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¡Trip! Fan Fiction

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Abduction, Author - kittytrypsin, September 23, 2003
Summary: [R for violence in Chapter 5] After an adverse reaction to an alien scan, Trip starts behaving oddly.

Addiction, Author - plumtuckered, August 13, 2003
Summary: [R], Trip's desire to help gets him in imprisoned with disastrous personal consequences. Spoilers for "Cogenitor."

After Similitude, Author - plumtuckered, November 25, 2003
Summary: [PG], Archer and Trip come to terms.

Aftermath, Author - The Watch Stander, March 8, 2004
SUMMARY: [PG] What happens after the events of Azati Prime.

Aftershock, Author - The Watch Stander, November 22, 2003
Summary: [PG], How did Trip feel after he found out about what had happened while he was in a coma. Episode addition and spoilers for "Similtude"

Ain't Misbehavin', Author - srtrekker, June 2, 2003
A tale of the young Charles "Trip" Tucker. Still-in-school-young.

All Through the Night, Author - The Watch Stander, December 14, 2003
SUMMARY: [G] A Tripmas story!

An Excerpt from Starfleet Engineering, Author - Aquila, July 4, 2003
Summary: [PG], Geordi LaForge's memoirs looks at Trip's influence on Starfleet vocabulary.

As Flies to Wanton Boys, Author - SpaceCowboy, December 27, 2003
~ ~ ~ Once upon a time, long ago in the far off future, there was a galaxy amidst the Milky Way… This is a tale foretold of a crew, brave and strong, that embarked on a trek amongst the...

The Audit, Author - ShouldKnowBetter, July 12, 2003
Summary: [PG-13], Being an engineer is a thankless task.


Behind Blue Eyes, Author - Thalia Drogna, February 27, 2005
SUMMARY: [PG-13] This idea came to me while watching Trip’s ineptitude in combat training. Then I went to see Suzanne Vega and she sang “Behind Blue Eyes”, originally by Pete Townshend of The Who but also recently covered by Limp Bizkit, and the song fits so perfectly with what I had planned, I just couldn’t resist. This is set post season three ignoring the cliffhanger ending, I’m assuming it all worked out and everything got back to normal. Spoilers for pretty much everything in here but especially season three.

Big yellow starship, Author - The Libran Iniquity, October 14, 2003
Summary: [PG-13] --Now don't it always seem to go that you don't know what you got 'til it's gone... --

Black Soul, Author - The One, November 17, 2004
Summary: [PG-13] While helping a friend to the Romulan Border, Trip learns that his friend is a murderer. When Trip’s friend shoots Malcolm, Trip has to decide weather to kill his friend, or continue trying to set him free.

Black Soul 2, Author - The One, November 24, 2004
Black Soul 2 by The One Rating: PG-13 Genre: Action/Adventure Disclaimer: Paramount owns all parts of Star Trek Enterprise. I am not making any profit in this story. Summary: One week ago, Trip Tucker was forced to kill his very...

Blindman's Bluff, Author - GhostWriter25, September 9, 2004
SUMMARY: [PG] After an accident, Trip confronts his past.


Catch Me When I Fall -- Tannith's Story, Author - Rhylo, September 9, 2006
Catch Me When I Fall -- Tannith's Story by Rhylo Author's e-mail : Genre : Action/Adventure/Angst/Romance Rating : PG-13 Summary : Trip gets wounded while on an away mission. Feed Back : Yes, but please be gentle with me!...


Darkness Unfolding, Author - The Watch Stander, November 30, 2004
SUMMARY: [PG-13] I really miss the closeness of the crew from the first and second seasons so I’ve decided to incorporate that into this story. A little adventure as well as mystery thrown in.

Day Dream-Day Nightmare, Author - Olivia Solar, April 1, 2006
Summary: [PG] Trip’s nightmares appear to be happening right in front of him. Can Archer get through to his friend in time?

Dead Ringer, Author - kittytrypsin, October 12, 2003
Summary: [PG-13] Someone's got it in for President Coren, and Trip gets in the way.

Deadline, Author - The One, February 1, 2005
SUMMARY: [PG-13] Date: This is set two days after True Lies.

Did I Just See a Mermaid?, Author - Hoshissis, December 11, 2003
Did I Just See a Mermaid? by Hoshissis Genre: Friendship/Angst Rating: PG A/N Set before the expanse. Slight spoilers for Strange New Worlds Did I Just See a Mermaid? Enterprise was orbiting above a newly discovered class M planet. They...

