effects.
Trip: What kind of “side effects?”
Phlox: Hmm, headache, nausea, diarrhea, but they would subside in a day or two. Do I have your permission.
Trip: I’d hate to be responsible for giving the crew the runs. Maybe you should wait till the Cap’n gets back.
Phlox: I’m afraid the virus will spread by then. I really need an answer today.
Trip: Why don’t I get back to you later, Doc?
Phlox: Not too much later, hmm?
Malcolm: While we’re on the subject of approvals, I promised Captain Archer that I’d recalibrate the torpedo launchers. I’ll need to divert computer access from main engineering.
Trip: That would mean we’d have to power down the warp core.
Malcolm: It’ll only be for a day. We aren’t exactly going anywhere.
Trip: Well, we’re also not at war. I’m just not comfortable takin’ the engines off line right now.
Malcolm: Is that the chief engineer talking, or the acting captain?
Trip: Let me get back to you.
(Comm beeps)
Trip: Tucker.
Hoshi: We were just hailed by the Vulcan ship Nyran, sir, it’s approaching the system at high warp. They’re asking to speak with Captain Archer.
Trip: Tell ‘em…ah…the Cap’n’s indisposed at the moment. He’ll get back to ‘em in a little while.
Hoshi: Yes sir.
Trip: The Cap’n said not to tell the Vulcans he went with T’Pol. He was…uh…he was very emphatic about that.
Phlox: It’s going to be difficult to convince them he’s indisposed for the next four days.
(Comm beeps)
Trip: Go ahead.
Hoshi: Captain Tavek says he has a message from Admiral Forrest. He seems very anxious to speak to Captain Archer. What shall I tell him?
Trip: I’ll get back to you.
Trip: You’re sure?
Hoshi: There’s no record of them ever having spoken, but I can’t be certain.
Trip: Has he ever been to earth?
Hoshi: If he has, the Vulcan database doesn’t mention it.
Trip: Well I hope they haven’t put Starfleet yearbook photos into that database. Ah, let’s get this over with.
Trip: Captain Tavek, is there something I can do for you?
Tavek: Captain Archer?
Trip: Yes? (long pause) Is there a problem?
Tavek: You seem very young for a Starfleet captain.
Trip: Healthy living. You have a message from Admiral Forrest?
Tavek: I’m not certain what this means but Admiral Forrest asked me to inform you that “Cal beat Stanford seven to three.”
Trip: I’ll be sure to tell him.
Tavek: Tell who?
Trip: I’m afraid it’s confidential. Thank you for relaying the message. Archer out.
Archer in Ready Room and Trip in Engineering talking via a comm link:
Archer: What’s your status, Trip?
Trip: Everything’s ready to go, Cap’n. Welcome back!
Archer: Thanks. We’ll be going at warp 3.
Trip: You got it. Ah, now that your secret mission is over do you think you could give your Chief Engineer a little hint about what you were up to?
Archer: Did I say warp 3? I meant warp 4, Commander.
Trip: Not even a hint. (Silence). Warp 4. Aye, Cap’n.


The Communicator
Trip: You could use another set of eyes down there, Cap’n.
Archer: I appreciate the offer, Trip, but the fewer set of eyes, the better.
Trip: I’m a regular bloodhound.
Archer: Next time.
Trip: I’m telling you, something’s gone wrong. You should hail them.
Hoshi: If they’re in a public place, the communicator will draw attention.
T’Pol: We’ll have to take that risk. T’Pol to Captain Archer.
Hoshi: The comm. line’s open.
T’Pol: Captain, please respond. Close the channel.
Trip: Did you get a fix on the signal.
Hoshi: Somewhere in this district.
Trip: That’s more than 30 kilometers from the tavern. Where’s the shuttlepod?
Hoshi: It hasn’t moved.
Trip: They couldn’t have traveled that far on foot, not that fast.
Hoshi: Maybe they took a train, or a car.
Trip: If there was a change in plan, they would’ve told us.
T’Pol: Try to isolate their biosigns. I want to know exactly where they are.
Hoshi: There are nearly 100,000 people in that part of the city.
Trip: We’d have more luck if we moved into a lower orbit.