Dissimilar, Author - Action Kate, December 29, 2003
Dissimilar by Action Kate Rating: PG (only because G makes no sense) Genre: Drama Spoilers: Similitude Summary: Fallout. Paramount owns 'em and makes money off 'em; I don't. Bitte beta und bunny 'bat.   Repairs update, security log, progress of...

Down a Dark Road, Author - ShouldKnowBetter, July 13, 2003
Summary: [PG-13], Both friends and aliens appear to have it in for Tucker.

The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea, Author - Sita Z, November 7, 2004
The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea by Sita Z Rating: PG-13 Summary: A twist in the events of "Unexpected". The second encounter with the Xyrillians doesn't go quite as smoothly. And Trip is forced to make a decision. Disclaimer:...


An Excerpt from Starfleet Engineering, Author - Aquila, July 4, 2003
Summary: [PG], Geordi LaForge's memoirs looks at Trip's influence on Starfleet vocabulary.

Everybody Loves Trip, Author - Hoshissis, January 5, 2004
SUMMARY: [PG-13] Trip has been repairing an alien ship. While on board there, the food caused a chemical imbalance in his blood which affects Trip's shipmates in unusual ways upon his return.

Expecting the Unexpected, Author - Adastra, February 2, 2004
Summary: [PG-13] Explores what might have happened in the episode “Unexpected” if the crew had not been able to find the Xyrillians again and Tucker were forced to deal with the reality of his pregnancy.


A Fair Trade, Author - kittytrypsin, October 18, 2003
Summary: [PG-13] After answering a distress call to aid a stricken cargo vessel, things just go from bad to worse. With the enemy close by, can the rescue be pulled off?

Face of the Enemy, Author - SpaceCowboy, November 18, 2003
SUMMARY: [PG-13] It's a hard lesson to learn; that surfaces can be deceiving, but who's learning the lesson?

Fataliter, Author - plumtuckered, April 20, 2004
Fataliter by plumtuckered RATING: PG-13 GENRE: Drama/Adventure DISCLAIMER: I do not own any of these characters. I also borrowed the monitoring station idea from the series. AUTHOR’S NOTE: This story takes place just after “Proving Ground”, but before “Azati...

Frozen Wasteland, Author - The One, December 6, 2004
Frozen Wasteland by The One Rating: PG-13 Disclaimer: Paramount owns Enterprise. Am not making any profit off of this story. ***** Chapter One Trip sighed deeply. It had been two days since Jon had relieved him of duty. All because...

The Fear Factor, Author - The Watch Stander, May 30, 2004
The Fear Factor By The Watch Stander Paramount Owns Enterprise and all of its crew. The wonderful interpretation of these characters is owned by the cast of Enterprise. The fun of writing this story about these characters is owned by...


Grandma, Author - Archer4Trip, June 2, 2003
Trip and his grandmother.


Half Past Zero Hour, Author - The Watch Stander, June 28, 2004
Half Past Zero Hour By The Watch Stander Genre: Friendship Rating: PG Disclaimer: Characters and series belong to Paramount. Spoilers for last episode Zero hour. AN: Just a filler for how I thought Trip felt when Malcolm and his team...

Halla, Author - Gigi, August 1, 2003
Summary: [G] An alternate take on Unexpected.

He Who Fights with Monsters, Author - Thalia Drogna, February 27, 2005
SUMMARY: [R] This is a sequel to What Does Not Kill Us, it will help a lot to read that first. The title is another quote from Nietzsche.

Hear You Me, Author - HopefulNebula, July 22, 2003
Summary: [PG for swears] Trip grieves. T’Pol comforts him and evaluates her relationship with the rest of the Enterprise crew. Set during The Expanse.

Holiday, Author - Orion9, September 8, 2004
Summary: [G] Some holidays are definitely more relaxing than others.

The Hand of Fate, Author - The Watch Stander, June 28, 2004
The Hand of Fate by The Watch Stander Genre: Rating: This takes place after First Flight and just before Bounty. It’s a scene that I felt was needed at the beginning of Bounty just before Archer and Trip come back...


Immune, Author - Trinneergirl, November 14, 2003
Summary: [PG13] This was started as my perfect episode of Enterprise, but it grewed! The crew fall into an illness to which only Trip is immune, he has to get Enterprise to safety on his own. In a b-plot Trip has passed his exams to become a full Commander. Only he hasn't told Captain Archer.


The Kirghiz Steppes, Author - Mctrip7, April 30, 2006
Summary: [PG-13] It only takes a moment . . .


A Life Worth Living, Author - Gabi, July 6, 2006
A LIFE WORTH LIVING By Gabi Rating: PG-13 Genre: Action/Adventure/Angst Summary: What if both Trip and Sim had survived the transplantation? Takes place during Similitude Disclaimer: Unfortunately I don't own the characters and I don't make any money with this...

Lea Mot, Author - plumtuckered, September 27, 2003
Summary: [G] While assisting a research colony with repairs, Trip has his heart stolen by one of the female colonists.

Letters to Kov, Author - Myst123, July 6, 2003
Summary: [G], Trip writes to his Vulcan friend, Kov, in response to event on Enterprise. Spoilers for Seasons 1 and 2, eventually from Fusion through The Expanse.

Lost, Author - The Watch Stander, October 7, 2003
Lost By The Watch Stander Rating: PG Genre: Drama/friendship Disclaimer: Paramount Owns Enterprise and all of its crew. The wonderful interpretation of these characters is owned by the cast of Enterprise. The fun of writing this story about these characters...

The Last Stand, Author - Estelle, October 27, 2006
Summary: [PG-13] Faced with a no-win situation, Trip tried to get his people to safety.


Mentem Mortalia Tangunt, Author - Thalia Drogna, February 12, 2005
Mentem Mortalia Tangunt by Thalia Drogna Disclaimer: I don’t own these characters, I’m just borrowing them. Author’s Note: Mentem Mortalia Tangunt is Latin from Virgil’s Aeneid and means “Our Mortality Cuts to the Heart”. ********************************************* Malcolm Reed was of the...

Midnight Retribution, Author - The Watch Stander, August 24, 2003
Summary: [PG], Poor Trip! It’s the morning after Midnight Solutions!

Midnight Solutions, Author - The Watch Stander, August 10, 2003
Summary: [G], After Midnight, strange things happen to overworked Chief Engineers! I got this idea from an email I received about Quantas Airlines and decided to make an Enterprise story from it.

Midnight Vigil, Author - The Watch Stander, August 18, 2003
Summary: [PG], War affects all of us, but more so those that are left behind.

Mirror Image, Author - Crosis, August 14, 2003
Summary: [PG], An ion storm sends Trip to a dangerous Mirror Universe.

The Miles That Lay Ahead, Author - Gabi, March 10, 2005
Summary: [PG-13] Sequel to "What Lies Within Us". Trip still can't walk. But that doesn't prevent him and Malcolm from getting into trouble. Very deep trouble indeed.


Nightmares of the Expanse, Author - bat400, October 28, 2003
Summary: Not a Trip-centric story. What keeps you up at night, or makes you wish you'd never slept. Warning -Violent images. Note: Here a little something horrible for Halloween. This fic also explains several odd, illogical, minor plot points in Season 3.

No Dominion, Author - Alison M Dobell, July 12, 2003
SUMMARY: [PG-13], "Serenity sets down on Bounty. Inara takes a client. Captain Reynolds finds a job for ship and crew. For once things look shiny. Meanwhile the star ship Enterprise has problems of its' own and an enemy that will take it far beyond the stars. Trip finds himself on the horns of a dilemma."

No More, No Less, Author - Setcheti, January 11, 2004
Summary: [PG-13] After "Similitude."

negotiations, Author - kittytrypsin, October 4, 2003
Summary: [PG] Enterprise is attacked, leaving some crew injured, and deuterium levels disastrously low. The nearest source turns out to hold troubles for a certain engineer....


One sleepin' beauty, Author - The Libran Iniquity, October 5, 2003
Summary: [PG-13] Sequel to 'Two drunken Bonds'. Malcolm wakes up and he and Trip have to face the music...okay, Malcolm has to face Trip singing as well as an early shift. Poor guy...

One-Track Mind, Author - Gigi, August 1, 2003
Summary: [PG] Trip's true love is revealed.

The One, Author - The One, January 4, 2005
Summary: [PG-13] While studying a interstellar comet, Trip Tucker is kidnapped by a race of beings calling themselves the Baqu. Trip learns from the Baqu that they believe that a messiah will come from the stars and save there people. They believe Trip to be that messiah. The Baqu want Trip to stay with them, to lead there people. What will Trip decide?


Parody, Author - Trinneergirl, November 11, 2003
Parody by Trinneergirl Rating: PG-13 Setting: Enterprise, of sorts. out of Time, no Expanse! Archive: Sure, just tell me. Feedback: If you want to, yes please Disclaimer: I make nothing but words. I own nothing but my own imagination....