T’Pol: Any closer and we’d be detected. (to Hoshi) Do your best.
Trip: We could take Shuttlepod 2, set it down here, they’re being held less than 30 meters away. We’d be back in orbit before anyone knew they were gone.
T’Pol: If you were captured, you’d be giving the inhabitants more technology. It would undoubtedly affect the evolution of their society.
Trip: What if they didn’t see us coming? We’ve still got that Suliban cell ship, the one we used to rescue Klang from the Helix. I’ve working on it in my free time. I’m pretty close to figuring out how it works. If I can bring the cloak online, we can get past their defenses, grab our people, and no one will see a thing.
T’Pol: Work quickly.
Trip (to Travis): I could use a hand.
Travis: Aye, sir.
Trip: I don’t get it. The power converter’s engaged, juice is definitely flowin’ through these relays. So why can we still see the ship?
Travis: Maybe this panel isn’t the cloaking device.
Trip: I’ve identified every other component. That’s gotta be it. Run the power-up sequence again.
Travis: This’d be a lot easier if there were a button marked “cloak.”
Trip: Hold on a minute, Travis. (drills and is thrown back from the ship)
Travis: Are you all right?
Trip: Just got the wind knocked out of me a bit. (part of Trip’s right arm disappears)
Travis: Maybe a little more than that.
Phlox: Is there any pain?
Trip: It tingles a little.
Phlox: Can you move the fingers.
Trip: How’s that?
Phlox: You tell me.
Trip: They feel all right. What’s your scanner say.
Phlox: Very little, unfortunately. Quantum physics is hardly my specialty but I’d guess that you received an intense dose of whatever particle radiation that ship uses to conceal itself.
Trip: Are you saying that I’m permanently cloaked?
Phlox: It’s difficult to determine but I suspect your appendage will eventually rematerialize on its own.
Trip: “Eventually?”
Phlox: Come back in an hour, I’ll check on your progress.
Trip: What am I supposed to do in the meantime? I can’t work like this.
(Phlox gives him a glove.)
Phlox: I’d also recommend a fresh uniform.
Trip: Thanks.
Trip: Reconnect the refraction relays and we’ll give it another shot.
Travis: Any change?
Trip: Still missing in action.
Travis: Having a cloaked hand could have it’s advantages. Be useful in a poker match.
Trip: I could become a world class magician.
Travis: It might be helpful on movie night…if you bring a date. In case you want to steal some popcorn. (Trip gives Travis a look)
Trip: Try it again. (Trip stands back from ship) Go ahead.
Travis: Is it working?
Trip: Not exactly. Shut her down. The cloaking generator’s running at 110% and it’s still not enough. Let’s route more power from the warp relays Maybe that will do the trick.
T’Pol (entering): How soon can you launch.
Trip: We’re still reconfiguring the power matrix, but I’m pretty confident…
T’Pol: You don’t have time. They’re going to be executed in less than 2 hours.
Trip: We’ll get it working on our way down if we have to. Look, invisible or not, this cell ship could take more of a beating than our shuttlepod.
T’Pol: You’re about to find out. Prepare it for launch.
T’Pol: We’ll be in range of those surveillance towers in less than two minutes.
Trip: They’ll never see us coming.
Travis: What was that.
Trip: There’s a power drain in the cloaking generator. (cell ship rematerializes)
Trip: Are the warp relays off-line?
Travis: Primary and backups.
Trip: The weapon nodes are active. I thought we diverted power from all the secondary systems!
Travis: We did.
Trip: They may have been programmed to reactivate when we launched.
T’Pol: Three military aircraft off our port side. They’re on an intercept course.
Trip: Travis, can’t you hold this thing steady?
Travis: It’d be a lot easier if they’d stop firing at us.
T’Pol: Commander!
Trip: Stand by. (gets ship to recloak)
Trip (to Archer): Your ride’s here.
Phlox: You are making excellent progress.
Trip: Yeah? What about this?
Phlox: That’s nothing.
Trip: Maybe nothin’ to you!
Phlox: Give it time, hmm? Give it time.
Trip: Thanks, Doc. (leaves sickbay – we see part of his hand is still cloaked)



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