Past Rewards, Future Torment, Author - Hoshissis, February 3, 2004
Summary: [PG-13] Trip is rewarded early in his career for a heroic deed which unfortunately will come back to haunt him thirteen years later.

Pieces in a Game, Author - plumtuckered, October 17, 2003
Summary: [R] Daniels appears to Archer, and Trip must pay the price in order to protect the timeline.

Pixie Dust, Author - evilpinkpen, December 12, 2003
Pixie Dust By evilpinkpen E-Mail: Genre: um…Angst? Rating: PG for darkishness Disclaimer: Enterprise et al. belong to Paramount. I have no money. A/N: My first attempt. Just a 1 AM ficlet that wouldn’t stop harassing me. _______________________ It was...

Psyche and Sound, Author - Orion9, January 8, 2004
Psyche and Sound by Orion9 Rating: PG Genre: General/Drama Disclaimer: Enterprise and all related characters belong to Paramount. No profit is being made here. In short, no own. No money. Please don’t sue. A/N: This is set roughly around early...


Ravel, Author - Sue, July 15, 2003
Summary: [G], A lesson in eating spaghetti leads to a lesson in acceptance. Spoilers for "The Expanse."

Redemption, Author - The Watch Stander, August 8, 2003
Summary: [PG-13], The long road to redemption is a hard road to follow and Trip & Archer must find the end together.

Reflections, Author - The Watch Stander, March 7, 2005
Summary: [G] This is just a filler for what I imagine Trip was thinking as he left Enterprise to go to Columbia.

Regression, Author - Hoshissis, June 17, 2004
SUMMARY: [PG-13] This story is set about 2 months after the Expanse.

Regrets, Author - Estelle, August 17, 2006
SUMMARY: [PG] Double Drabble: The regret of words unspoken. (Tucker-Archer friendship).


A Shower Like No Other, Author - Li, October 3, 2003
Summary: [NC-17] Our comm. officer plays with the boyz. Lucky Hoshi!

Second Star to the Right, Author - Mctrip7, December 20, 2006
SECOND STAR TO THE RIGHT by Mctrip7 Rating: PG-13 Genre: Suspense, Angst, Romance For: Connor, as requested Archive: Trip Disclaimer: The characters belong to Paramount, but the story is mine Summary: Anticipation, Realization Chapter 1 Springtime in New England is...

Service, Author - Marsha Robertson, September 21, 2003
Summary: [PG-13] Trip's long-awaited shore leave takes a decidely unusual turn this time.

Sins of the Father, Author - Hoshissis, February 12, 2006
SUMMARY: [PG-13] Friendship/angst AU story. What if Trip and Archer were brothers?

Stranded, Author - Vanishingp2000, September 27, 2003
Summary: Trip and Archer are stranded on a strange planet with their very survival at stake.

Stranded, Author - The Watch Stander, June 3, 2004
Stranded By The Watch Stander Genre: Friendship Rating: PG-13 AN: As I sat here roasting in Florida in the 90 degree temperatures this story came to mind. What If..... So read on and I hope you like it. It’s a...

Summer Days - Long Ago, Author - Mctrip7, August 20, 2004
SUMMER DAYS – LONG AGO by Mctrip7 Genre: General Rating: G Disclaimer: I understand that all the characters belong to Paramount and will not be sold. ~~~~~~~~~~~ There was never a dull moment in the Tucker household. Two would be...

the sky is falling, Author - Friar Tuck, August 5, 2003
Summary: [PG-13], Trip's reaction to the events leading up to "The Expanse."


Telekinetic Terror, Author - Hoshissis, November 17, 2003
Telekinetic Terror by Hoshissis Rating: PG (may be PG-13 later) Genre: Angst/Friendship Disclaimer: Characters belong to Paramount, and the author is making no profit at all from this story. AN: Special thanks to Blackcat and Stub for beta-ing and offering...

Tender Touch -- Tannith's Awakening, Author - Rhylo, October 12, 2006
This story is rated NC-17. You must be 18 years of age or older to proceed. If you are not, please click HERE to return to the main Fanfiction menu. Click here to proceed to Tender Touch -- Tannith's Awakening....

Testament of the Spirit, Author - SpaceCowboy, December 19, 2003
SUMMARY: [R] The two Starfleet officers had just become the most hated, and feared, prisoners in the cave.

The Audit, Author - ShouldKnowBetter, July 12, 2003
Summary: [PG-13], Being an engineer is a thankless task.

Things That Come In The Night, Author - The Watch Stander, November 25, 2003
Summary: [PG-13], A non-corporeal entity invades Enterprise.

Those You Cannot Leave Behind, Author - Rhylo, December 31, 2006
This story is rated NC-17. You must be 18 years of age or older to proceed. If you are not, please click HERE to return to the main Fanfiction menu. Click here to proceed to Those You Cannot Leave Behind,...

Three Little Words, Author - The Libran Iniquity, August 5, 2003
Summary: [PG-13], While on shore leave, Trip finally hears Malcolm say those three magical words … non-slash (obviously)

Time Well Spent, Author - Orion9, April 1, 2004
SUMMARY: [G] Trip spends time with a friend.

Tomorrow is Yesterday, Author - Mctrip7, December 6, 2004
SUMMARY: [PG-13] A beginning.

Trauma, Author - GhostWriter25, July 9, 2004
Trauma by GhostWriter25 E-mail: Rating: PG-13 Category: Angst, adult themes. DISCLAIMER: As usual, Paramount owns Enterprise and all things Star Trek. But they do not own creativity spawned by their franchise. No money exchanged hands, no money will ever...

Trip into Darkness, Author - plumtuckered, October 3, 2003
Summary: [PG-13] Commander Tucker gets way too close to becoming just like the alien who holds him captive.

Trip-let?, Author - Trinneergirl, November 6, 2003
SUMMARY: [PG-13] The Enterprise crew are falling dead, left right and centre.

Trophies, Author - plumtuckered, October 10, 2003
Summary: [R] Things go terribly wrong when the crew visits the Eska homeworld.

True Lies, Author - The One, January 19, 2005
SUMMARY: [PG-13] While helping his friend Malcolm Reed study some debris. They realize that the debris is coated in Acid. To make matters worse Trip finds out that someone that is now on board Enterprise, planted the debris out in space. Now with Trip’s life on the line, he must find out who the murderer is, before that person suspects Trip.

Two Drunken Bonds, Author - The Libran Iniquity, September 29, 2003
Summary: [PG-13] Sequel (of sorts) to 'Three little words'. Our two intrepid senior officers do a little male bonding...with the help of a fair amount of Anaran ale...

the sky is falling, Author - Friar Tuck, August 5, 2003
Summary: [PG-13], Trip's reaction to the events leading up to "The Expanse."


Unexpected, Author - Orion9, September 30, 2003
Summary: [PG] A simple invitation to a royal coronation dinner sparks off an unforeseen series of events. Trip centric with a healthy dose of the other crewmembers.

Unseen Peril, Author - Vanishingp2000, December 12, 2004
Unseen Peril By Vanishingp2000 Email: Rating: PG 13 – English – Genre: Adventure/Drama/Friendship NO SLASH Disclaimer: Enterprise is owned by Paramount. I offer them and the cast and crew my grateful thanks for bringing us such wonderful entertainment. This...


The Village, Author - plumtuckered, October 6, 2003
Summary: [R] This takes place just after the episode, “The Catwalk” and focuses on the friendship between Trip and Archer.


What Does Not Kill Us, Author - Thalia Drogna, February 15, 2005
What Does Not Kill Us by Thalia Drogna Rating: R Genre: Action/Adventury, Angst, Hurt/Comfort Disclaimer: I don’t own these characters, I’m just borrowing them ~~~ Chapter 1 Hoshi Sato, Malcolm Reed, Travis Mayweather and Trip Tucker sat around a table...

What Lies Within Us, Author - Gabi, May 25, 2004
Summary: [PG-13] It looked like a simple mission. But the consequences for Trip are going from bad to worse. Will he be able to cope with his fate? No pairings, no slash, but lots of friendship.

When Good Shore Leaves Go Bad, Author - Sharon and Steph, August 15, 2003
Summary: [PG], Just some shore leave silliness with The Disaster Twins.


Xenophobia, Author - kittytrypsin, September 26, 2003
XENOPHOBIA by kittytrypsin Genre: Action/Adventure Rating: PG-13 Disclaimer 1# I don’t own any of these characters, sob, sob, Paramount does. Disclaimer 2# No profit is being made from this story (I wish). Disclaimer 3# I try to keep them as...

Xerion, Author - The One, January 12, 2005
Star Trek Enterprise: Xerion by The One Rating-PG-13 Genre- Romance/Action/Adventure Disclaimer: Paramount owns and operates Star Trek:Enterprise. No money of any kind is being made off of this story Note to reader: This is the sequel to Star Trek: Enterprise...

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